“[W]oman..says #Trump took her virginity in 1994 when she was only 13 & being held by #Epstein as a [sex] slave”

“[L]awsuit..was dismissed over technical filing errors”

@davidpmikkelson @snopes - got more about this (see top link to @snopes article) yet?
#Acosta made confidential plea agreement not to prosecute #Epstein for sex trafficking ring in which #Trump allegedly raped a 13-year-old.

1 alleged victim: “I also had sex w/ #Dershowitz at Epstein’s..Ranch”

Conspiracy or not, stuff keeps checking out.
Helpful thread by smart lawyer @wamandajd here
I realize there are lottts of details, & it’s all convoluted & conspiracy-sounding. But every once in a while the stuff one can’t believe is, in fact, the truth. #TrumpEpstein #TrumpAndRape #Acosta #Dershowitz ..and more. Read 🔼 & 🔽 w/an open mind.
More about #Epstein and #Dershowitz
Edwards (victims’ atty) vs. Epstein: “Epstein’s..apology to..Edwards confirms the charges..leveled against Epstein on behalf of..child victims were true and..the retaliatory charges Epstein leveled against Mr. Edwards were..false”
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