Starting my Music New Years Resolution, rusty but CUTE 💕

@taylorswift13 thank you for inspiring me to get back at it. Here’s Tim McGraw!

I couldn’t fit the full video! But I tried haha! Day 2 of my Taylor Swift Cover resolution! #banjo
I’m cute and I’m cringe. Oh and I couldn’t fit the whole video because this story and song are all important, but you get to hear me try and fail to hit notes out of my range 😘 #taylorswiftcoverchallenge @taylornation13 @taylorswift13
Okay but maybe IM just a girl trying to find a place in this world @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 #taylorswiftcoverchallenge
Did I mess up at the beginning? Yup. But I love my cello and Cold As You is officially a cello song @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 #TaylorSwiftCoverChallenge
Here’s part two just cause I wanted a GOOD version of that verse in there. Cuts at my dog bumping into the table and knocking my phone down because this is a high budget operation @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
Ayyyye I tried! Song #6 y’all. It’s The Outside! Can’t believe I never played this song but I LOVE IT! @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 enjoy me trying not to cough and die because guess what?! I love y’all 💕
Sorry about day 6! Not sure what happened 😬but day 7 is special to me like @taylorswift13 I need to do this song better justice next time I’m not coughing like the old lady I am like THANK YOU FOR TIED TOGETHER @taylornation13
I cut it off where I cough cause I’m a classy lady but omg this song has stayed beautiful. @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 💕😘
You know what it is! Song #9, feeling relatively fine! This is Should've Said No (Tour Version Ending). I hope you like it! @taylornation13 @taylorswift13
Song #10 is one of my favorites 😭💕hope you enjoy Mary’s Song (Oh My My My) @taylornation13 @taylorswift13
Finally made it to Our Song! Playing through Debut has been a dream, and next up is Fearless!! Thank you @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
Ohhhh snap a mashup? She’s crazy. Happy Galentines! #IdLie #GreenDay #Mashup hope y’all like it @taylornation13 @taylorswift13 💕💕
Oops omg took a month off but I’m back! With really bad pollen allergies so hiiii sore throat and dry eyes. It’s fearless. @taylornation13 @taylorswift13
@taylorswift13 somehow this song still makes me feel like I’m fifteen and brings back memories of being in high school and dealing with bullies. Wish I could go back and tell myself what I know now! @taylornation13 #banjo
Enjoy a mashup and a sleeping puppy today @taylorswift13 ❤️wish I could fit the whole song on here but YAY @taylornation13
All those other girls, well they’re beautiful, but would they play a song for you?

@taylorswift13 @taylornation13
Okay where my white horse stans at?! Why is the second verse always so hard for me to sing and play?! 💟🦄 @taylornation13 @taylorswift13 #ukulelecover
Alright well I tried and it’s not my best but somehow my dog sitting right in front was everything @taylornation13 @taylorswift13 💕
This song means a lot in my life right now soo hiiii @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 I can’t breaaaaatheeee without you but I have toooooo
Sorry! My dog was doing something weird and I lost my concentration but TELL ME WHYYYY Is a gem! @taylornation13 @taylorswift13
@taylorswift13 @taylornation13 my dog is the sweetest thing that can rudely barge in on any occasion. Today is THE BEST DAY and I’m so excited for #TaylorSwiftApril26th #ukulelecover
Okay first off I wasn’t entirely on key but I’m still cute and passionate so YOURE NOT SORRY IS THE PERFECT BEAUTIFUL JINGLE OF THE DAY! Side note, my dog just barked at herself barking on the video. Love you guys @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 #ukulele
Sooo Come In with the Rain is out of my range but it’s both raining and a week till #TaylorSwifApril26 sooo I’m pumped and doing it anyway. #TaylorsSwift1Week @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
Omg it’s not my best but here I am READY FOR TONIGHT 💗 @taylornation13 @taylorswift13 #NextChapter
Guess we can add this to the discography, huh? 😍 @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 #MeOutNow #TaylorSwift
I’m back Forever and Always @taylornation13 @taylorswift13 also #BenjaminButtomAndME is the cutest thing to happen so far this era 😻
I trieeeed! I get points for passion? Anyway, @PanicAtTheDisco has always played a huge part in my musical upbringing. So this calls for a toast 🍞 #ukulele
Pretty sure I thought it was poison rationality when this song first came out and I still sing it like that 😬
Hiii today I mashed up @taylorswift13’s Invisible And @AvrilLavigne and sounded like a chipmunk. Someone buy me singing lessons. Anyway, I love these songs to death 💗 @taylornation13 #ukulelecover
I just realized how old I am because I remember when Umbrella by @rihanna cane out and the fact that baby @taylorswift13 covered it has me spinning. @taylornation13 #banjo
Happy first birthday to the #reputationStadiumTour 🐍💜we miss you, we love you, you’re always in our hearts. @taylornation13 @taylorswift13
Not my best but I’m SO EXCITED so I decided to Jump then Fall into this beautiful song @taylornation13 @taylorswift13
I’m in DISNEY WORLD!! So enjoy Never Grow Up while I somehow find a way to escape to neverland. #ukulele
Apologies, I just ate a PBJ and my throat is covered in peanut butter. But I love this song. @taylornation13 @taylorswift13
Where are my SPARKS FLY stand at?! @taylornation13 @taylorswift13 #ukulele #
I said remember this moment 💗💜 @taylornation13 @taylorswift13 #banjo
Here’s just a tidbit of what I do on a Saturday night (hint: it’s figure out Taylor swift songs on the cello!) @taylornation13 @taylorswift13

So nice revisiting my old friend!
Hi if you want to know why I do weird stuff with my mouth when I play cello it’s cause my 4th/5th grade cello teacher yelled at me for sticking my tongue up and to the side (it’s what I did while concentrating). Fun times.
Fun Fact: I’m so busy today that this is the look and my hand is drunk as a skunk so I changed a chord around but HI IM PLAYING ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS TODAY (I say that about all of them 🙃) this is MINE by @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 #guitar
Hey @taylorswift13 I think you should speak now 🙃
@taylornation13 #ukulele #TaylorSwift #CleverGirl?
@taylorswift13 I’m here for the #YNTCDanceParty 😘😘😘
Happy #13YearOfTaylor! What on earth am I covering today? @taylorswift13 this ones for you 💗 @taylornation13 #ukulele
Because #toystory4 is out now and because my best friend is the cutest 💗
Hey @taylornation13 did y’all know I’ve been covering all of Taylor’s music for my New Years resolution? I like this song and now that we know TS7 is Lover I can make unnecessary connections. Love you guys! 💗🌈 @taylorswift13
I have a LOT of feelings. But I just want to say I love and support @taylorswift13 so much. No one deserves to have their hard work given to a terrible person. I hope the sun shines on you, Taylor☀️ #IStandWithTaylor @taylornation13 💗
My anxiety was through the roof yesterday, so I turned to @taylorswift13’s Music. @taylornation13. 💗💗💗
All I can say is it was enchanting to meet youuuuuu @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
HAPPY #LastKissDay and happy birthday to my triplets @anndroo and @MegEHarris 💗💗💗

@taylornation13 @taylorswift13
I grew up with Elton John and Rocketman was amazing. So here’s some Crocodile Rock for all you cool lizard people 🙃 #ukulele
Real talk: this song got me through my long distance relationship when everyone else thought we were crazy. @taylornation13 @taylorswift13 #ukulele
Hotels and #Mandolins make for some great #ASMR apparently. I hope to cover this mashup in full someday when my dog isn’t being a nutbar. @taylornation13 @taylorswift13
Who knew WTNY could have a chill Beachy vibe?! @taylornation13 @taylorswift13 #ukulele
I almost cried three times filming this so hi @taylorswift13 I somehow kept it together. What’s your favorite line from #TheArcher y’all? @taylornation13
Time for some track 5 appreciation 💘 @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 #ukulele #alltoowell (also I’m strumming so hard my dog is bouncing and it’s making me craiii 🤣)
I guess I just can’t stop playing music today so here’s #TinyDancer on the #Banjo cause @eltonofficial still slaps hard so here we are @rocketmanmovie #Rocketman
Finishing up the Track Fives! This is AYHTDWS on the ukulele! I also played it on guitar and it wasn’t as good, but I’ll post it sometime!! @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
Just thinking about how @taylorswift13 is going to let us read her diaries and it got me reminiscing about when I’d stay up writing in my livejournal listening to Breathe (2am) by Anna Nalick every night @taylornation13 #ukulele
Okayyy bed time for real, but sometimes you get tipsy and make mashups of masterpieces @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
I’m just realizing it’s Wednesday, this couldn’t be more perfect @taylornation13 @taylorswift13 so I guess... on a Wednesday in a cafe, I watched it begin again.
Sad, Beautiful, Tragic is a masterpiece 💗 @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
22 days till Lover?! You know what that means 💗✌️✌️ @taylornation13 @taylorswift13 #lover
I’m sad that I have to leave this lake, but I saw a bald eagle and somehow that was everything. #iknowplaces @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 💗
I’m home. Back at work. The one place I wish I could be is Wonderland @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
This slope is treacherous 💗 @taylornation13 @taylorswift13
First off, singing and playing banjo is REALLY HARD FOR ME. Second, 1989 should have a whole cover album on banjo it’s beautiful. @taylornation13 @taylorswift13 #LoverAtMidnight
Literally what a beautiful song. #LoverOutNow so do yourself a favor and stream it NOW 💖 @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
Can one make the banjo as sexy as dress? @taylorswift13
That’s how it works. That’s how you get the girl @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 #LoverIn3Days
Yes, the banjo is sexy and romantic. It’s also sad and sweet. And beautiful. And innocent. @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
Those businessmen THOUGHT. They literally THOUGHT. And now @taylorswift13 is recording her old stuff again? Alexa, play look what you made me do @taylornation13 #TaylorSwiftIsNeverOverParty
Well because she mentioned it, I had to play YAIL @taylornation13 @taylorswift13 #LoverTOMORROW #LoverMusicVideo
Starting my #Lover covers! I was worried such a big album would make it hard to get through taylor’s discography by December 31st, but they’re all SO GREAT! Can’t wait to play them all 😍So here’s I forgot that you existed 💖 @taylornation13 @taylorswift13 #taylurking @treepaine
It’s raining, so this is how we’re doing #CruelSummer from #Lover @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
Anyone else tired of running as fast as they can? #TheMan @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 #taylurking
This song was actually really hard for me! The bridge is so fun, but I decided to keep it simple 💖 @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 #taylurking
The 2016 election hit me hard. This song slaps back though. @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 #taylurking
Sore throat? Hurricane coming? Best way to heal and prepare is to stream #Lover! My doctor said! @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
I had to be super quiet cause my bf is Skyping in the other room, but Cornelia street is one of my favorite songs and makes me so emo sooo @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 #taylurking
@taylorswift13 doing sad songs happy! It’s... death by a thousand cuts 💖 @taylornation13 @treepaine
1. I’m cringe at the beginning
2. This was the most fun I’ve ever had with a cover
3. Where did I get the accent? Probs some London Boy 🤷‍♀️ @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
Almost cried on this one. Lost the coolest uncle this year to a cancer, my grandma is struggling with Alzheimer’s, and my BFs little nephew is in remission. I think of them and mama swift when I hear this one. It’s too beautiful. @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 @treepaine
I was going to do all of #Lover on ukulele, but a song as erotic as False God deserves to be played on the sexiest instrument of all time. Banjo is the sexiest this isn’t up for debate. 🤠💖 @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 @treepaine
Sorry I’m congested!! But you can meet me in the afterglow, @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
Fact: It’s nice to have a friend is one of my favorite songs of #Lover. I feel both cold and warm when I hear it. How does Taylor do that? @taylornation13 @taylorswift13 @treepaine
Well I’ve officially finished all my covers from #Lover (still many more from 1989/red/rep to come), but Daylight is such a good album end. When things go wrong, you can still find love. I love you @taylorswift13 thanks for this beautiful album 💖 @taylornation13 @treepaine
Hey y’all my voice is mega weak (sinus infection? Just a sick bitch?) so SORRY IN ADVANCED! This is a State of Grace! @taylornation13 @taylorswift13
My reunion gave me a sore throat, so naturally I had to use my usual voice for a cover. Plus my parents have a piano so I had to take advantage before my flight. So like don’t blame me 😘 @taylornation13 @taylorswift13
HAUNTED IS THAT WITCH @taylornation13 @taylorswift13 @treepaine
I filmed this Friday!! Oops 😬 @taylornation13 @taylorswift13
I had a weird sore throat and thought “let’s try rap singing instead!” So here’s what ...ready for it? would sound like on a not-as-badass tropical I-I-island 🌴 @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 @treepaine
Inspired by @Lupita_Nyongo because she’s flawless and that scene was adorable!! So here’s Shake It Off 💖 @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
So CALIWATCHAWANT YUH CALIWATCHAWANTOOO @taylornation13 @taylorswift13
I was singing to my dog omg I’m too cute
I may not be in the fight for #LoverFest tickets, but I love @taylorswift13 and her gorgeous music with my whole heart. @taylornation13
I hope everyone is having a better day today. I didn't even try for #Loverfest and was stressed and chewed all my nails off after a two month no chew streak. WOW my brand. Here's Stay Stay Stay to brighten your day! Feat. Colette. @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
I’ve already played #AllTooWell so I can’t celebrate it trending or the tiny desk concert in that way. BUT I’m in such an autumn/RED mood so here’s everything has changed feat. Ed Sheeran (but it’s just me! Lol) at the tiny hammock concert! Enjoy!! @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
Cursed by I witch with a sore throat for skipping work yesterday, but I’ve been wanting to learn this on guitar since rep tour! So here’s Dancing With Our Hands Tied to the best of my abilities. @taylornation13 @taylorswift13
Yeahhh it was raining yesterday so I HAD to play this, but I also had ganache stuck in my throat so oops @taylornation13 @taylorswift13
Came home from a terrible day to a sick dog, so I lit a RED candle (called The Perfect Autumn) and played my dog some music in honor of #7YearsOfRED ❤️ @taylornation13 @taylorswift13
So I’m doing 7 DAYS of RED in honor of #7YearsOfRED so here’s one of my fave songs from the album. Literally emo @taylornation13 @taylorswift13
I can’t believe Debut is a teenager!! They grow up so fast. And I can’t believe @taylorswift13 has been in my life so long. She’s helped me get through so many of life’s trials, and there aren’t enough words to ever express my appreciation. @taylornation13 #13YearsOfTaylorSwift
I met Barbie on the boardwalk summer of ‘45💖 @taylornation13 @taylorswift13
I took a break this weekend to celebrate Halloween 🎃 and didn’t post for my 7 days of RED (or 1989’s fifth birthday), but here’s my rendition of Come Back.... Be Here @taylornation13 @taylorswift13
Happy Halloween, WITCHES!! Here’s IKYWT @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
Baby we’re the New Romantics, the best people in life are free 💖✨ @taylorswoft13 @taylornation13
I recorded four songs in one day, and I’m still not keeping up! Here’s I Wish You Would for all you Haylors freaking out about Harry Styles. @taylornation13 @taylorswift13
This song needs no introduction... are you UP for it? @taylornation13 @taylorswift13
And just like that, 1989 has been completely covered! Wow! @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
This song is peak mid 2000s! @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
I’m only me when I’m listening to @taylorswift13 😬 @taylornation13
In positive @taylorswift13 news: Here’s my attempt at #BeautifulGhosts from @catsmovie! Keep in mind, I have zero vocal range, but all the passion for this song. Stream it. It’s one of the best 💖 @taylornation13
It’s raining today so I just want to say I miss screaming and crying and kissing in the rain it’s two am and I’m cursing your name @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
So I had a tiny window to play, hence it’s RUSTY and yes I know it needs work, but I was in a banjo mood. But here it is! The final debut song! It’s Perfectly Good Heart! @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
Why is Change so fitting for the current SB2 issue? Was Baby Taylor psychic or was Fearless ahead of its time? @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
Why do I always want to mash this up with need you now by Lady Antebellum?! Like can a musician better than me do that someday? Should I do it? @taylorswift @taylornation
Playing a little This Is What You Came For 💖🖤 @taylornation13 @taylorswift13
Isn’t it isn’t it isn’t it delicate @taylornation13 @taylorswift13
Busy day today and I got the news about #ChristmasTreeFarm while practicing and lost my damn mind!! 💖🎄so here’s superstar cause I’m just a wide eyed girl that loves @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
I butchered this masterpiece but I had to play it because I love #ChristmasTreeFarm so 🎄💖❄️ @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
I was about to play another song, but my outfit and lipstick felt so rep era... so it goes.

@taylorswift13 @taylornation13
Safe and Sound is my absolute favorite song if Taylor’s. It’s beautiful and came to me when I needed it most. And today was so dreary I decided to cover it! @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
Another movie song! IDWLF on the banjo? And how about that *lovely* falsetto? 😬 @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
Ignore my sore throat but I just wanted to say #HappyBirthdayTaylor! Thank you for your music that got me through my hardest times and thank you for sticking up for people and being an amazing role model. We love you @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
My dog is crying, I’m wearing a horse sweater with a built in collar (thanks grandma) and I’m playing the other side of the door on the geetar. Basically the embodiment of all country music @taylornation13 @taylorswift13
Imagine if Babe by @Sugarlandmusic was played all happy on the ukulele! A concept. @taylornation13 @taylorswift13
Took a break to hang with fam and heal my allergies and cold and here we are right at the end! @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
To end my New Years resolution, I of course ended with the most epic tour close of all time! I’ve officially played all of Taylor’s released music. It’s been a journey. Thanks for all your support! Hope y’all will be feeling v gatsby this year! 💖 @taylornation13 @taylorswift13
Felt like playing music today, and I decided my favorite song off #Rare would be dope! So here’s Ring by @selenagomez. Ignore my voice. Stream Rare.
#OnlyTheYoung hit me in some special way. This song is so necessary in today’s political climate, and I’m so proud of Taylor for taking a stand. #MissAmericana @taylornation13 @taylorswift13
Okay after #MissAmericana I had to try ME! but sad (and on the banjo, of course). I’ve already played all my covers, but YAY HERE WE GO @taylornation13 @taylorswift13
And If my wishes came truuuue, it would’ve been youuuu @taylornation13 @taylorswift13 #folklore #the1
You put me on and said I was your favorite 🥺 @taylornation13 @taylorswift13 #cardigan #folklore
I had a marvelous time ruining everything 💖 #TLGAD by @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
You were my crown, now I’m in exile seeing you out 🕯 @boniver @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
My latest cover! Happy #folklorefriday #folklore
Mirrorball is a very emotional piece for me. @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 #folklore #folklorefriday #mirrorball
Hey! Just my little epiphany cover! Today is a good day! 💙😊 @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 #Folklore #folklorecovers
Just adding invisible string because there’s a few covers missing from this thread and I can’t find them! @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
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