"Widespread misappropriation of international funds, in particular from the IMF, laundering of money in collaboration with various mafia groups and embezzlement of the reserves of the central bank of Russia these are the real accomplishments of "The Family"." 1/4
2/4"We are up against the most wide-scale operation ever discovered and the 10 to 15 billion dollars of funds embezzled [by Yeltsin's entourage through a single New York bank] are but the tip of the iceberg. The deeper we dig the more we discover."

3/4"One midwinter night in 2008, Senator John Ensign, of Nevada, the chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Committee, was roused from bed when six men entered his room and ordered him to get up. Ensign knew the men intimately; a few hours earlier," https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2010/09/13/frat-house-for-jesus
"The C Street house was known to be associated with a ministry called the Fellowship, a nondenominational entity that sponsored the annual National Prayer Breakfast. But the Fellowship’s more significant work was its invisible ministry to political leaders,"
In the aftermath of Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula—the first forced annexation in Europe since the Second World War—Pat Buchanan asked a question. Taking to the column-inches at Townhall, Buchanan wondered: “Whose side is God on now?” https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/02/how-russia-became-a-leader-of-the-worldwide-christian-right-214755
Jeffress continued: 'It should not be forgotten that evangelical Christians voted for President Trump by the largest margin in history. For many Christians, President Trump's election not only represented God giving America another chance," https://www.christiantoday.com/article/forget-russia-collusion-claims-trumps-presidency-is-god-giving-the-us-a-chance-says-evangelical-leader-robert-jeffress/117579.htm
“The money from the traffic was tithed at the church that was built just for this function,” he said. “The owners of car companies gave up cars for drug transports. In all, 19 arrest warrants were issued on property in Itaquaquecetuba."
1/2 "-investigation by two Texas papers, the Houston Chronicle and the San Antonio Express-News, resulted in a three-part report revealing that over 200 Southern Baptist pastors, youth pastors and deacons were convicted or took plea deals for sex crimes over the past 20 years-"
Paralell thread #1 https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1161918680567025664?s=19
Paralell thread #2 https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1171125855910801408?s=20
Parnell thread #3 https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1091354895599443970?s=20
Paralell thread #4 https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1098647902098997248?s=20
Thread on the various Catholic sexual abuse scandals. It's interesting that neither this thread nor the one I've posted this in appear when I'm searching for "evangelical", "Christian", "Catholic" "churches" at least on mine using regular search. https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1035512130060144642?s=20
1/4 🥺

"Ensign has not directly funded any religious, educational or charitable activities in 22 years, the complaint said. No documents are provided to support this claim, which is attributed to information David Nielsen gleaned from working at the company."

"In a speech in March 2018, Caussé linked the church’s financial strategy to the “prophecies about the last days.” Just as the church maintains grain silos and emergency warehouses, Caussé said,-"

"-so it “also methodically follows the practice of setting aside a portion of its revenues each year to prepare for any possible future needs.”

Okay it's about high time I write another thread about Reverend John Hagee, CUFI & his apocalyptic death cult. If you don't know who Hagee is you might want to, because he's effectively a part of Trumps policy decision making.

So should we be worried that in the last weeks, largely unnoticed, numerous videos detailing how Trumps favorite Reverend saying stuff like; "Hitler was sent by god" & that "the blinding light of rapture is nuclear" have disappeared from the web?

Hagee has a mega church with hundreds of thousands of followers, leads CUFI and literally funds radical extremists to go settle in Palestinian territory. And openly states were living in the "end-times" where the rapture is the final nuclear war.

And so here's Trump today stating that it was specifically to please Hagees supporters, not regional allies, Israel or anyone else that motivated him to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. And Hagee has preached in favor of annexation for years. https://twitter.com/GenMhayden/status/1295501539268792329?s=19

3 things:

1) NO ONE SURVIVES A NUCLEAR WAR. And although I don't know about you, I don't think God would wipe us off the face of the earth just because US Nazis, paedos & traitors lost some of their massive privelige and were forced to pay taxes.

Priveliged elites have kept us under boot for decades, under the specter of a possible nuclear war. Using zealots like Hagee to scare the public into submission. But let's be honest, no one fears their own mortality more than those funding this guy.

Maybe the billionaires all buying nuclear bunkers & survival shelters these days are hoping to survive nuclear war. But it's as likely they're just trying to permanently dodge paying taxes. BECAUSE AGAIN, NO ONE ACTUALLY SURVIVES A NUCLEAR WAR.👇☠️
Trump wanted small nukes. Bush wanted small nukes and now the crazy doomsday cult rigging elections to start religious wars have got small nukes.

(2 articles imaged). https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1091349381712961536?s=19


Evangelical churches have been used for money laundering throughout the America's. The tax exemption status, the online televangelist PayPal donation systems. And the lack of a central bank...

CHURCHES MONEY LAUNDERING https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1153701832302182400?s=19

A bit of an odd one today. I've never even seen or heard about this group until today. So if someone does some deep digging and finds links to others in this thread then please let me know.
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