You are slowly realizing it has literally been years, maybe decades, since you ate any meal made without corn.
I absolutely guarantee you every meal you have eaten in the last 365 days has been made with corn.
Did you eat something packaged in a paper bag?
That’s lined with corn.
Did you eat something with citric acid?
That’s not lemon. That’s corn.
I am not joking about everything being made from corn
Cows eat corn, but milk isn’t made from corn, right?

Except, what is milk fortified with?
Vitamin D.

How does Vitamin D get in milk?
It’s soluable in vegetable oil then mixed in.

What is the vegetable oil made from?
Bananas aren’t made from corn, right?

How are bananas ripened?
With ethylene gas.

How is ethylene produced in the United States?
From catalytic converters using ethanol.

Where does ethanol come from in the United States?
I wish you could see the world the way I see the world.
Virtually all consumer vitamin capsules use active ingredients, stabilizers, or production stearates sourced from corn.
Surfactants in shampoo and dishwashing liquid are often chemically processed with corn glucose. Cosmetics are often corn. (‘zea mays’ = maize)

You use corn to remove corn from your dishes.

You take a shower and clean yourself with the help of corn.

You coat yourself with corn.
Corn is applied to cardboard boxes during production.

Table salt uses corn to help iodine stick to the particles.

Windex uses 2-hexoxyethanol, which is made from corn.
You live in a society whose every production industry is based around a government-subsidized chemical feedstock.

Corn is not a _food_.
Corn is a _platform_.
More commentary on how rich corn is for weaving a narrative of the American century:
Taber thread from her perspective on corn:
If you want to know more about the spread of corn than you ever wanted to, I recommend @CornAllergyGirl. She has to basically custom-make a lot of her own food and stockpile it. But it’s not just food. 
3D printing? One of two material options is PLA plastic, made from corn.

Tattoos? Ink liquid base is probably corn.

Frozen fish? Often glazed in a mixture of corn starch/corn syrup to prevent dehydration and oxidation, which polyunsaturated fats in fish are vulnerable to.
It doesn't matter if your fish is fresh from Alaska, it's getting processed and dipped in corn from the American midwest.
Ranch dressing? Does that have corn in it?

dextrose (corn)
Why does USA use corn syrup instead of sugar?
It's by design.

"import quota for sugar that limits imports to keep the price as high as possible for American consumers"
"US consumers and producers pay approximately three times the world price of sugar"
Some of this is also consumer demand for things that say “natural” regardless of merit. You know what’s natural? Corn. Make it out of corn and you can call it natural or plant-based. They’re not making plastic bags out of okra.
Another important addendum: This has nothing to do with a subversive conspiracy or GMOs.
Corn is a rich source of infinitely-flexible polysaccharide starch. The same thing with rice. Corn is dominant because of pricing not because it’s a single tentpole.
The fact corn is everywhere is a function of chemistry and incentive. You could do this with potatoes. They’re just significantly less productive. Corn is genetically special because it uses highly efficient C4 carbon fixation. Evolved naturally.
There’s no syrup in corn. It’s rich in starch, which is how you then make syrup. Rice is also rich in starch. This is chemistry. Again, Corn is a Platform.
No, Elizabeth. That’s not how this works.
Biodegradable foam packing peanuts?Corn.
(via @JayIsPainting)
Did you buy a “natural organic” mattress?
Soybean or corn.
Did you eat something made with baking powder?
That’s got corn in it.
Scientific literature on the use of terrestrial plants like corn to feed farmed fish
“is of utmost importance to reduce the presence of [fishmeal] in aquafeeds and replace it with plant-based sources”
Drank some 100% Apple Juice today.
Fortified with Vitamin C.

Which is made from corn.
I’m mentioned in The Atlantic and it’s an article about corn. This is not how I anticipated my life going.
There’s corn in a lot of beer
Thread on why beer has corn or rice in it
Mass-produced American marijuana will be grass clippings infused with THC made from yeast feeding on corn sugars.
Did you know “malt” in food ingredients refers to the process performed on a cereal gain, it doesn’t mean barley?

Corn can be called malt.
To bait wild boars, take a drum of corn, soak it in diesel fuel, and spread it on the ground. They are attracted to it for miles.
They started giving these at the work cafeteria today.

It’s made from corn.

You eat corn with things made from corn, with sauces on top made from corn, delivered in boxes made with corn, then wash the dishes with corn.

Do you understand what I am telling you.
“Oh this product is soy-based.”

with Xantham Gum

Societies for thousands of years have been based on its power. You will win wars. You will conquer kingdoms.

All it whispers, is to be your everything.

Corn is the real American God.
See this thread for some notes/corrections on this thread. I was wrong about the ethylene things, so bananas and Windex likely didn’t/no longer have corn components from that. Thanks @peroxycarbonate
Corn: It’s Everything ™
Kneel cowards
Jelly beans are manufactured by creating temporary moulds from compressed corn starch, that are then filled with corn syrup.
Corn. Corn. Corn.
The fizz in your beer is corn.
America is all corn all the way down.
People are starting to understand
Eating corn from packaging made with corn playing with toys that are corn
Corn is a miracle crop
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