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1. This thread was a response to the idea that we should put aerosols in the atmosphere. There are solutions we could be putting our energy towards: https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1066531206542483456
2. This thread was a response to questions about how to build soil. I look at the big picture what helps soil grow & end with a discussions about how towns & cities might be designed to help.

the thread https://bit.ly/2EVSemT 
a cleaner threadreader: https://bit.ly/2LZqIXl 
3. starting to work out some of the details of how we directly meet the goals set out by the IPCC 1.5 degree report. What does it actually look like to try to survive this? https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1074891857539153920
4. a fun post on perennial grasses and the necessary role of grasses over the next few years for carbon sequestration. If we want to meet the 10-year gold of 420 Gt this is a big part of how we do it. https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1071993648055672832
5. A post on coppices and pollards and how they can turn trees into powerful carbon-pumps. https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1080284751527694337
6. A focus on French genius Jean Pain as one example of the powerful energy generating & and soil-building power of coppice: https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1080640484190507008
7. My favoriate thread so far. A journey to learn about the wild and important ancestor of apples. The response to this post got me to establish a preservation and research orchard in northern Washington. https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1081284677673996288
8. This thread looks at something that really concerns me: rivers are incising& causing water tables to drain. A lot of Carbon is at risk from that process that doesn't get talked about much. https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1084178006128480256
9. This thread overviews the question of 'what technique for carbon sequestration and restoring ecosystems, where ?' https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1084566420132814848
10. This tweet was a riff on pattern and form in ecosystems and complex biological systems. Energy flow, Trophic levels, Pattern Formation, Fractals: https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1079497910545375233
11. This thread is about a time when the earth was much hotter and how a little plant helped bring us into an ice age & maybe how we might use it again now for the much smaller project of climate repair. https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1074383389032046592
12. This thread is autobiographical- it explains what i was up to in the late 90s early 00s and focused in on the organizing strategies we will need to move forward on repairing the planet. https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1091608126942371841
13. Seems like a good idea to explain terms and numbers. This thread looks like what ppm, Gt, tonne, soil OM etc, mean. https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1095375186159755265
14. I really think folks should listen to the Systems Scientist Donella Meadows so I compiled a thread of links to her talks. Maybe I'll write some summaries in the future. https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1102277919336849408
15. this one started with a book I was reading but then grew into sharing a dream I had years ago that lead me to more focus in world-helping: https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1098697773413625861
16. This is another book recommendations thread focused on complex systems, ecology, fractals, reaction diffusion. https://twitter.com/buildsoil/status/1105136966192881666?s=21
17. Here is a thread on one technique for composting toilets. https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1108778507566370816
18. Here is a thread that explores the word organic as a way to talk about soil fertility and the industrial ag alternative. https://twitter.com/buildsoil/status/1111388498047590407?s=21
19. Here is a thread specifically about some of my soil mentors. https://twitter.com/buildsoil/status/1111706655333347328?s=21
20. Some basics on how to make a functioning compost pile: https://twitter.com/buildsoil/status/1112783983564091392?s=21
21. This thread is about how to shift lawns to be deeper rooted and carbon sequestering https://twitter.com/buildsoil/status/1114305704100159488?s=21
Something happened to the link for thread 2. This is a thread on the broad landscape level approach to soil building called Keyline and how it could be applied to towns. https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1072242944835375104?s=20
My threading was weird so you might have missed this subthread https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1072279707142377472?s=20
22. Musing on some notes I have on gardens lawns and fixing things. https://twitter.com/buildsoil/status/1115692825331499009?s=21
A short thread on perennial vegetables. I could say a lot more about them. But gardens can be a mixed system of free-range veggies. https://twitter.com/buildsoil/status/1116840300599599104?s=21
24. Another short thread on the loss of soil organic matter in the US https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1114211765233913856
25. I feel like there is a lot more to say about Balinese ecosystem management. But here is a first go at it. https://twitter.com/buildsoil/status/1118945252692205568?s=21
26. Here is a thread where I go through some of my approaches to observing land for ecological design. https://twitter.com/buildsoil/status/1125649729675620352?s=21
27. Cooking food uses fuel and polluted indoor air this thread is about a solution that easily reduces energy and pollution. https://twitter.com/buildsoil/status/1128593906155679745?s=21
28. Over the month of June, 2019, I'll post about a different Permaculture Principle a day. This is where I'll link to those threads.
28:1 Ethics: https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1134917667238731776
28:2: Protracted Observation https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1135281165739233280
28.3: Work With Nature, Rather Then Against https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1135610022438662144
28.4: The Problem is the Solution https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1135964100737953792
28.5: Make the Least Change for the Greatest Effort https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1136337493253533697
28.6: Capture and Store Energy and Resources. https://twitter.com/buildsoil/status/1136680911628488704?s=21
28.7: Pollution is an Un-utilized Resource https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1137070064534867968
28.8: "Obtain a Yield" and "the Yield of a System Is Theoretically Unlimited, or, Limited Only by the Information and Imagination of the Designer." https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1137776460695867393
28.9 PLAN REDUNDANCY: EVERY FUNCTION SHALL BE SUPPLIED BY MULTIPLE ELEMENTS https://twitter.com/buildsoil/status/1138523396327714821?s=21
28.10 (i flipped these by accident)
STACK FUNCTIONS: EVERY ELEMENT SUPPORTS MANY FUNCTIONS https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1138125178842492928
28.11 WORK WITH SUCCESSION https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1138838973181120517
28.12 USE & ENHANCE EDGES https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1139212303260237824
28.13 USE VERTICAL SPACE https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1139561434210156544
28.14 USE SMALL AND SLOW SOLUTIONS https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1140045935512133632
29.15 (i wrote it wrong as 14)
EVERYTHING GARDENS https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1140319474798567424
USE RELATIVE LOCATION https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1140663147209973760
USE ON-SITE RESOURCES https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1141038878075179009
DESIGN FOR CATASTROPHE https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1141244607998545920
WORK IS AN UNMET NEED IN THE SYSTEM https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1142475501036081152
WHATEVER WE TAKE, WE MUST RETURN OR PAY BACK https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1142854297685618688
29.21 To wrap up the Permaculture Principle threads: a long thread going through a few score more. https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1151222244565143553
31. Here is a thread just outlining some reasons I focus on chestnuts so much. https://twitter.com/buildsoil/status/1156324192989487104?s=21
32. So want to help in many different possible ways to getting 1 million chestnuts planted over the next year? here is a signup so i can start getting people into groups/ https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1162670674764132355
33. A thread looking at chestnut evolution over large scale climate change connecting things i've written about the eocene with chestnuts. https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1164736330556776449
34. Thoughts sparked by 15 minutes of harvesting chestnuts. https://twitter.com/buildsoil/status/1180594298980458498?s=21
35. A thread on the layers of the biosphere we can immediately be working on right now that need our attention along side climate change policy. https://twitter.com/buildsoil/status/1216046323394199552?s=21 https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1216046323394199552
36. A thread on perfect compost.

This is from a while ago but never got pinned. https://twitter.com/buildsoil/status/1114658377538236416?s=21 https://twitter.com/BuildSoil/status/1114658377538236416
37. A thread telling two stories I learned from Gregory Bateson On learning. https://twitter.com/buildsoil/status/1253720483259756544?s=21 https://twitter.com/buildsoil/status/1253720483259756544
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