I just found out the mega project to develop Chongqing’s Chaotianmen Port Chongqing Raffles City is more then 80% complete! 😳 I thought it was a crazy project never gonna take off back in 2012. Check out Amazing Chongqing photographer Zhu Wenqiao on Instagram ( @wenqiao.z).
A bird's-eye view of Chongqing by local photographer Zhu Wenqiao on Instagram (wenqiao.z). You can see the Chongqing Raffles City under construction in the foreground between junctions of Jialing(Green) and Yangtze River(Brown). All these buildings didn’t exist in 1980s
Some say Chongqing is cyber punk. Idk is this cyber punk? Photo by Zhu Wenqiao (Instagram: wenqiao.z)
Chongqing was the wartime capital of WW2 China after Imperial Japanese Army captured capital Nanking and committed Nanking Massacre. From 18 Feb 1938 to 23 Aug 1943, Chongqing was target of Japanese terror bombing. Few buildings survived. Photo by American journo 4 Life magazine
Japanese Ki-21 bomber dropping bombs on Chongqing, China. 14 Sep 1940; note Yangtze River below
Source: United States Library of Congress
Tallest building in Downtown Chongqing until 1990s was the Liberation Monument completed in 1947 to mark victory over Japan
Downtown Chongqing in 1949 when Chinese People’s Liberation Army marched into Chongqing shortly after the establishment of People’s Republic of China
Chongqing in 1950s, early days of People’s Republic of China, during a political rally. You can spot the picture of Stalin and Mao
Downtown Chongqing in 1976, the year I was born. The Liberation Monument in city center build in 1947 still the tallest structure in the city
Chongqing in 1980s. This is my memory of Chongqing. Note the Liberation Monument in city center still tallest structure in the city
People of Chongqing in early 1980s. Some Chongqing women already very fashionable!
Public transportation of Chongqing in 1980s. tram, bus powered by natural gas bag on top, steam engine train! This was my memory of China when growing up there.
Most of Chongqing’s development happened after 1997 when Chongqing was detached from Sichuan province and made a separate municipality directly under central gov control. most visual change is around the Liberation Monument in downtown in late 1980s, 1999, 2001 and 2015👇🏼
1980s vs today: Chongqing Chaotianmen Port
Better contrast of Chongqing downtown around Liberation Monument: 1981, 1999, 2015, 2018

Last photo by Chongqing photographer Zhu Wenqiao (Instagram: wenqiao.z)
1960s vs today: Chongqing landmark Great Hall of People.

Great Hall of People started construction in 1951 and completed in 1954 under then 1st Secretary of CCP Southwest Bureau, Deng Xiaoping

Last photo by Chongqing photographer Zhu Wenqiao (Instagram: wenqiao.z)
From rubbles of WW2 Japanese bombing to modern city of today, people of Chongqing shoulder their burden calmly, sometimes with smile 😊
And this is what Chongqing local sounds like😂 https://twitter.com/CarlZha/status/1082761616859394048
Welcome to my hometown Chongqing.

H/t @iChongqing_CIMC with Video credit to 渝城馔客
concrete urban jungle of Chongqing, my hometown. H/t @iChongqing_CIMC Video by 渝城馔客
Midnight Chongqing via @iChongqing_CIMC
My hometown https://twitter.com/ichongqing_cimc/status/1091348165268103168?s=21
Not Bladerunner, just my hometown Chongqing. h/t @iChongqing_CIMC photo by A Yong.
Nothing to see here, just train going thru buildings in my hometown Chongqing. Via @iChongqing_CIMC
Chongqing downtown Hongyadong 洪崖洞 (pronounced Hong Ai Dong in Chongqing dialect) district. This was the site of old Chongqing city gate, now restaurant and entertainment area
My hometown Chongqing today as viewed by Brits https://twitter.com/21stCenturyFDR/status/1097286631885889541/video/1
Night view of my hometown Chongqing via @iChongqing_CIMC
My hometown Chongqing’s Riverfront Raffles city project near completion. Before you say China rip off Singapore. Know that this is Singapore’s biggest investment project in China. With the same architect Moshe Safdie who designed Marina Sands in Singapore
This is the famous bookstore in my hometown Chongqing, China 重庆钟书阁 https://twitter.com/maoshandizi/status/1104788821550411779/video/1
The “most beautiful bookstore” in Chongqing. 重庆钟书阁
Discover Chongqing from the young photographers’ angle. Via @iChongqing_CIMC
How the horizontal skyscaper - Raffles City would look like in Chongqing, China; and why it looks similar to Singapore’s landmark building (build by Singapore and same architect).
Horizontal skyscraper Raffles City, Singapore’s biggest investment in China, is now Chongqing’s new landmark. It’s almost completed
Chongqing shrouded in fog on Feb 12th, 2020 during #COVID19 lockdown
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