Threaten Nat Emergency, DECLAS, get eyes here then act in UK. #Qanon
So.... you might be wondering what we did in the UK? Based on codes both on 8ch and Drudge I'd say we plucked the Queen of England away from her handlers. #Qanon #DrudgeReport #GreatAwakeningWorldwide #GreatAwakening
mentioning of " #Presidents #Kings and #Queens talk to me" - reminds me of this thread of decodes I did early in January about #QueenElizabeth being taken in. indeed I'm sure she has said quite a lot by now. #PhaseTransition #phasethree2019 #LightsOn #MAGA #Qanon #WWG1WGA
In terms of important puppets the Queen is little different than Kim Jong-un or #HRC - both of which Q has confirmed in past posts as to having their puppet strings cut. (QPOST 93 & 1451) - What these puppets do after becoming free of handlers is up to them #Qanon #GreatAwakening
One way she could help is her role as "head of Church of England" giving her appointment power over high-ranking in church related symbolism coding is this addition of a "t" (holy cross) in Trump's tweet = added a "cross"  #Qanon
2019-6-5 Rush Limbaugh: "The queen told him a secret that he swore he would not tell — and Piers Morgan tried to get Trump to divulge the secret and would not do it." #QueenElizabeth #Qanon #GreatAwakening
.A. .B.ig .A.nd .B.eautiful .D.ay .T.oday coding
AB = symbolism of new territory X2
DT = Donald Trump
An alliance with royals (both ways) Plus his signature - AB is useful as it lets allies know of new allies to support and to be supported by. #Qanon
It's also a 6 word (cult context) sentence - I cover both the number codes, letter codes (including AB) in this thread I've noted both AB and 6 word codes in dozens of examples in this feed over the last year. It's a very consistent code. #GreatAwakening
The Queen gave cyphers, a duoFold pen (to fold on using her pen for the bad guys) "fountain pen" = fountain of her signatures (she has so much more power than most know) Trump gave Prince Phillip "I Could Never Be So Lucky Again" I agree with that. #Qanon
New Trump tweet edit - "Prince of Whales" Vs "Prince of Wales"
Symbolism comms: Dolphin/Whales are used to symbolize ejaculation (blowhole) - dolphin being small people and whales being important people like Princes (blackmailed) - We just forged an alliance with Royals #Qanon
7/22/2019 Trump deleted tweet comms
TrishRegan -> Trish_Regan _ = separation symbolism - a "ready on our side" to begin moving to #Brexit through #BorisJohnsonPM 
#Symbolism #QAnon #GreatAwakening
Also note tweet comm - links to acct w Whales/dolphins movie + males in heat chasing females. Matches up w his last UK comms My guess? A deal was made to shield Prince Andrew (& maybe others) from Epstein trial in exchange for- #Qanon #GreatAwakening
Trueeye: "Why is Assange held in Belmarsh?"
Belmarsh = Her Majesty's Prison Belmarsh - run by "Her Majesty's Prison Service"
Prisoners serving time "at Her Majesty's pleasure" - presumably this is another reason the Queen had to flip (check thread) #Qanon
10/06/2019 British PM Johnson to EU: 'We're Packing our Bags and Walking Out' in 25 Days
No court will grant Brexit opponents a stay. It's too late for a referendum. Johnson is pulling out on the 31st, end of story. #Brexit #Qanon #BorisJohnson
She flipped (check start of thread - ) And before she became Queens is when blackmail would have been created. The comms appear to be trying to get her to unflip, that they will make that 70 year old blackmail public if she doesn't. #GreatAwakening
Note they drove her by it in 1992 which is when they were getting all their puppets ready for Bill Clinton. - and gave her a picture in 2015 when they were getting their puppets ready for Hillary Clinton. A reminder of why to stay in line perhaps #Qanon
11/30/2019 UK Conservatives Set To Win A Large Majority
Boris Johnson's set for a parliamentary majority, taking 359 seats to Labour's 211. Relevant to this thread. Royals flipping to get Boris is finally about to net us a Brexit. Dominoes! #Qanon #8kun
If the people have successfully been brainwashed out of voting for Brexit then their limbo will continue- but if they rise up and get that big majority for Boris their economy will explode, tons of cabbal will flip and the EU will shatter. #UKElection
12/12/2019 Exit polls suggest a landslide for #Brexit! Finally no more German control over Britain! #Qanon #BrexitElection
You know I bet if Boris had tweeted this video every day for the past month he would have won not just a landslide but every seat. If you haven't seen it I strongly suggest it. Common sense is a rare thing and this video is strong with it. #Brexit
Decode relevant to thread a plea for the Queen not to un-flip despite the recent decisions of her grandson. And we know for certain today that they haven't. How do we know this? Because....
I think Trump protesting the China deal is theater, plenty of precedent for that, but note that Soros is also against it. I have no reason to think that's theater.
Note the Vatican connection - - Elton also promoted the Pope in 2014 before being funded by them. It's a thread to reconcile with this one.
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