Some of the men around them had smike bombs tucked into their clothes, and at that exact moment, they threw them out. Junho could only watch in horror as everyone including Junki, Yoongi and Jimin were completely devoured by the thick white smoke.

Yoongi didn't see it coming. He
was sure he was yelling and shouting, but he can't remember or even understand the words that came from his lips. One second the omega was in between his arms, and the next he could feel almost a dozen hands around him, all aiming for the same thing. They were pulling Jimin away.
Jimin held on as tightly as he could, so tight that he was sure one of the buttons on Yoongi's shirt broke because of how hard he held on while he was being pulled away. He let out screams and shouts, but he couldn't hear beyond the ringing in his ears caused by the bombs.
At some point the hands pulling them apart became stronger than her own arms wrapped around each other, but never stronger than their desire yo be together.

At moments like this, Jimin would turn to Yoongi for comfort. The alpha always held the most hope in his eyes
that the omega needed.

But the sad part was, the smoke his his face completely.

Yoongi knew one thing, that even if he felt Jimin slip past his fingers, the world would know how much he tried to hold on. Everyone including Jimin himself would know he never wanted to let go.
"YOO-"Jimin was about to call for Yoongi from the top of his lungs,but before he could finish, a hand was clasped down on his mouth. The omega felt them move him, bringing him somewhere he couldn't see. He couldn't wriggle out of their grasp no matter how much he kicked.
There were too many of them. Jimin didn't need to see them to know that there were enough hands on him to ensure that he had no chance of escaping.


Jungkook was intently looking at Taehyung who had his phone pressed to his ear after he dialed Jimin's number.
ungkook was wondering why Taehyung seemed ot let his guard down so easily, he was wondering why he seemed more concerned for Taehyung's friend than Taehyung himself was.

"What?" The alpha asked when Taehyung put down his phone after a minute of waiting for a response.
The omega's features probably looked the same as Jungkook's when he looked up at the alpha, realizing that maybe Jungkook was right.

"He's not answering."

"I have a bad feeling about this." Jungkook sighed, looking around the hall to see more and more members of the security
unit flooding out through the door while some still stayed but were always on their communicating system through their earpieces.

Taehyung bit his lip, placing his phone in his pocket, worry filling his veins all at once. "Let's just hope it's something Yoongi can take."

Yoongi was struggling out of the grasp of the men who held him, he was pretty sure that through the smoke, he hit a lot of them. When he though he had successfully got a step closer to freeing himself, the men took their hands off of him all at the same time.
The smoke started thinning and had eventually lifted from where it was. There was still smoke, but enough to see through it.

"JIMIN!" Yoongi turned in various directions, trying to catch sight of the omega.

Jimin tried to scream back, but the hand on his mouth stayed there
regardless of how much he moved to get it off. His eyes widened and his desire to rip off all the hands holding him down greatened when he saw Yoongi, stuck in the center of the human barricade circle again.

But where was his crown?

Yoongi had been so used to the weight
of the crown on his head that he can no longer tell the difference of it being on his head or not.

The alpha's eyes widened with a rage that Jimin had never seen before as soon as his eyes fixated to where the omega was. His pupils moved form the hands on his arms, the hand
on his mouth, the was the omega pleaded for his help silently with his eyes.

Yoongi had enough of these games. If Junki wanted to play dirty, then Yoongi was going to shove him into the mud.

The alpha didn't even care where his crown may be, he was aware that it wasn't where
it should be, but a crown could easily be replaced. Within a week he can have another crown copletely like the one on his head, but there was only one Jimin.

Yoongi was about to swing a fist at on of the men who held Jimin, but when he was a meter away, Junki stood in front of
the omega. But that didn't stop Yoongi from releasing his rage, he felt his knuckles make contact with Junki's jaw. The older alpha flew to the side, almost stumbling to the ground with his hand going to touch his aching jaw.

Yoongi stood with his chest heaving, gritting his
teeth as he watched the alpha he punched.

Junki didn't move from the position he flew into when he was punched, but then his shoulders started moving. That was when his sickening laughter. He slowly stood straight, eyes going to Yoongi.
"When did you learn to hurt the ones you love, Yoongi?!" Junki spoke, menacing grin on his lips. "Did you father teach you that, too?"

"No." Yoongi responded, eyes moving to galnce to the omega just to make sure he was fine. "It mist be an exclusive lesson for you.."

"Where's Jimin?" Both Taehyung and Jungkook who were stood on the sides of teh dance floor looked to see Hoseok running towards them, looking hopefully at them for a positive answer to his question.

"We don't know." The omega said.

The security who were left in the ballroom
seemed to be permanently alert by now. More and more guests seemed to be suspicious that something was up, especially when the maids were swiftly shutting windows and the ballroom doors were being pulled shut by the security.

"What's going on?" Jungkook asked, now sure that
something was up.

Hoseok swallowed, anxiously looking around and holding onto his earpiece. "I'm not sure if we're allowed to tell guests. It may cause more chaos than what we already have on our hands."

"We have the right to know." Taehyung was slightly raising his voice,
a result of the anxiety that was building up within him. "If there's chaos, we'll be victims of that. We might as well-"

"OKAY." Hoseok spoke. "Okay. Okay. Fine. I'll tell you becaus eyou must be as concerned for Jimin as i am. But you can't tell anyone else."

"What is it?!"
The two said in unison.

Hoseok sighed, biting his lip. "The king is under attack. We fear for his life."

Taehyung was holding his breath. "And what about Jimin?"

"They have him, too." Hoseok informed. "The RSU doesn't know what to do."
"Who's the attacker?!" Jungkook asked before Hoseok shushed him for raising his voice too loud. But how could he not, when he felt Taehyung hold onto his hand for comfort.

"His half-brother. The previous king who everyone thought was dead."

"Since i'm finished with my story, do you know what's mext on the list?"

"The fuck with your fucking agenda!" Yoongi growled.

Junki narrowed his eyes, looking at Yoongi who stood his ground, "I tried to make this fun for you, but you won't allow yourself to play along."
"You want riches?" The younger alpha asked. "Let me go get the key to the vault, it's all fucking yours. It's not like you'll be satisfied no matter how much money you have on your hands."

Junki was in thought for a while before he stopped and stood in front of Yoongi.
"Fine, do that. When you come back, we'll play the last game you'll ever play with your big brother."

"I'm sick and tired of the games you play."

"Oh come on." Junki chuckled. "As your brother I should always be your playmate." He leaned in, closer to Yoongi's face.
"We didn't get to play around when we were younger, now is the only chance we have and you're acting like a pussy who can't take a loss."

He absolutely irritated Yoongi. The younger alpha found himself swinging his arm again, landing another punch under Junki's jaw.

"This is what you want right?" Yoongi growled, "For us to play along like a bunch of bros?"

The other just laughed, pretending to be unfazed of the obvious pain he was in. "Go on, get the key so the real games can begin."

Yoongi was silent for a moment, but then
he started taking a few steps backward.

"Before i go, i want you ot let go of Jimin." Yoongi said, sneaking a glance at the omega to make sure he was fine. He admired how composed the omega was, especially since he knew how shallow Jimin's tears could be at times.
Right now he was watching and waiting. Yoongi is almost surprised with the amount of trust Jimin is giving him. "You can make him sit on the grass to make sure he doesn't run away, but i don't want any hands on him."

"Already making your own rules of the game?"
Junki chuckled. "Fine."

The older alpha gestured for the men to place the omega down, they pushed him to sit crossed legged on the grass, but they were in no physical contact with him anymore.

"But i have a request to you, too." Junki spoke, facing the younger alpha.
"And i expect you to take my request since i took yours. A favor for a favor, i scratch your back you scra-"

"Just fucking tell me what it is." Yoongi rolled his eyes. Junki talked too much for a person he never wants to listen to.

"When you come back, you will bring no one
else with you." Junki liked playiing games, but only when he was sure he was going to win. And if there was a chance that he might lose, he turns the cards to be in his favor. "I don't want to see any guns, knives, bombs, grenades, ninja stars or samuri swords on you."
Yoongi nodded once to show that he understood. "When i'm gone, nobody touches him. You can only hurt him if he says something. Do whatever you want to him if he screams and shouts. As long as he doesn't, no hands on him."

Junki nodded once.

Before the older alpha could come
up with anything else, Yoongi took steps backward, never turning his back and Junki and Jimin until he was in the garden entrance. As soon as he set foot into the castle building, he broke into the fastest run. Members of the RSU who were crouched down or laying on the floor
watched him pass by, he was looking for only one person.


The said alpha got to his feet, putting all his trust to the second in command as he ran in pace with Yoongi.

"Sir, what are we going to do?"

"All of you, just stay prepared." Yoongi sighed. "It's my fight."
"But you're our king." Junho spoke. "You're my friend, no fight is yours alone."

"I suppose this one is."

The two rushed through the halls, Yoongi telling Junho all of what happened in the garden as quick as he could even if he was close to losing his breath.
Yoongi was moving twice as fast, leaving Jimin in the company of alphas who he coulnd't trust one bit wasn't the brightest idea, though he knew that Junho told the RSU that if they went againts the rules regarding Jimin that Yoongi set, hurt them like they would hurt Jimin.
The king only stopped in hsi tracks when they arrive to the room where the vault was, opening it up by his fingerprint.

"You're really going to give him what he wants?" Junho said as he held onto the wall to catch his breath, watching Yoongi open a small vault which
held the key.

"No, of course not." Yoongi spoke, taking the key out and shutting the vault. He was on the move again, hoping Junho will be able to catch up.

"Then what's the key for?" Junho may be fit, but he sure wished his job didn't require this much running in one day.
"Just in case." Yoongi was heading somewhere else now. Junho realized that it could only be the basement, the room where all types of weapons are. From swords to bombs, grenades and timebombs, landmines, bullets, guns, riffles, anything they needed to defend the kingdom.
Junho was confused, after all Junki did not allow Yoongi to bring any weapons with him.

"Just in case, what?" Junho asked, opening the door of the room for Yoongi.

"Just in case he kills me before i kill him." Yoongi pushed through the door, heading for the only
weapon he let no one else touch because it was his and only his. It was the only weapon he had inherited from his father. His initials of 'MYG' engraved in the wood. "Also, it's in the rules of the game. I have to play fair, right?"


They rushed out of the room, Junho
forming a nervousness within him that Yoongi did not have. It was funny because Yoongi was the one rushing to war, and Junho was just there to watch.

Junho knew where Yoongi was going next, he needed not to tell him.

Yoongi was running to the ballroom where his mother was.
He was going to hug her and say a goodbye, unsure if it would be the last hug they'll share or the last goodbye she'll ever hear from him.

Junho felt sorry for the previous queen. There was a chance she would loose both of the men she loved in her life at such a short interval.
"Should I do it?"

Junho was surprised at the amount of uncertainty he heard in the boy's voice when he seemed so decided just moments ago.

"Do what?" Junho asked.

"Kill him."

Junho bit his lip as he was in thought, so lost in thought that he almost couldn't
catch up with Yoongi.

"You should." He said, a completely positive. "First, he's dead to everyone anyways."

Yoongi nodded, showing that he agreed with what Junho had said.

"Second, he's an asshole and the wold has enough assholes already. And compared to all other assholes,
he's a pretty huge one."

Yoongi laughed despite of the situation they were already in.

When they arrived to the ballroom doors which were shut, he and Junho slammed on it.

"OPEN UP." Junho said, and they rushed in immediately.

"Is there a third reason?" Yoongi asked
as they walked through crowds of royalty who were looking at him, wondering where his crown was or why he wa sin the state he was in now.

"If you're fearing that it might tarnish your worthiness of being king, don't." Junho searched the room for Yoongi's mother.
"Kings are always the first one who fight for things. May it be in war, or somehting else. Kings place themselves in front of their men in battle formation, and aren't afraid to get blood on their hands."

Yoongi turned to Junho, despite his desire to spot his mother.
It was just because Junho knew just what he wanted to hear.

"If it's for the good of your kingdom, how can it be wrong?" Junho spotted Yoongi's mother, rushing to her direction. "And plus, if you asked Daegu, we'd all want to see a bullet through Junki's head."
"DARLING!" Yoongi's mother's eyes were wide and almost filling up with tears, as if she was surprised to see her son still alive and breathing.

Yoongi ran to her, wrapping her in his arms while he still could. He was uncertain if he could ever do it again anyways.
"Mama, will you forgive me? Please forgive me."

Her son's voice in her ear made her feel as if he was a child again, crying to her when he was hurt. "Why? For what?" She asked, wanting to pull away from him to look him in the eye but Yoongi didn't want to let go just yet.
"If i kill a man."

His mother was surpised at first, wondering how he could even think of doing such a thing, but then she realized there was only one man Yoongi had ever wanted to end.

"You can never put a man in jail unless you know why he did the crime." She quoted,
finally able to pull away to cup her son's face. He looked so tired. "Why are you going to do it?"

Yoongi didn't think twice. "Because i love Daegu. He has the omega i love as well."

"Then you're already forgiven. If it's a crime done out of love, then it's not a crime."
Yoongi had no time to speak with Taehyung, Jungkook or anyone else at that moment. He and Junho were too busy forming a plan that involved the rest pf the RSU. Junho decided that if Yoongi was going to end someone's life, they had to make sure no other lives get dragged
along with his.

"Remember when you helped me commit my first 'crime' with Jimin?" Yoongi laughed, surprised at how light he was feeling despite what was to come.

"How could i forget?" Junho smiled.

"I never thought you'd help me the first time i'll kill someone, too."
Yoongi was back to building the flame within him when he walked down the few steps from the castle building to the garden's grass.

Jimin was fortunately where he left him, sat there with an expression that wasn't supposed to be on his face while basking under the beauty
of the moonlight.

"Oh you smart little fucker." Junki laughed when he saw Yoongi. The younger alpha found a loophole in what he had said.

'Bring no one with you. I don't want to see any knives, swords, guns, bombs, grenades, or samuri swords on you.'
So Yoongi brought his bow and arrows.

Yoongi didn't laugh as he examined the changes that took place from the last time he had been there. The men were no longer forming some sort of circle, they were no lined up in two straight horizontal lines, 15 men in each line. For some
reason, all their hands were behind them.

"Well, i can't get mad at my baby brother for being a smartass-" Junki chuckled. "So i'll let you play while you have your toy on you in case you're a sore loser."

Jimin heard what Junki was planning for the game they had to play,
but he couldn't say anything at all about it. He silently promised Yoongi that he won't speak a word unless he wanted to be hurt.

All the omega could do was sit there and hope that Yoongi could outsmart Junki's schemes.

"Tell me the mechanics of the game."
Yoongi spoke. He knew the RSU needed time to prepare, but he also knew they were fast. Jimin's safety depended on how well they execute Junho's instructions.

"Easy." Junki spoke. "One of the alphas here have your crown behind their backs. You have to identify who."
Yoongi examined the alphas one by one, looking at them from head to foot. He hoped to find any sign that they could possibly be the one.

"Of course, you win when you choose the right one." Junki explained, cocking his eyebrow to challenge the younger alpha.
"What happens if I choose right?" Yoongi asked, taking an arrow from the case he had slung onto him. He positioned it within his bow, two fingers holding it's tip in preparation to shoot but he kept it pointed to the ground.

"You get your crown." Junki said simply.
After a second of though, he decided to speak again. "And your omega. We'll let you both go unharmed."

"And what if i choose wrong?"

Junki smirked, shaking his head. "That's for you to find out." Seeing Yoongi ready his bow made him subconsciously reach and pull out his knife.
Yoongi took a deep breath, not wanting to show any form of weakness even if at that moment, he was unsure.

He didn't like it when he wasn't in control of things and right now, it was torture.

"How many chances to guess do i have?" Yoongi asked, not taking his
eyes off of the men in lines.

Junki thought for a moment. "I was going to say one, but because we have fifty percent of the same blood, i'll give you three. No more, no less."

Yoongi tried to analyze what he should search for in the possible person holding his crown.
Could it be in the facial expression?
Their posture?
The way their arms are held behind their backs?
Was it the way they stood?
The distance of their feet?

He had no idea.

Yoongi may have gotten good grades in school, but there was no logic to this.
All he hoped for was that luck was on his side.

The moment he saw a familiar face in the crowd of 15 alphas, Yoongi decided to take his chance.


Junki turned to the said alpha gesturing for him to move.

Jiyoon who was in the first row took
a step forward, turning 360 degrees and raising both hands in the air to show that the crown was not with him.

Yoongi cursed himself. He then realized that there was a drastic difference between still having three guesses to being down to just two.

His heart was racing in
his chest. He knew what Junki was capable of, and this game was going to determine whether or not their lives will take a turn for the better.

The alpha was studying one particular guy in the line, stood in the very middle who kept tapping his toe or shaking his leg.
He was also sweating madly and looked like he had a bad case of jitters.

Guesses weren't going to guess himself, so Yoongi trusted his gut.

"You." Yoongi spoke, nodding towards the said alpha.

The man looked like a mix of surprised and relieved. He took a step forward.
Yoongi wanted to cross his fingers and set his hopes up to the highest.

But once again the alpha spun in place in a full circle, proving that he indeed didn't have the crown.

"Giving up so soon, darling?" Junki was laughing maniacally again, as if his victory was ensured.
"You don't even have to use your last guess, you can just claim defeat right now and make it easier for yourself."

Yoongi was heaving, both panic and rage filling him at that point.

This was impossible. Three choices among thrity was truly unfair.

It was in these
moments of panic and uncertainty that Yoongi turns to look at the face that calms his heart.

He didn't want to look at the omega this whole time, not wanting to extinguish his flame. But now he was afraid that if he didn't remind him of the only reason he was willing
to fight, his own flame might burn him alive.

Seeing his omega's face under the gentle glow of the moon was a reminder to Yoongi that no matter what storm came to his sea, Jimin was the only one who could stop roaring waves from crashing to the shore.
He was pulled away from his own thoughts of how much he adored Jimin when the omega's eyes widened when he realized that Yoongi's eyes were on him. It was as if he was dying for the alpha to turn to him.

The omega gulped, he had to be careful when he conveyed what
he knew, he was sat in front of thirty alphas teamed up with Junki after all.

So he used his eyes.

He directed his gaze to Junki, as if pointing to him with his eyes, and when he was sure Yoongi saw him, he mouthed a single word he could only hope Yoongi understood.

Yoongi couldn't believe he didn't think of that sooner.

Junki didn't cheat, after all he aaid that the crown was with 'one of the men here.' terefore he could also be included.

Junki knew how to play dirty.

Yoongi's uncertainty, panic, and every other negative
feeling he once had was now gone.

Victory was ensured.

It was when he took another arrow from his case that Yoongi formed another thought.

Behind every great alpha, an omega who thought he was a great alpha.

"Brother, I do admit this game was fun." Yoongi chuckled.
"But all nice things have to end, right?"

Junki's smirk slowly faded, wondering why Yoongi was suddenly speaking of such things.

"I assure you that you'll be remembered even if we try our hardest to forget."

Junki forced out a laugh. "You have one more gue-"
Yoongi held the two arrows in position. If he was going to end this man, he wasn't going to give him any chance of surviving this.

"I'm sure glad you were never a big brother to me." Yoongi spoke. "I would fucking hate it if people called me a 'mini-you'"
"What are you on abou-"

"And Papa?" Yoongi chuckled. "I'm sure he wished i was the only child he ever had."

"Use your gue-"

"And Daegu? Yes, you were their king, but the kingdom was never yours."

"We'll still playing the-"

Yoongi's flame was blazing,
unable to be put out by anything other than the life leaving the other alpha's eyes. "You know what's the difference between you and me?" Yoongi pulled his bow. "You need a crown on your head to be a king. I don't."

Junki had had enough of the bullshit as he began walking
to Yoongi un rushed steps. "I SAID USE YOUR LAST FUCKING GUESS."

So Yoongi did.


In a split second, he raised his bow in Junki's direction, shut one eye before releasing the arrows into motion.

Yoongi had learned archery since he was young, before he even
has enough strength to pull the bow string back all the way.

After all years of training, this was the bullseye that he was sure scored the most points.

The two arrows hit where he intended it to be, one in the middle of his forehead and one through the middle of his face.
Junki's men could do nothing but stand and watch as thy heard the sound of the arrows being released from the bow. They saw how Junki had stopped in his tracks from where he stood as he was racing towards Yoongi like a raging bull.

The older alpha could no longer breathe or
think, obviously because of the arrows that had pierced both sides of his skull. The last image that registered into his mind was Yoongi's face.

He truly did look a lot like his father.

Junki saw his face and with his last dying breath as the world around him started to
spin, he no longer saw a pathetic alpha to him.

With his last dying breath, he saw Yoongi as a king.

Jimin gasped as Yoongi just stood and watched Junki fall to his knees, the strength and life draining from his veins every passing second.

"I guessed right." Yoongi spoke
as Junki fell forward flat on the ground. He saw his crown that was fastened to Junki's belt glimmer under the moonlight.


Everyone turned to look at Jiyoon, with his hair now dyed a dark brown which suited him a lot more than his last electric blue color. By the
obvious death of his superior, he had an expression of both rage and surprise on his face.

Yoongi was surprised by how quick everything was as he watched Jiyoon rage towards his direction the same exact way Junki did, a knife grasped in his hand and his thoughts obviously
clouded with the unyielding desire to do unto Yoongi what he did to Junki.

But it's not like they were unprepared.

The sound of three gunshots rang in the air and Junki's men including Jimin winced in shock.

"HANDS IN THE FUCKING AIR NOBODY MOVE." A voice that belonged to
none other than Junho was heard.

Jimin saw how dozens and dozens of men with guns arose to stand in the buildings. There were many windows surrounding the building near the garden and there was no space where a member of the RSU wasn't stood and prepared to shoot with their
guns pointed directly at Junki's men.

Some even popped out from the bushes, ready to shoot on Yoongi's command.


Jiyoon bit his lip, wary of the situation. But when he saw that they were obviously outnumbered, he gave in. He slowly raised his hands in the
air, letting the knife fall to the ground.

Some people were worth dying for. Junki was probably not one of them. His men might have been loyal, but at his death they drew the line.

Jiyoon's surrender lead to the men huddling together, their hands in the air and knives
falling one by one to the ground. They were looking anywhere other than the deceased body of someone they used to submit to.

Junho ran to down the garden steps, standing next to Yoongi without letting his guard down.

But Yoongi only had one thing on his mind.

The alpha spoke, wearing his bow around his body again.

The omega immediately gleamed at the sound of his name, as if it was the only thing he wanted to hear at the moment. He stood from the ground where he was sat. The alpha opened his arms and prepared for Jimin to run into
him again.

The omega ran, but not to him immediately.

Yoongi watched as Jimin with a fearless drive within him went straight to Junki's lifeless body. The omega unfastened the clasp that kept the crown hanging on Junki's belt. He then stood with the crown in his hands,
dusting it off as he went straight to the alpha.

Yoongi broke into a smile he didn't know he'd have on his face that night. But Jimin was truly one of a kind. The omega will never seize to be the reason why his world isn't toppling over.

"You know what to do with them."
Yoongi whispered to Junho beside him. The other alpha nodded, motioning for the rest of the RSU to move.

"I know you don't need this to be the king, king-" Jimin spoke, making Yoongi turn to him as he stood in front of him. "But it suits you too much." The omega held out the
crown in his hand, expectantly waiting for Yoongi to take it. "And i do admit dating an actual king sounds pretty fucking hot."

Jimin looked at the crown in his hands. He realized that Yoongi must see it as a reward, some sort of trophy prize for putting up with all the
hurricanes that came to his life that he had now conquered.

The omega looked up to realize that Yoongi wasn't even looking at the crown. The alpha was looking directly at him.

With that, Yoongi only laughed.
He pushed the crown aside, wrapping both arms around Jimin and claiming his real reward.

Jimin was surprised but soon melted into Yoongi's touch, nuzzling into him making sure that Yoongi's crown didn't fall from where he was holding it in his hand.

Amidst the noise of the
RSU driving men out of the garden with guns pointed at them one by one, Junho shouting orders left and right and a dead body laying only a few feet away from them, Jimin and Yoongi were in their own world again.

Jimin was addicted to this feeling.
He adored the way Yoongi could make him forget the world they were in despite how loud it could be screaming in their ears.

"Let's go." Yoongi whispered.


Yoongi pulled away, smiling the fullest. "The night is still young and this ball isn't finished yet."

"I didn't know you could shoot that well." Jimin spoke, immitating the way Yoongi pulled his bow while they walked down the hallways back to the ballroom.

"You didn't know i was a king, too." Yoongi pointed out again as he watched the omega fondly. The younger had been
talking non-stop about what had just happened.

Never before had Yoongi expected a memory with his brother to involve this much joy. But he soon remembered that Jimin hadn't been in those memories before.

"Yoongi-" Jimin spoke, closely examining the crown in his hands that
the older still hadn't shown any interest in until now.


"What now? Do you have other plans for us?"

Yoongi broke into a grin, hand moving to wrap around Jimin's waist. "Tons. Do you want to hear them?"

The omega nodded.

"I'm going to introduce you to the woman i love
the most. Then, i'm going to prove your father wrong and finally-"

"You only have three plans?!" Jimin asked in a tone that was like a complain.

"Well, the last one is going to go on for quite a long time." Yoongi laughed, "Finally, I'm going to live my life with you."

"WHAT HAPPENED ARE YOU OKAY WHAT THE HECK IS THIS-" Taehyung was the first one to notice the return of the couple to the ballroom that time. He had been more than worried from the time Jimin didn't answer his calls and left probably more than thirty missed calls.
Seeing Jimin was the deepest sigh of relief he had ever breathed out before.

Jimin giggled, used to Taehyung fussing over him like this. "I was just hit by a sharp rock, it's really nothi-"


From the entrance there were already a nurses running
Jimin's way. The omega assumed that Yoongi ordered them to get to him as soon as possible.

Jungkook joined Taehyung in fussing over the omega prince when Jimin was sat down on a chair and his wound was getting treated. A crowd of the toyal guests were now huddling
close to Jimin, all dying to know what actually happened.

Hoseok was literally pushing through the crowd. He had basically failed his duty of keeping Jimin safe for the night, but he sure as hell wanted to know if he was alive.

"Fucking excuse me-" The alpha spoke
as he pushed through crowds of royalty.

Hoseok had a grin on his face when he caught of Jimin's form bit by bit as he got closer and closer. When he got to stand next to Taehyung and finally was able to see Jimin fully, he saw the crown in the prince's hands.
Hoseok let out a gasp he didn't intend to be too loud, making heads turn to him.

"Where's Yoongi?"

People had started to notice so one by one. Indeed Yoongi's crown was in Jimin's hands, but why in the world was he there and where was Yoongi himself?
They then all turned to Jimin, all with the same question in their heads.

Completely contrasting to the crowd's emotions, the omega just laughed. "He's taking care of some things. He'll be back."

It was Hoseok's and everyone else's turn to sigh out of relief.

The omega perked up to look at the side of the crowd where people seemed to be swiftly moving to make way for someone. And by the sound of her voice, Jimin already knew who it was.

"My baby!" The moment she got out of the crowd, she engulfed her son in
the tightest hug.

She was already crying. Of course she was. She was just like Jimin.

The nurses had to move away, thankfully they were finished treating Jimin's wound with the most gentle care to ensure that Yoongi would be satisfied with their work.
"I thought i lost you, i thought i was going to loose you-" She babbled as she cupped Jimin's face in her hands, even squishing him to make sure that he was as alive as he seemed to be.

Jimin was laughing. "I'm fine, mama." He assured, hopefully she'd stop crying.
Jimin's eyes drifted from his mother to someone behind her who had cleared his throat.

Jimin looked back at him with a certain confidence that he never thought he'd have before.

"I'm glad you're safe." Were the words that came out of his mouth.

Jimin had a blank expression,
even with the confidence within him he was still unsure of where to start. He shouldn't be glad his son was safe, he should be uttering apologies first.

It all came back to Jimin in a flurry in his mind.

The alpha his father cursed him for loving just because he wasn't royalty
actually had blood just as blue as his own.

The alpha his father banned from their kingdom was actualy the ruler of his own kingdom.

His father was foolish enough to go against a fellow king.

Jimin saw that by the way his father looked at Yoongi's crown in his hands, he knew.
The prince took on look at the crown and back at his father.

"His crown looks a lot better than yours." Jimin pointed out, unable to contain the slight attitude in his voice. "I thought all kings had crowns equally as beautiful as each other's."

Jimin could feel the
empire him and Yoongi built in his heart rise from teh ashes and rebuild itself a lot glorious than it was before.

There was nothing to keep them apart now.

Jimin's father didn't know how to respond, thankfully soomeone came in the perfect time so he didn't have to.
"Jiminie-" Yoongi jogged to where the omega was, immediately drapping his arm over the younger's shoulders. He studied the omega's wound which was now treated and bandaged which satisfied Yoongi.

"Min-" Jimin's father cleared his throat when he realized he no longer
had the right to address Yoongi as an inferior.

"Papa," Jimin rolled his eyes. "You can't just call another king by their surname, that's disrespectful." And it was sure sweet to see his father struggle to accept that he must lower his pride.

"Y-your highness."
He spoke.

"Yes?" Yoongi responded.

Jimin was unable to contain his smirk after thinking that the confidence in his voice and the way he faced his father made Yoongi a lot hotter than he already was.

"We found out what happened." Jimin's father spoke. "Thank you
for saving my son."

Yoongi only chuckled, stealing a quick glance at the smirk on Jimin's face. The omega was an amusing type of cocky. "Then and now, as his bodyguard, his king and as his alpha, it has always been my duty to do so."

"H-his alpha?" Jimin's mother stuttered.
Jimin laughed as if his parents never dared to talk about the elephant in the room, and at the moment, they truly did.

"You want to be h-his a-alpha?" The queen asked, searching her husband's face to see the same expression she had on hers.

Jimin turned to Yoongi,
awaiting his answer.

But Yoongi just shook his head.

Before Jimin could complain, he felt Yoongi pull him by his waist to make him stand next to him, holding him close by the arm around his waist.

"I already am."

The crowd of guests gasped, all this time they
thought Daegu's king had no intention of finding a mate or even courting any omega because he never showed interest in anybody before. But now they had discovered that the real reason he did so was because he already had someone.

Jimin was sure he was bright red at the moment.
"For real?" Jimin's father asked, as if Yoongi would change his mind any second. "Do you even love him?"

"Would I go against kingdoms, build worlds, catch every star in the sky and go through heaven and hell for Jimin if i didn't?"

The king was silent.

Jimin had excitement
bubbling in his stomach as he spoke up. "Papa, you were going to sell me off to a blue haired dimwit just because he was rich. For you information that loser is now locked up in Daegu's dungeon. You might as well do me a favor and give me away to an actual king."
Jimin's mother was currently sharing the same enthusiasm and joy as Jimin, she just chose to be silent about it no matter how much she wanted to convince her alpha to let Jimin be happily in love with the alpha he wanted.

"He's everything mama ever wanted for me.
He's a feeling in human form." Jimin declared. "And now that we just found out that he has blue blood, he'd everything you ever wanted for me, too."

The crowd was dying with anticipation as well for what Jimin's father had to say, they had caught up with the realization
that their love must have been forbidden before.

Not anymore.

Jimin's eyes met his father's and in that exact moment the king saw in Jimin the little angel that came into his life to turn it around for the better. He was once blinded with greed and anger.

Not anymore.
"Does he bring you happiness?"

Jimin broke into a smile. He knew it was with those words that his new life had began. "Euphoria."

Jimin's father's eyes drifted to Yoongi. He saw a king within his eyes with a flame he should have seen before. "You have yourself a queen."
Jimin knew actions meant more than words, but the magnitude of the few words his father spoke hit him harder than the time his pinky toe hit the side of the table.

His heart seemed to know what was up as it lept for joy in his chest, immediately being gravitated towards Yoongi.
The alpha was just going in for a tight hug, but Jimin couldn't help but get caught up in the way the older's lips curled up when he smiled. He knew the only way that smile would look better was if his own lips were on Yoongi's.

So Jimin kissed him. Right there and then,
in front of everyone who cared to look.

It was a declaration.

Jimin wanted anyone and everyone to know that he fell in love once, with an alpha who could give him the world and so much more. He fell in love with the only alpha who could continue to make him feel like
he deserved the world.

It was a declaration.

Yoongi wanted anyone and everyone to know that his whole world could fit in between his arms.

"THAT'S MY BEST FRIEND-" Taehyung was first to cheer in the crowd. The guests broke into a roar of applause and cheers, louder and
stronger than when Jimin and Yoongi were dancing.

Jimin was once again caught in an intoxicatingly euphoric daze when he pulled away. "I feel like i just got married."

"You pretty much already did." Jungkook laughed.

"Why don't you give your king his crown back?"
Jimin's mother suggested, the joy evident in her voice as well.

"Oh-" Jimin said, holding out the crown which was just hanging from his fingers. He held it out in front of Yoongi. "I forgot."

The alpha smiled, the kind of tooth stretching smile that was hard to wipe off of
anyone's face. Instead of taking it directly, he knelt down on one knee in front of the omega.

Jimin giggled, pushing Yoongi's hair back before gently placing the crown atop of his head.
It was a perfect fit, just like the two of them.

"We can't forget this."
The two turned to see Junho, holding Yoongi's thick royal blue fur cape that drapped down to the floor. It was among garments that royalty wore to show status, and royal blue was a color the most elite wore in a context like this.

Yoongi chuckled when he saw it. Junho had been
pressing on him to wear that cape for the night, but out of humility he refused.

The alpha would still refused if it wasn't for the way Jimin's eyes shimmered when he saw how thick and fluffy the robe was. He took it from Junho, incorporating it into Yoongi's outfit.
"Wow." Jimin stood in awe as he took Yoongi's form in fully. A crown on his head and the cape making his shoulders look wider than they already were appealed to Jimin in ways he never knew they would.

"All hail." Junho spoke, getting down on one knee and bowing his head.
It took Yoongi by surpise, that one by one in a crown of royalty, they bowed down to him. The hall was silent as they all bowed down. Even Jimin's father.

Jimin's eyes widened as he moved to do the same, but Yoongi held him by his waist.

"You don't bow down to me. Never."
Yoongi whispered. "You and I are one."

Jimin looked around at the room around them. He had been on the highest point of Seoul but right now, in between Yoongi's arms, he was on top of the world.

Yoongi looked around the room, searching for a person who need not to bow down to
him. Indeed she was there at the corner of the ballroom, his mother grinning from ear to ear as she knew that in the battles life gave them, they were finally victorious.

They arose from the bow, applause erupting again. Yoongi wasn't one to want attention from this much people
but he had to admit, it truly was euphoric.

Yoongi was happy, that was true. But he wanted his omega for himself now. Thankfully at that exact moment, Seokjin burst into the ballroom followed by what looked like a parade of tray after tray of gourmet dishes.
Chicken like Cluck's happened to be the main dish. It was odd but they also placed mini cans of whipped cream on the dessert table, together with chocolate ice cream with chocolate sprinkles and chocolate syrup.

"Guests-" Yoongi raised the volume of his voice to reach as far as
it could. "The night isn't over yet and I say we should feast!"

"LET'S GO!" Junho spoke.

The music turned on again the colored lights were activated. The dance floor was opened once again and the food was served.

Jimin was still cuddled to Yoongi's side, the two seeming to
be glued by the hip even if they talked to people after people, went to see the food or anything.

Jimin only stopped clinging onto him when they were served food. Of course Yoongi made sure they gave Jimin the best parts among all that were cooked.

But unlike all other times,
Jimin only gave the food half his attention, half was with Yoongi. He had no idea how he could look away from Yoongi anyways, especially when Yoongi looked this good.

Yoongi and Jimin were pressed up as closed as they could be even while they were eating. Jimin even hooked his
right leg on Yoongi's left one.

"Yoongi-" Jimin spoke up when his food was almost finished.


"Aren't you going to introduce me to your nom?" Jimin pouted. He was waiting for it all night, even rehearsing his lines. "Is she not here?"

"She has a lot of friends from
other kingdoms, she must be busy." Yoongi assured, wanting to hold onto Jimin' hand before remembering that the omega was eating. "But i've been dying for you to meet her."

"Awwwwww." Taehyung who was sat across them cooed.

Jimin couldn't help but laugh. "What?"
"I just realized something, that's all." Taehyung smiled. "That even when you feel like you're going through hell, there's no way in hell that you can go wrong with love."

"Me too-" Jimin swallowed. "I realized you should wear that crown and that cape more often. I'm not
kidding when i say you look really fucking hot it's turning me-"

Yoongi chuckled, placing a creampuff in Jimin's mouth before the omega could continue.


"Mama." Yoongi spoke, not knowing where his nervousness was coming from.

Finally they were stood in front of his mother,
near the front of the dance floor where people pretended to mind their own business when in reality all they wanted to do was eavesdrop.

"This is Omega Prince Park Jimin-" Yoongi gestured to the younger stood beside him even if he didn't have to, he was still holding on to
Jimin by the waist and there was no way his mother would mistake it to be anyone else. "The love of my life."

Jimin held his hand out, inviting the previous queen for a dance. She took his hand with a smile, guiding them to the dance floor.

"I've heard so much about you, dear."
She spoke, studying Jimin's face yet so easily realizing why Yoongi fell for this omega with the loudest thud. "But it would delight me if you tell me more about yourself."

"I'm madly in love with your son, ma'am."
Jimin spoke, the confession coming out just as natural as any other words in his vocabulary.

She just laughed. "Tell me something I don't know."

"I suppose he's madly in love with me, too."

"I don't /suppose/ he is." She spoke. "I /know/ he is."

The ball ended when everybody no longer had the energy to dance, drink or socialize. It was the wee hours of the night where the sky was at it's darkest and the stars shone brighter to contrast it.

"I'm not coming." Jimin announced in a firm tone, making it obvious that
there was no way they were going to change his mind.

The two were stood in front of the palace entrance, waving goodbye to cars after cars of guests that were calling it a night as they were drove home. All were gone and Daegu's castle was getting more and more peaceful as
each moment passed. The only people left were Seoul's royalty.

"Are you sure, prince?" Hoseok need not to ask. Looking at the way Jimin had latched himself onto Yoongi's arm made it very evident that he had no intention of letting go any time soon.

Taehyung spoke up next,
tired and the slightest bit irritated out of his exhaustion. "Let's just go, he can visit in the next days. Seoul already has a queen, let Daegu have it's own." With that he dragged Jungkook along to the limo they rode earlier.

Jimin agreed, shooing his parents, Hoseok, and
other members of the RSU away. His mother wrapped him in one last hug before they finally broke away.

"HEY PAPA-" The omega spoke just before they entered the vehicle. "-tell my suitors to fuck off, they don't stand a chance. They never did." Jimin turned to Yoongi with an
overwhelming amount of pride in his heart.

"Well, they can try to steal you away." Yoongi laughed, cupping the omega's cheek. "But if they want to get the fairest, they have to got through the fiercest."

"I'm pretty sure they got the message." Jimin's father chuckled,
getting into the limo before the last cars drove out through the gates.

Yoongi guided them back into the castle, taking their time with their steps.

They were no longer under a ticking clock, they had the rest of their lives.

With all of the royal guests no longer in their
kingdom, Yoongi was now the only king around. Jimin couldn't get enough of that thought.

As they passed by hallway after hallway with the sounds of cleaning happening, Jimin spoke up.

"I don't think i'll ever be over the fact that i'm dating a king." He giggled. "It suits you.
But even before you were king, you already ruled my world."

"You know what's hotter than dating a king?" Yoongi momentarily let go of Jimin's hand to take off the thick blue fur cape that was fastened to his clothes, draping around the omega's shoulders as the younger nuzzled
into it immediately. He had wanted to do this since earlier on, more now that it had Yoongi's scent.


"Being mated to a king."

The omega felt his face turn red and his legs go weak. "Don't fucking say shit like that i might go into heat-"
The moment Yoongi opened a set of doors to show Jimin his room, the omega was in awe again. He knew it was bound to look great considering that it was on the highest floor or the castle.

Jimin knew something felt familiar about the alpha's room from the moment he saw '101D'
engraved on a golden plaque on the door.

For some crazy reason Yoongi had it designed to look exactly the same as the hotel bedroom they spent the night in in the highest point of Seoul. A few changes were made, differences that Jimin only spotted when he looked closely.
The bed looked exactly the same but wider and longer than the bed from the hotel. There were black heavy curtains that could be drawn back to cover the one way mirror that showe Jimin the view of the forest trees, lower houses nearby and of the night sky.

"I never wanted that
time to end." Yoongi spoke, referring to their time at the hotel. "So i made them do this so it would last forever."

The room had a dresser which wasn't in the hotel, and on Yoongi's bedside table was something Jimin stepped closer to see.

"When did you take this?" Jimin
asked, studying the picture of himself asleep which could only have been taken on the night they were in the hotel.

"When you were so beautiful yet so unaware." Yoongi spoke, taking the picture frame from the omega's hands and placing it back on the desk.

Jimin turned to see
Yoongi in such a close proximity, he wasn't complaining, he had wanted to have Yoongi this close from the moment he saw him again.

"Just like right now." Yoongi wrapped his arms around Jimin's waist. The omega giggled, stepping backwards until he fell back down to lay on
the bed. "You have no idea how fucking pretty you are, don't you?"

The omega was surprised by how quick Yoongi could change demeanor the moment they entered the bedroom, but he loved every second of it. The whole time he was wallowing in sorrow for his broken heart, he never
got the chance to pleasure himself, let alone have sexual contact with someone else. So this was going to be interesting.

Probably the hottest thing Jimin ever saw Yoongi do tonight was when the alpha started to unbotton his top as he took the crown from his head, literally
tossing it to the floor.

"The crown!" Jimin said, hearing it fall with a thud, wondering how Yoongi could just throw it away so aimlessly.

"There's a reason that thing is heavy as fuck. It's because it's durable as fuck, too." Yoongi informed before throwing his top aside.
"That thing survived a war without even a scratch."

"But-" Jimin cut himself off when Yoongi leaned in, pressing his forehead against the omega's. The older's arm went to wrap around the omega's torso, lifting him up to move him to the center of the bed.

Their breaths were
tangling in the air, Jimin had no idea how he still had oxygen in his lungs when everything Yoongi did at the moment took his breath away.

"Forgive me if you think i'm going too fast." Yoongi straddled the omega's thighs, pressing his already throbbing cock in his tight pants
down on Jimin's crotch. "But i had a taste of you once and i went so long without you that i'm salavating."

The way the alpha's voice went an octave lower sent chills down Jimin's spine. The omega was strong that was true, but Yoongi was the only one who could make him whimper
and crumble like this.


Yoongi was too busy throwing his top to some unknown side of the room to hear what the younger was saying.

Jimin's eyes blew wide, now realizing how much he truly missed seeing the alpha like this.

"This whole night-" Yoongi took a sharp
inhale, relishing the pheromones Jimin was releasing into the air. "-I've been wanting to have you like this the whole night. You have no idea how many times i had to stop myself from taking you then and there, baby."

"Yoon-" Jimin was cut off when his eyes fluttered shut at
the feeling of the alpha leaning downbefore nuzzling into his neck. He knew what Yoongi was doing. The alpha was scenting him, something he never got the chance to do before.

"I can mark you right now-" There were low vibrations coming from the back of Yoongi's throat.
His instincts as an alpha were kicking in all at once, and Jimin was still fully clothed. Who knows what he could do when his omega was at his most vulnerable state. "-make you mine and just mine."

The omega felt Yoongi unbuttoning his top, but he gave up on the second button
and straight up tore the shirt apart. Jimin didn't have enough time to complain about the soiled fabric when Yoongi was already pulling it off of him, throwing it aside again.

"Of everyone i've ever tasted, you were the sweetest." Yoongi couldn't express his frustrations about
royalty having to wear too many articles of clothing when he was taking Jimin's pants off, struggling with the omega's belt before he finally got it off.

The absence of the clothing below made Jimin shiver, but he immediately felt his face going hot when he saw Yoongi staring
at him from where he was positioned at the end of the bed.

The alpha's eyes were hungry and needy, the desire to fuck the omega senseless was increasing with every passing moment.

"No lingerie today?" Yoongi raised a brow, a smirk present on his lips.
Jimin looked down at his black boxers, slightly embarrassed and full on regretting that he didn't opt for anything sexy tonight. It was what a king deserved, after all. But who could blame him? Meeting his alpha again for the longest time wasn't on his expected agenda tonight.
"D-didn't know i-i was going to see you-" Jimin tried to explaid, but Yoongi wasn't listening as he moved forward to nuzzle into Jimin's neck again.

The omega's scent was the sweetest and the most intoxicating when he was aroused like this.

Jimin's pheromones seem to go
wilder when Yoongi opened his mouth, the omega could feel the heat feom his breath and before he knew it, the alpha was licking at his scent gland at the back of his neck.

That spot was sensitive, and the fact that it's been long since Jimin had last had sexual contact,
he was even more sensitive. The simple action pf Yoongi licking on his scent gland was enough to make him whimper and arch his back from the bed.

"Woah-" Yoongi spoke, aroused in the way Jimin let loose so soon. "How long has it been?"

Jimin was about to answer, but his
breath hitched when Yoongi sat up from where he was near the omega's neck. The alpha's gaze went to Jimin's dick which was as hard as it could get and the back of his boxers already soaked in slick.

Yoongi with one finger traced the outline of Jimin's cock inside his underwear
before he started slowly palming him through the fabric, moving his hand enough to make Jimin moan but not enough to satisfy him.

"Answer, baby."

"More th-than three months." Jimin spoke, biting his lip as Yoongi's hand sped up it's pace. "Last time w-was with you."
There was something about knowing that he wa sthe only one who could ever touch Jimin like this that ignited some sort of spark in Yoongi's alpha mind. He didn't respond after that, only focusing his attention on making his omega feel good.

Yoongi lowered the fabric
of Jimin's boxers to finally let his sensitive cock out. Yoongi realized he hadn't given Jimin's dick enough attention before as he realized how cute it looked in his hand.

It may have been an odd thing too say about a dick, but omega's cocks were naturally smaller
than alpha's and the smooth silky way it glided in and out of Yoongi's palm was erotic.

Jimin's eyes fluttered shut at the feeling of Yoongi tracing the head of his cock with his thumb. "A-alpha-" Yoongi hadn't paid much attention to his cock before, maybe because
the first time was rushed, but now that they had all the time in the world, Yoongi knew his priorities.

"It's cute, y'know?" Yoongi chuckled as he moved his wrist in an achingly slow pace.

"Don't call it that." Jimin spoke. The sensations Yoongi was bringing ot him were good,
but quite not enough.

The alpha seemed to notice Jimin's silent frustrations when he moved up, hovering over the omega but his hand still proceeding with its actions.

"Baby?" Yoongi said, uunknowing that a smirk was already forming on his lips. "is there something you want?"
Jimin took one look at the alpha's eyes and he knew he was completely gone. The way yoongi made him feel never seized even in situations like this, especially in situations like this.

"Tell me, love." Yoongi said, almost completely pushing Jimin to speak.
The omega answered in a whine, thinking it was awkward to an extent to voice out thoughts like that, even if he was the one having them in the first place. It was too naughty.

"Why are you so shy?" The alpha asked, removing his hand from where it was on Jimin's cock.
"It's just me, what are you afraid of?"

Jimin bit his lips as he couldn't stop himself from grinding up to the alpha. Yoongi made him needy to this point, and if talking was the way to get what he wanted, then so be it.

"Hmm?" Yoongi asked, searching Jimin's face
for what the omega could want.

The omega opened his mouth to speak. "I want you to nuzzle your face."

That seemed to be enough to Yoongi as he felt somewhat pride that he got Jimin to voice things out, but just when he was about to nuzzle into Jimin's neck,
the omega corrected him.

"In between my legs."

Yoongi was never quicker to comply to anything before as he moved down near Jimin's ass. The omega raised his legs, to help Yoongi get his boxers completely off.

"This is cute, too." Yoongi said, surprising himself
that he was able to say such a statement when the animalistic side of him was beggining to take over as he straight up flipped the omega to lay on his stomach. He was pertaining to Jimin's plump perky ass, an asset if Yoongi must say.

If Yoongi was thinking right, he
would hate himself for landing a smack on Jimin's left ass cheek for the sheer pleasure of seeing his hand leave a red mark on the creamy white skin.

But the omega seemed to have liked it even if the sudden movement had shocked him. "Fuck-" He breathed out.
Yoongi leaned down, using his both hands to knead each ass cheek before he spread them apart, seeing the slick dribble out like each tear he shed for each moment he couldn't be with his omega.

He caught the liquid on his tongue before they could continue to slide down to
Jimin's balls. Yoongi licked the omega off of the already present slick before he placed a kiss on the puckered rim. The kiss was as if he was actually kissing Jimin's lips and not his hole, too gentle.

The gentleness didn't last for long and soon Yoongi was savouring
the taste of Jimin's ass just like the lolipop he had stole with Jimin from the convinience store ages ago.

The omega couldn't help but let the filthy noises out of his mouth, he couldn't help it when Yoongi was treating him like the last meal he'd ever have.
"You sound so fucking good, angel." Yoongi said, even if the nickname seemed too endearing for the situation they were in. "I can come from you sounds alone, do you know that?"

Yoongi moved his eyes to the bright red hand mark on the omega's left cheek before he landed another
just like it on his right one.

With one task done, Yoongi opted for it to be time for another. He moved Jimin to look him in the eye once again. "What do you want, love?"

"You." Jimin spoke though it was rather vague.


"In my mouth."

The alpha's eyes blew wide
at that. His eyes casted to Jimin's lips glimmering under the light with saliva from him biting his lips so much. The image of those lips on his cock was an image that made it's way to Yoongi's mind often, but he never acted upon it since the omega might not be willing.
Oh but he was.

The omega's eagerness to get on with the task showed when he sat up from where he was, moving to lean on the headboard. He looked up at the alpha expectingly waiting.

All of Yoongi's blood rushed to his cock when he moved to where Jimin was,
putting one knee on each side of the omega, placing his throbbing hard dick directly in front of the younger boy's face.

Yoongi let out a deep groan when the sight of Jimin hungrily starig at his cock while he licked his lips came to his view. Every alpha would die
to be where he was right now and Yoongi was certain that if he wasn't himself, he would too.

"Don't be shy." Yoongi said, hooded eyes looking at the omega's form. "It doesn't bite."

Instead of holding it to put it in his mouth, Jimin went in directly, opening his
mouth and wrapping his lips around it until the head.

Yoongi threw his head back in pure bliss. Jimin could drive his absolutely wild at just a snap of his tiny fingers.

If there was anything Jimin was thankful for right now, it would mostly be his tiny gag reflex
that he could control fairly easily to match up with the monster that had been hiding in Yoongi's pants. The want to please the alpha with what he did was more powerful than ever before. Yoongi was good at making him feel good, Jimin hoped he could do the same.
Jimin took him all in one quick movement, feeling every inch slither down his throat before he left just the head in, flicking his tongue over the hole before he swirled hi stongue around the head.

Yoongi was breathing heavily, hands holding on the locks on Jimin's head.
After a minute of Jimin obediently bobbing his head up and down, he stopped all of a sudden.

The alpha opened his eyes when he felt the younger stop, wondering what was wrong. Only for his gaze to see tha omega looking up at him through his lashes.
Yoongi wasn't sure what that meant, but he tested it by rolling his hips slowly, shoving his cock down Jimin's throat in one go before thrusting out.

"Holy fuck." Yoongi moaned. There was something about the way Jimin was looking at him, even encouraging him to continue
his own movements.

The omega was being so submissive. If Yoongi was able to control himself earlier on, he let go off all self comtrol as his pace gradually increased as time went by. Up to the point that he was straight up ramming his cock into Jimin's
throat, holding the omega by his jaw.

"You're so good." Yoongi panted as a thin layer of sweat formed on his forehead. "So good only for me."

If Yoongi was thinking straight he would never forgive himself for somehow using the omega like this, but the fact that
Jimin didn't seem to mind only aroused him even more.

The omega let Yoongi do what he wanted with him, using his mouth to make him feel good. The constant praises pouring from Yoongi's lips only assuring him even more that he was doing a job well done just like he hoped to.
Yoongi pulled out with a moan just when he was about to spill cum, leaving Jimin's throat fucked raw.

Jimin swallowed after he saw a string of his saliva still on Yoongi's cock when he pulled away, it was only when he became aware that a blowjob was messier than
he expected it to be.

"My good omega." Yoongi praised, gently cupping Jimin's cheek despite the lust filled desire now in his veins. "How'd i get so lucky?"

Jimin couldn't believe that he could blush in a situation like this but sooner than later Yoongi was
sealing the gap in between them.

The omega completely forgot about the ache in his throat and the fact that he probably tasted like Yoongi's cock. How could he think of anything else when kissing Yoongi was like a switch in his mind that turns all other thoughts off?
Yoongi felt determined to pay Jimin back, after all it was what his angel deserved. Making love with Jimin already felt like cloud nine, he could only imagine how it would feel like to fuck Jimin while on his rut.

The omega granted entrance to Yoongi's tongue,
letting it dance with his as his body felt hotter and hotter, the heat of the moment igniting under his skin.

Yoongi couldn't take it out of his mind how much Jimin moaned just when they made out, there were barely silent times when they had sex.
The omega whined when Yoongi had to pull away for air, but soon his breath hitched when the older latched his lips onto his neck, licking and sucking at a specific spot.

"Yoongi, fuck-" Jimin's eyes fluttered shut, he bit his lip. He could feel Yoongi licking over his
scent gland. The omega raised his head, giving Yoongi all the access he wanted.

It was such a submissive act for an omega to bare his neck to an alpha. The omega would be completely vulnerable to whatever the alpha wanted to do. If the alpha bit and marked them,
they would have to spend their whole lives with them.

And for Jimin to do such a thing only showed that he was ready for whatever Yoongi wanted.

Jimin's hands went to fist Yoongi's hair as the sensation of Yoongi sucking on a certain spot became too much.
He knew what Yoongi was doing.

Yoongi's hands were all over the omega, trailing down his sides, his stomach, cupping his ass amd basically lavishing him while his mouth focused on his neck.

It was when Yoongi sucked harder that Jimin's eyes shot open, his lips
forming a complete circle and his back arching from the bed.

"ALPHA I'M-" With that Jimin came, strings of white emitting from his cock and spilling all over the base of his stomach.

And Yoongi hadn't even properly fucked him yet. The aloha had scent marked him,
a kind of bond that causes others to smell Yoongi's scent on Jimin all the time. It was like an actual bonding mark but with a lot less commitment since scent marks fade after some time.

Yoongi pulled away to look at his masterpiece made on Jimin's neck with pride.
"Mine." The alpha said in a raspy voice that sent chills up Jimin's spine adding to the initial wave of his orgasm. "Looks good on you, wish i could have been there earlier."

Jimin was too busy steadying his breathing to respond. He didn't have to look at it,
he knew everything Yoongi made was bound to be beautiful. If only he could tell the alpha what an honor it was to be his canvas.

Jimin was grasping onto Yoongi's arms either side of him to steady himself, looking up at the alpha who was already looking at him
with a gaze filled with lust.

"You like that don't you?-" Yoongi teased, looking up and down at the omega's form from his lips breathing out whines every once and a while to his cock that turned hard justa minute after he came. "When I call you mine?
Jimin felt the alpha move his index finger on the white fluid on his stomach, bringing the finger to his tongue.

"You taste a lot better than everything else I ate tonight."

"Alpha-" Jimin breathed out, bringing his hands up to cup Yoongi's face which was hovering
directly on top of his. "M-make me yours like you never got to before."

Those were the only words Yoongi needed. He shut Jimin up by thrusting in all in one go and pressing his lips on the omega's at the same time. His lips on Jimin's muffled the loud moan from the omega.
Love is such a pretty thing, able to make two different souls, living in two different bodies, who went to two different stories, and lived out two different lives one.

It felt like deja vu to Jimin, this was exactly what Yoongi did the firrst tim ethey made love as well.
If it was going to be a routine everytime they made love, Jimin wouldn't mind at all.

The omega's hands went to wrap around Yoongi's torso when the alpha leaned down, nuzzling into Jimin's neck while he started with a slow pace. Their chests were pressed together,
hearts beating equally as fast and equally as hard as if trying to break out of their chests to find their other half.

"Fuck, 's good-" Jimin breathed out when he opened his legs wider, letting Yoongi dive in deeper. Maybe it was because it's been so long since the last
time, but Jimin could feel every inch of Yoongi's cock sliding against his walls, burying itself the deepest it could go every time. Slick leaked down Jimin's ass, pooling onto the bed and causing Yoongi's dick to be completely coated in it.
Sex was pretty, too. Jimin never realized how much beauty the act could contain until he experienced it himself. There was something pretty about igniting each other's flame, keep it blazing and be the only person who could ever extinguish the other's blaze.
Yoongi slowed down his pace after a moment going hard, he knew he could make himself cum right now if he wanted to, but this was his first night in forever of being with his omega and he sure as heck was going to make every second last.

The alpha steadied his breathing as
he moved to a sitting position, lifting Jimin with him so the omega was off the bed and literally sat on his dick.

"I'm so fucking in love with you." Yoongi said out of the blue as he pushed back Jimin's hair that was sticking to his forehead due to the sweat.
The omega was looking at him with lidded eyes before he wrapped his arms around Yoongi's neck. The alpha couldn't help but gaze down at Jimin's lips red and bitten from making-out and shining under the moonlight due to saliva on it.

Jimin felt Yoongi start to thrust up
from underneath him. The omega brought their faces together though not enough for them to actually kiss but enough for their breaths to tangle in the air and their moans get caught up in each other.

"Sometimes i say it through cheesy pick-up lines and stupid jokes."
Yoongi spoke, one hand going to Jimin's lower back. "But that's only because i can't find how to put it into the right words. It's fucking overwhlming how you drive me wild."

Jimin didn't know what made him feel better; his alpha's cock in him or the words he was saying.
"Any alpha would die to be in my place, sometimes I can't believe you chose me." Yoongi smirked, loving how felt goosebumps on Jimin's skin when he moved his fingers gently on the newly made mark on the omega's neck. He adored how Jimin's moans increased in volume when he
moved his hips harder, the sound of skin slapping on skin filling the room.

"Yoongi, /p-please/." Jimin whined, looking right into the alpha's eyes when his legs began to shudder, he knew he was close.

Yoongi smirked and stopped altogether, depriving the omega
of the climax that was already within his reach.

Jimin's crashed into Yoongi when the alpha stopped, still fully hard as he realized what Yoongi had done. "Yoongi." Jimin hit the alpha's chest.

"What?" Yoongi asked innocently however he was chuckling as he did.
Jimin was having none more of this.

The omega unlached himself from Yoongi, pushing the alpha down so he was laying flat on the bed. He put his hands on Yoongi's chest, fixing his postition straddling Yoongi's hips.

"What are you gonna do?" Yoongi smirked, an eyebrow cocked.
He pushed his hair back, before moving his hands to rest on Jimin's waist.

"Going to treat you like a king."

Yoongi cut himself off with a deep groan when Jimin experimentaly moved his hips forward and backward, causing Yoongi's cock to bury deeper in him before it moved out.
The lustful noises coming from Yoongi seemed to fuel Jimin in doing his job well, moving his hips the fastest he could.

The sight of Jimin fucking himself on the alpha's cock was an image Yoongi was sure that was going to linger on his mind.

"Is i-it good?"
Jimin muttered as his hips started to ache slightly.

"So good, baby." Yoongi ran his hands up from where they were rested on the omega's waist to Jimin's nipples, moving his fingers on each nub.

That made Jimin arch his back, holding onto Yoongi's thighs to support

"A-alpha." Jimin swallowed, feeling tears prick in his eyelids from the intense sensation of everything occurring in his body.

When Jimin stopped altogether, unable to find enough energy to continue his movements, Yoongi knew it was up to him to take care
of his omega.

"You did so well for me, Jiminie." Yoongi praised, sitting up before laying Jimin on the bed underneath him. Yoongi wasn't complaining that Jimin got tired at all, he had wanted to see Jimin's face up close when he makes him cum anyways.

The change in
position made Yoongi's cock slip out of Jimin's hole completely, the omega whines due to the empty feeling his hole was no longer used to.

"I'm so in love with you." Yoongi declared again, never getting tired of reminding Jimin of it. "Do you know that?"
"I do." Jimin could feel the head of Yoongi's dick prodding on his entrance. "I am, too."

"You're what?"

"I'm in love with you." Jimin felt like he just unlocked a secret code because as soon as he spoke the words, the head on his entrance had moved to go all the way in.
"I fucking love this, t-too." the omega whimpered.

The alpha bit his lip, intently watching Jimin's face express the pleasure he was feeling right now as he moved in and out.

"Do I make you feel good?" Yoongi asked despite already knowing the answer.
"Amazing." Jimin's eyes fluttered shut, the best things in live were often unseen, he was sure of that.

Yoongi worked on making Jimin release the best noises and his face contort into expressions that he knows nobody else could make from him. But when Jimin's eyes
opened again, staring with so much need into his own, Yoongi knew what the omega wanted.

"Alpha p-please-" Jimin spoke, a hint of desperation in his voice. "Don't ever fucking stop."

Yoongi groaned, speeding up his thrusts, trying to get deeper each time.
One of his hands came to cup Jimin's cheek when he saw a tear leak from each of the omega's eyes.

"Yoongi." Jimin spoke through his own moans.

"What do you need, baby?"

"C-call me yours, just yours, all y-yours." Jimin's noises became short screams when he could
feel himself getting closer, he knew Yoongi was, too.

"All mine, you're just mine." Yoongi complied, trying to catch his breath as the lust took over his body. He didn't feel the ache in his hips or the heat around them, his body had now wired itself to chase their climax.
"Mine." Yoongi spoke, eyes locked onto Jimin's as he could feel himself about to tip over the edge.

"Just y-yours, always, king."

"I'm going to make you my queen." With profanities coming from his lips and one last hard thrust, Yoongi's knot had tied them together.
Jimin came with an actual scream, his legs trembling and his back arching from the bed, his eyes rolling back to his head and his hands moving desperately to clutch onto the sheets.

"Shit." Yoongi had one hand beside Jimin to prop himself up, chasing his breath
as the omega beneath him still twitched every few seconds as his body came down from the wave.

When Jimin opened his eyes, Yoongi above him was the first thing he saw and he broke into a smile immediately.

"If we become mates that means we'd be permanent
fuck buddies, right?"

The alpha chuckled at the question, but answered nevertheless. "Well, yeah."

"I'm looking forward to it, then."

Yoongi went down for one quick peck on Jimin's nose before he remembered something. "Did you actually cry?" He laughed.
Jimin hit Yoongi's arm lightly. "Why are you blaming me when you're the one making me feel this way?"

The omega moved to sit up but immediately stopped when Yoongi held him down.

"Don't do that unless you wanna rip my dick off." He laughed.

Jimin's eyes went wide
in realization. "You knotted me?!" He exclaimed, unsure how to feel. "I'm going to get pregnant?!"

Yoongi just chuckled, using one hand to push Jimin's hair out of his forehead. "No, silly." He comforted. "I'm on the pill, even if I think you're built more than healthy enough
to bear my pups, i don't think we're ready for that yet."

Jimin released a sigh of relief, though the thought of giving Yoongi pups was something that appealed to him more than he expected it to. "Maybe another time in the future?"

"Of course, we have the rest of our lives."
With Yoongi's knot keeping them intact for quite a while, the two decided to lay down for a while and do what they do best together; talk.

Jimin had to lay with one leg drapped over Yoongi's hip to prevent ripping his dick off.

It was the chance to catch up in depth
that they didn't quite get earlier that night.

It could have been the next day, the sun could be rising or it could be the fist snowfall, it could start raining in the summer and pigs could start to fly but the two were caught up in their own little world.
Earth's time seemed to stop for a while with every word that came out of the other's lips. Maybe that's what love does, make you forget that everything else exists for a while and put all your focus on the one soul who exists for you.

"You know-" Jimin spoke,
he had been purring the whole time due to Yoongi gently moving his fingers through his hair. "- If you fucking told me you were basically a prince too and the supposed heir to the throne this would have been a whole lot easier."

"Oh come on." Yoongi chuckled,
"The rainbow doesn't look as beautiful to someone who hasn't been through the storm."

"Or maybe because you're a total dickhead."

The alpha laughed, bringing Jimin closer for the omega to rest his head on his chest. "I mean the throne was basically ripped out of my hands
when i thought i had it and i had to kinda kill someone for it so i don't think it's something i should be flaunting around."

Jimin broke into a smile, he didn't know if it was from what Yoongi said or because he was listening to the soft thudding in Yoongi's chest,
knowing he was going to spend the rest of his life waking up to that and knowing it beats for him.

Jimin's eyes wandered to the picture of him on Yoongi's bedside table before he was reminded of another certain framed picture alike this one.
"I went to your penthouse some time after you disappeared." Jimin informed. "You weren't there anymore and all you left was-"

"The picture of you." Yoongi finished the omega's sentence. "Yeah, i did that on purpose. I knew you wouldn't just sit down and wish on
shooting stars for me to return, so i figured it would find it's way to you somehow."

"Why didn't you fight for me?" Jimin asked, the words felt like they had been dying to be said for ages now, and perhaps they were. The omega had stopped purring,
even if Yoongi continued to play with his hair.

"I chose my battles." The alpha spoke, wishing he never had to hear Jimin's voice sound so sad ever again. "I fought for you before, I'm sure you knew how much was at risk whenever i took you out at nights."
Jimin moved his head to look up, eyes looking into Yoongi's as the alpha spoke.

"It was around that time that i decided to put it in the universe's hands." He spoke. "The universe brought us together for a reason and if it's reason still wasn't fulfilled then it would
bring us back together again and again no matter how much everything else tried to rip us apart."

Jimin's eyes were about ot start leaking all over again if it wasn't for the alpha's expression to move to a chuckle.

"But that time only lasted for like a week,
when i had that crown on my head i knew i was going to get you back, it was just a matter of time."

Jimin couldn't help but laugh as well. So all the times he was wallowing in his sorrow his alpha was just waiting for the right time to walk down the same road he was taking?
"But you never called." The omega furrowed his brows, as if scolding the other. "I never recieved a text, how was i supposed to stop rolling around in my own tears if i never heard a word from you?"

"It would ruin the surprise." Yoongi said enthusiastically
though dropped the act when he saw the younger's unamused expression. "Well, it would be suspicious. Your father would ownder why the heck you're not flooding your room with tears anymore and who the heck you're texting, and of course you'd want to be with me and that would just
end up in a bigger problem. All i hoped for you to be was patient."

"Was that why you left the poem in the frame?" Jimin asked, things getting clearer and clearer to him in time. "I've told my mom and Taehyung that i was feeling kind of down that you never bothered to write me
handwritten letter just like Jungkook and my dad had done."

"I apologize. First of all, I'm not very good with words." Yoongi pulled his dick out of Jimin's hole because his knot had now swelled down.

The omega was sore and no longer used to the emptiness he felt
but he was too distracted by Yoongi suddenly getting out of bed to notice. He stared at the alpha in confusion as he went to a black wooden box on the table pressed to the corner of the room, he retrieved something from it before he made his way back to the bed.
"Second of all, just because you haven't recieved anything doesn't mean i'm not writing."

The hours in the night he spend writing and all the times Yoongi's hand ached were all worth it when he saw the expression on the omega's face as soon as he held out the book in his hands.
Yoongi settled on the bed next to the omega, drapping the thick blanket around them as they sat to read.

Jimin hadn't even moved on from the cover and yet there was already a single tear running down his cheek.

"It's handwritten." Jimin stated the obvious.
"Why wouldn't it be?" Yoongi laughed, reaching out to cup the omega's cheek, moving him to face him before he gave him the sweetest kiss. "I think you're worth the effort."

Jimin opened and scanned through the pages, reading maybe two lines form a poem or a single sentence
from the prose. He was in no hurry, he had the rest of his life to read it.

"I'm absolutely, completely in love with you." Jimin said when he was halfway down the book, tears streaming freely down his cheeks as he took in all at once what he meant to the alpha.
Tears weren't necessarily a bad thing, and maybe tears shouldn't be used to represent sorrow all the time. People cry for different reasons. But truly, people cried when they no longer have the words to express what they felt.

Tears remind us that we are capable of
feeling things and make us a little bit more alive than we already are.

But to Jimin's suprise, as soon as he flipped to the next page, it was blank. He scanned through the rest of the book only to find out that there were no writings present at all. "It's not finished?"
Yoongi had the brightest smile that only exists whenever Jimin was around. "It's our love story, and if i'm not mistaken our love isn't finished."

Jimin shut the book, knowing it was already his favorite story. "You're right. How long is it going to last, then?"
"Well," Yoongi spoke, looking down at the omega who had the similar smile. "We have the rest of our lives now. Maybe even longer."


So Yoongi and Jimin continued to write their story in pages where it could never be erased.

Yoongi kept his promise of making Jimin his queen.
On the night that Jimin was crowned queen of Daegu, all of the country rejoiced because everyone had stood audience to their love. It was the same day Yoongi married the omega he loved, on a cloudy day when the skies were dark.

Everyone thought a bright and sunny day
was the day perfect for the ceremony, but when the first drop of rain landed on Jimin's nose just after he spoke his vows, Yoongi knew his plans had once again succeded.

"-I promised to help you finish your list-" Was a statement in Yoongi's vows, and at that
moment only him and Jimin knew that he kept his promise.

They kissed under the rain, in front of everyone who cared to look. They showed everyone the love they once had to hide in secret doors, whispered conversations on the phone, golden crow necklaces and hotel rooms.
"Finally." Jimin spoke when they pulled away after what was more than a kiss, reaching into his pocket to throw a piece of paper into the wind. The same piece of paper where his list was first written and the piece of paper he had carried with him form the
moment he longed to leave the walls of the castle. He was finally free.

Jimin's mother and Yoongi's mother had became dear friends, both already considering each other as family even before the marriage between their children had occur.

Jimin's father was now a better
man than he was when he caged Jimin in. He was more open now, and decided to remind himself of the man he was before. With a little help from his wife of course

Jimin's mother cried actual tears when they first saw Jimin in a crown alike hers, and his father
couldn't hide the pride in his smile.

Taehyung was cheering, always in the front row to show his never ending support for the bestest friend he's ever had. Jungkook was by his side, looking up at the newly-wed couple imagining if a future similar to that was in store for
him and the omega beside him as well.

Hoseok had become Seoul's head of security after Namjoon had moved to recide to another kingdom due to 'personal reasons'. Head chef Seokjin had somehow ended up with Hoseok when he discovered Namjoon's antincs regarding Yoongi and Jimin.
Jimin's previous suitors could only watch in defeat as Yoongi scooped Jimin into his arms, claiming his omega queen and knowing he was the victor.

Yoongi and Jimin continued to write their story even after they had mated, on the night when the alpha's rut and Jimin's
heat arrived at the same time.

Yoongi and Jimin will continue to write their story even after their first pup, even after the second or the third.

Yoongi and Jimin will continue to write their story even on nights when their hearts seem to be far away from each other
because even then the love will remain.

Yoongi and Jimin will continue to write their story even if they happen to be apart, longing for the time they'll be in each other's arms.

Yoongi and Jimin will continue to write their story even after the word 'love'
had lost all it's meaning from the development of the language.

Yoongi and Jimin will continue to write their story even after they no longer have the strength to grip the pen.

Because their story is of a rare kind of love.
A kind of love that you write stories about because the pages and the ink may fade but that kind of love never does.

And even if their story continues to write on to this day,

They lived happily ever after.


I'm actually going to cry. I knew every story comes to an end at some point and this end didn't come all too soon but the pain of parting with it is still the same.

The ride is over but i'm glad you were here with me the whole time.
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Thank you for all the love and support, I can't express my gratitude enough.

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