There is some crap that British educationists have filled in ur brain & i must clear.
HINDU GODS are NOT superHUMANS who sit at certain place of heaven and wear certain clothing.
Few examples (skip if u like)
Kali Mata- goddess who looks like a demon is cosmically BLACK HOLE. She destroys everything.
Shiva- integrated force of COLLISION OF POSITRON AND ELECTRONS in 7th astral layer only can stop her once she starts destruction
Ganpati- the god Dr. Zakir Naik likes to mock about- is son of Shiva. He is known for 'ghanatva' (density) of his voice in mantra chanting. That's why he is GANpati.
His trunk is for density and stomach for resonance. Ask a singer what singing 'by stomach' means.
Vishnu is pillar of living world. Brahma is vaikuntha lok as whole. The lotus stemming out of Vishnu's navel is seat of Brahma.
I won't go in much details today cos that's not the day's topic exactly.
It's unfortunate that these things are not in common knowledge already :-(
Our HISTORY books always start with Mughal invasion- as if hindu and Muslims were strangers before that.
Truth : Indo-Pak region was not only SHELTER for MUSLIMS, but HEBREWS as well.
There is a book called Bhavishya Purana which talks about HINDU king and PROPHET MOHAMMAD
The book has been carbon dated and was WRITTEN THOUSANDS OF YEARS BEFORE ISLAM ORIGINATED. (I am not bragging abt the greatness of Hinduism. U will understand my point by the end of thread though)
Here is the excerpt in English. READ CAREFULLY
In case u dont know, Prophet Mohammad spent last 10 years of his life in Medina.
Unfortunately, many of the facts have been DUMPED by GREEDY WAHAABIS.
(Wiki in pic)
Any muslim will feel like crying on seeing what they have done to GRAVE OF PROHET'S RELATIVES and his WIFE
MUSLIM Moroccan SCHOLAR IBN BATUTA (yup, the song Ibn e batuta was on him probably 😂) too has documented arrival of KING of CALICUT Cheman Perumal in Mecca.
He even built CHERAMAN JUMMA MOSQUE in Kerala i.e. OLDEST MOSQUE of Indian Subcontinent!
Those maligners of history are totally money minded. They have CONVERTED HOLIEST SHRINES into Public TOILETS , BUNGALOW of PARIS HILTON and what not.
Also, THOUSANDS of Muslims DIE in HAJJ every year and they don't mend the infrastructure. For them, Hajj= tourism revenue
Before i tell you WHY MECCA WAS A TEMPLE ; i must explain what it earlier was.
It was reigned by QURAYSH sect of Islam who believed in hindu gods. They also worshipped 360 IDOLS akin to nature worship in Hinduism.
However, Prophet and Raja Bhoj conquered it. They were 'Advait'
Advait vedanta practitioners do NOT believe in polymorphism of god and idol worship. That is why they BROKE all those idols.
However, Prophet showed 'mercy' upon one of those stones 'Hajr e Ashwad' which has been EQUATED TO SHIVLING. Hajr e Ashwad is still there in mecca.
I was not at all convinced with this assumption. So here are some more facts-
Hajr e Ashwad was STOLEN in 919 AD.
It was chronicled as a stone that floats on water, which fits the description of SHIVLING.
Contrary to what Western media will tell you, shivling is NOT GENITAL OF SHIVA.
Linga means 'pillar' , not penis. Sick 😤
Real shivlings were made of high energy dense METEORITES. They were so unstable due to their energy that water had to be poured on them to stabilise them.
Talking of stabilisation by pouring water, here is the structure of Kaaba- having WATER OUTLET.
Wahabis have tried their best to prove that it was to prevent rainwater accumulation... That's stupid because Gulf countries barely recieve enough rainfall to drink water 🤦
Kaaba is made in accordance to Indian VAASTU SHASTRA. SHIVLING is placed south east and mirrored North West "kanni moola".
For watering of Shivlings, COPPER POTS are used. Wahabis have placed those pots on inner roof now. Inner roof had NULL WATER OUTLET. Logic bro 😂
Due to non existential reasons, muslims are NOT ALLOWED to enter BEDROOM OF PROPHET MOHAMMED.
Want more reasons to hate them?
Saudi Arabia's Islamic affair committee issued orders to DEMOLISH green tomb- where Prophet's and Abu Bakr's grave is situated in 2007.
Just like in Hindu temples, you have to .
. go barefoot
. Wear white clothes preferably
. Move around Kaaba as in Parikrama.
If all those facts combined fail to convince u truth of kaaba, i don't know what will.
If their is one single most Advaitvaadi entity in Hinduism, that is Shiva who is represented by SHIVLING. And.... Here comes the revelation.
You have probably recieved the stupid message on whatsapp 'Abraham and Sara are actually Brahma and Saraswati. Notice the nomenclature bro!'
Creepy logic.
But i researched it anyway.
1. Saraswati has tributary 'Ghaggar'
Sara's maid is named Hagar.
2. Abrahmic community began as a group of priests just like Brahmins.
3. Megasthenius and Flavius Josephus note that they were from land of Calani from INDIA
4 Brahma's son Daksha was born from his right thumb. Abraham's son is named 'Benjamin' which means son of right hand
5. Brahma and Saraswati gave birth to child after 100 years of being together.
Isaac, the FIRST son was born when Abraham was 100 year old
6 Brahma's son Daksha has to be sacrificed just like Abraham offered QURBANI of Isaac.
But, that doesn't happen cos...
7. Daksha's head is replaced by a Ram's head
And Abraham actually sacrifices an animal-guess which one? A Ram!
8. Abraham did curcuitry journey along rivers i.e. pradakshina in Hinduism. Brahma is a find traveller btw.
10. Both are have healing powers, help poors & r defenders
Countries like Cambodia too have HINDU TEMPLES. Do you know what is the common feature? 'Paaduka' or footprint.
(Lord Ram's brother wanted him to be king when he was in exile. So, Bharat placed his paaduka on throne)
This stuff is incongruent to advaits
2300 years BEFORE birth of Prophet Mohammed, Labi Bin Akhtab BIn Turfa wrote a poem praising luck of the land of Indus to be choosen by God (in pic)
Another poem praises King Vikrama for PROTECTING ARAB 165 years prior to Prophet Mohammad
Lord Shiva is called 'Master of 14 Maroots' in Brahmanyak Upanishads.
Vedas say that out of them, 12 will be born as INCARNATION OF DEVATAS and 2 not.
14 kids were born in Mecca in 'Allehbait' (HOME OF ALLAH'S PEOPLE)
2- Fatima and PROPHET were not devas but messengers
In the end, I have to just restate a thing to a avoid stupid trolls.
P.s. : Many oversmart ppl wud tell you 'Hajr e aswad is just a symbol. It is not worshipped.'
However, 'Tanakh'- Hebrew Bible has clearly classified kissing a stone as idol worship.
Also, consider the fact that Hajr e Aswad was present on earth' since Adam and Eve's time.
And as NASA has proved, life on earth has originated from meteorite stones carrying DNA fragments getting enlivened by contact with water.
Still not convinced?
Mecca also has Abraham's footprint, which again is idolatry via Hebrew Bible.
Brahma temples too peculiarly have such footprints. Not only in Indian subcontinent, but in Cambodian temples of Brahma too, these footprints are preached.
'Allah' (a+l+ah) also finds it significance in Devanagari script as in vowels-
अ - आ - इ - ई - उ - ऊ - ऋ - ॠ - ऌ - ॡ - ऎ - ए - ऐ - ऒ - ओ -  औ - अं - अः
The three letters are EXACTLY first, mid and last ones.
They represent wholesomeness by being Masculine, feminine & neuter
ॡ rotated to 90 degree gives 'Om' in hindi.
In paratrisika vivran, ऌ is prithvi-beeja (of seed of earth).  In the Bible/Quran, God created man from earth (ie. prithvi).
'ah' is beej Mantra for Sahasrara chakra- outermost layer of aura in Killerean camera.
The person who meditates on 'Ah' rises to vaikuntha loka- i.e. above worldly bonds.
Om, when seen in mirror (laterally inverted) gives the number 786. Every Muslim knows the significance of 786.
It is a well known practice to do 'parikrama' around a Temple. However, it is NOT done in Shiva temple in wholeness. Rather than moving clockwise in a whole circle, HALF CIRCLE parikrama is done CLOCKWISE and other half is done ANTICLOCKWISE by returning midway.
Mecca has very well replicated it by a whole anti clockwise circumambulation rather than clockwise.
A correction gentleman- Benjamin is son of Jacob and not Abraham. It's my mistake right there :-(
India's connection with Arabs is an open secret.
THE WORD HAS ALSO BEEN USED FOR PROPHET MOHAMMAD ONCE. How can such people be 'enemies' of Islam?
QURAN says- On the day of judgement, Davis who have belief in God need NOT fear or grieve.
B4 telling me "Quran believes in one God only", please read my whole thread. I hate low IQ debates.
Quran also talks about a MESSENGER called KAHN, DARK SKINNED, born in INDIA.
Guess who? Lord Krishn.
Similarly Soloman of christians and many others are considered messengers too.
MERCURIOUS SHIV LING HAS BEEN FOUND IN VAULTS OF SOLOMON'S CHURCH by Templar Knights. As already mentioned, India is the ONLY ancient country which could solidify mercury.
Show piece hai kya?
Indians MUST understand that European languages have been stolen from Sanskrit word roots only.
Do me a favour by going through this article. You will be Shocked.
The word Vatican itself has been picked from word Vaatika- a religious center of learning and teaching.
As all christians already know, the holy city of Vatican serves that exact purpose only.
The problem with 21rst century devotees is that we are Not able to see grandiose scheme of god.
We associate mini rituals like namaaz,hajj,mantra,aarti as 'AtoZ' of religion.
Why makes you think that god wud be overobsessed with your method of devotion than your emotions?
Eg-Swami Ramakrishna Paramhans too learnt Islam under sufi teacher. He did Namaaz, chanted name of Allah through day and night.
He got divine realisation in form of vision of Prophet.
HOW YOU PRAY DOES NOT MATTER TO GOD, but to your priest who is earning at the name of religion.
Common sense: Just like hindus dont do Hanuman Visarjan and apply sindoor over Lord Ganesha, similarly, Muslims don't worship murtis.
Muslims may say they don't believe in any other god than Allah, but they don't understand that 'devtas' etc are just 'isolated components of god'.
13 feb 2019- pics of descendants of Saudi royal family are going viral. They claim to be descendants of Prophet Mohammed. Their lifestyle is nowhere close to Islam... I highly doubt whether they actually are descendants or have the Saudis fooled Muslims here too :-/
Consider these sanskrit linguistic routes-

Mecca = makhah = fire
Madina = medini = ground
Mecca madina = yagya bhoomi

Bakar= Cow in Arabic
Eid = eir = worship

Fitar = pitr = ancestors = ekadashi = eid ul fitr ?
So many word roots can not be coincidental.

Namaaz = namah + az = ajar ko naman i.e. bowful greeting to the one who never gets destroyed.
Kaaba was initially built out of a metatron (a hexagon made of equal sized circles)
All Hindus already know the value of hexagon or ‌‌shattkonn
I have already explained the actual meaning of several 'Gods' of hinduisms.

Vishnu avatars are descendants, just like descendants in Islam.
Devatas are cosmic allegories. Islam too has multiple cosmic allegories.
Most Non Sanatan Dharmis seem to frown upon the idea of division of labour among Devatas - "if God is the most powerful,why can't he himself handle all the tasks?"

Here we go-

. Mikail is the angel for rainfall, just like Indra.

. Ridwan keeps account of heaven,like Chitrgupt
. Maalik is the angel of hell, just like Yamraj

.Hazrat Izraael takes away dead souls to heaven, again like Yamraj

. Hazrat Michael is like Brahaspati

.Hazrat Jibreel takes messages from god to earth dwellers - just like Narada
And then, consider this.

You will need a calculator to figure out the quantity of these angels as total human beings in world are 7,60,00,00,000
And then,there is 'Baitul Mamur' - a place where 70000 NEW ANGELS ARE ADDED EVERY DAY - earth is at the very *least* 7000 year old. Each year has 365*1/4 days.

My calculator is gonna blast now.
Estimated wealth of Saudi family is 1 trillion dollars
I can expand this thread to 2x length if i like.
There are so many obvious similarities i have not pointed out even yet.

7 heaven and 7 hells of Hindu culture. Just like Islam.
Need i say more? Read mantra 2...
Maitreyi Upnishad-

Student makes a list of gods and asks his guru
"Which one is the best?"

Guru says
"Meditate on anyone you like.
Then start appreciating value of each of them.
And then, reject the individuality of each god and dissolve yourself into the whole"
Chapter 29, Verse 24:  “so naught was the answer of his people except that they said: slay him or burn him; then allah delivered him from the fire; most surely there are signs in this for a people who believe”

Just like Brahma again.
While Idk kuch about music, but Azaan is best sung by a practicioner of Raag Bhairavi.
Normal maulvis, being naive to Raag Bhairavi, sing Azaan like Himesh Reshamia furthering annoyance of the Hindus
And Allah has said, "Do not take for yourselves two deities. He is but one God, so fear only Me."

Quran 16:51

QURAN believes in the fact that MORE THAN 1 DEITY (DEVATA) may exist. But, god is one.

That is what Vedas have been telling too. Right? 🙏
"For centuries before Muhammad was born, Allah was the al-ilah (chief god) among the more than 300 idols in the Ka’aba. Allah was the moon god. Allah was represented by one of the idols in that pagan temple."
According to Quran, Indian Hindus have had their own messengers too....
Even if we ignore Cheraman Perumal Masjid,

1. Barwada Mosque at Ghogha, Gujrat was constructed before 623 AD and was broken and reconstructed after second Islamic civil war.

2. Palaiya Jumma Pali mosque of Kilakarai, Tamil Nadu was built in Tamil Nadu in 630 AD

3. Masjid Al Abrar of Srilanka (then India)

4. Ramjapur Masjid of Lalmonirhat, Bangladesh (then India)

Both of these were built contemporary to Prophet Mohammad as well.
7+8+6 = 21

. 21 has vital importance in Kundalini yoga

. The word 'the father' has been used 21 times in Bible.
(In Bible , the form of 'God' which is directly linked to human beings is called 'father' )
. The word Frankincense has been used 21 times.

Frankincense was a DMT stimulant. It was more costly than gold in Christ's period.
The Church initially tried to ban it because it was associated to Pagans, but later had to bow.

Frankincense is anti depression and anxiety.
While Europe was buying African frankincense , ancient Arab was hub of sea trade route emerging from the hotspot we now know as India.

As a matter of fact , Indian frankincense has been clinically proven effective against Osteoarthritis I.e. an headache to allopathy.
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