Qism’s by J.T. Wilde
Where We Go One We Go All -

This brief statement shows the bond of friendships and family all patriots must forge along their journey. It also binds US together when tragedy strikes and the people that are not UNITED want to turn against one another.
It reminds all patriots that even when it is hard to work in tandem, or alongside the people we love, We do it. The best lessons in life can be learned by sharing them. We will never experience every thing that life has to offer, but we can learn from those around us.
The #QAnon is a Worldwide movement that includes ALL cultures and religions. Our compassion must supersede our “beliefs” in order to truly embrace the meaning of “WWG1WGA”. There are many in the #QAnon movement that are Christian.
Christ’s most powerful words in my humble opinion were “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you”.
There is a higher place than this.
A place we are all brothers and sisters. A place where all of this fighting here we know is for one cause and one cause alone. The battle of “Free Will” is upon us more fierce than in our history as human kind.
Freedom and Truth are 2 simple things that Every patriot on earth can get behind. Freedom has no opposite once you have lived free. You simply are free and would die for it if challenged.
The forefathers of America created the first possibility for a country founded on these two principles (Freedom & Truth). In doing so allowed every peaceful and thoughtful man or woman to worship their God and live safe and free.
Creating for the first time in the history of modern man the possibility of heaven on earth or God’s kingdom on earth. That is monumental when you add the field of quantum physics, spirituality and thought.
A land where 10 generations have lived, loved and worked for their hopes and dreams. The love and the loss, all the evil and good that happens is natural for a child nation.
We can all look at our sometimes crazy lives as Americans and know one thing; our rights to be free was never threatened unless we damn well deserved it (At least us lucky ones). That simple phrase “where we go one we go all” has ancient in meaning.
It transcends “belief” and creates Unity. No matter what religion you are if you are Q you must re-evaluate your hatred of “others” religions and “others” beliefs for true freedom to have “space” to exist.
I understand how dearly some hold their faith. Faith can also teach us to love unconditionally and create harmony. Allow the space for people to just BE and miracles will happen. I am not sure that Q is real. I “believe” they are.
Yet, what they have taught me and shown me about the unity and strength of the patriots that fight for freedom and truth in undeniable, unforgettable and I am hanging on the edge of my seat for what is to come.
Our warriors can handle this fight with the cabal and DS our job as the #QArmy is to unite and keep the flow of communication and truth flowing like an ocean.... God Bless and God Speed

J.T. Wilde
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