Strap yourself in for a long one. I’m about to share the sordid and twisted tale of Simon Mol: the African human rights and anti-racist who literally - LITERALLY - pozzed Poland’s leftists.
Born in Cameroon, Simon sought asylum in Poland in 1999 when he claimed he was being persecuted for his journalism on human rights. Before that he moved round several African countries seeking asylum. He claimed to have been arrested in 1996 for exposing government corruption.
In actual fact, It was later revealed that this “persecution” was entirely fabricated. He was never jailed, and his mother admitted that he had actually worked in a refinery. The only thing he had ever written about was some short articles about football.
After settling in Poland, Simon quickly became a rising star in Poland’s leftist scene. He wrote about racism, accusing his new country of engrained racism, filing reports to Amnesty about Polish racism, and was awarded “Anti-Facist of the Year” in 2003.
Here is one of his “poems” (in full) that won him critical acclaim and honorary membership of the International Pen Club:

“Life, Death, Life.
Light, Darkness, Light, Darkness;
Light, Life?
Nothing can stop nature.
Not even nature itself.”
His journalist & political career rocketed. In 2005 he organised a conference to protest about an article in a Polish paper that said African women were susceptible to AIDS cos their husbands wouldn’t wear condoms. The author (Adam Lesvczynski) was accused of prejudice by Simon.
In 2006 reports started coming in from Leftist women in Poland’s human rights scene who claimed to have contracted HIV after sleeping with Simon. Polish police refused to arrest him out of fear of his connections.
Simon wrote articles denouncing his accusers of racism themselves:

“The accusation of being HIV positive is the latest weapon that as an African your enemy can raise against you.”
More women came forward. One witness stated that he had refused to wear a condom during sex and had accused her of being racist because asking him to wear a condom was racist as it implied all blacks had HIV. He also told girls his sperm was sacred and had magical powers.
In 2007 he was finally taken into custody and charged with deliberately infecting people with HIV. It was discovered he was diagnosed with HIV in 1999 while in a Polish refugee shelter, but Polish law did not force a carrier to reveal their disease status and it was kept hidden.
Simon Mol has slept with over 300 Polish girls and infected over 40 of them with HIV. Many of them were activists in Poland’s human rights and antifa movements. Even after his arrest, Simon claimed no knowledge of his status and accused apolosh police of racism.
His photo was public ally displayed in apoland with an epidemiological warning. MediaWatch, a racism monitoring body, decried the decision as institutional racism and called for international condemnation.
Simon Mol dies on October 10 2008. On his deathbed he claimed that all accusations against him were politically motivated.
Several of the infected women had contracted the virus from Simon during his visit to Gdansk in 2006 to organise the anti-racist “Music against Intolerance and Violence” festival.
After his death, reporters contacted Simon’s mother back in Africa. Her response was: “The White Man killed my son.”
Simon picked up many of his women from the “Warsaw Salon” - an artistic, liberal circle. In his writing Simon described these girls as ‘white mice’ - “sensitive, and adoring women who believed they were doing their duty towards political correctness by helping the poor refugee."
One girl infected by Simon explained later:
“I was fascinated by human rights activist fighting with racial stereotypes. Soon we started to meet, went to bed. I didn’t suspect that he could infect me with HIV virus and even less, hide from me that he is infected...”(cont)
“...I also thought that suspecting him of being infected would equal giving way to stereotypes. Thus we made love unprotected.”
Let us end this thread by looking at his most well known poem “Polish Goddess”. Think about everything you have read so far and consider what Simon may have been really trying to say when he wrote this.
“Then - as the Moon lit the path
of the beautiful Goddess
illuminating the darkness of the night
two tears ran down her left eye
ending their journey
burying all the nightmares
healing wounds foisted upon me
and upon my Brothers
by those like her.”
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