1. Robert Nieves, assistant to these "Whistleblower Witnesses"...MAJOR NWO ILLUMINATI CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING CONNECTIONS

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2. Moynihan introduced Robert Nieves, sitting directly behind him. Nieves = BIG TIME DEA AGENT involved in the Contra Affair operations in Costa Rica, He's been implicated in many crimes and cover ups. He retired amidst a massive scandal. But that's not even half of it folks.
3. I found something EXTREMELY distressing. "To keep things brief, there's every indication that the IRT cell was working with or for the American Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Robert Nieves in particular. Nieves was a close associate of Oliver North and Joe Fernandez...
4. ...(CIA Costa Rican station chief 1984-1986) during the whole Contra affair (accepting drugs as payment for weapons). After he retired from the
DEA, Nieves continued to work with them at Guardian Technologies, a company that produced bullet proof vests. Some reports have...
5. ...stated that Mink Kok was in direct contact with Nieves."

Folks, this is quoted from an piece called "A Closer Look At Child Abuse Networks In The Netherlands And Belgium NWO Illuminati Freemasons".


6. That document shows a MASSIVE sexual abuse and sex trafficking scandal with children! Orgies with children, child pornography, forced sex slavery of all ages of kids. And, they're tying Nieves to it all saying he knew about it and did nothing. Maybe he's even involved?
8. I can't find much on William "Larry" Doyle. Lawrence William Doyle perhaps? May not be the same guy. But, why is there nothing on a powerful whistle blowing investigator? Q suggested 3 letter agency affiliations. Moynihan already admitted to being DEA.

9. Little side track here...apparently David Y McManis, the guy who sent that last letter to Doyle, developed an amazing career in the intelligence community. He's got 3 or 4 different titles in these credits, all showing NSA as primary employer.

10. At 2hr 10min mark you will hear the discussion on the whistleblowers who these guys claim to have worked with. The first person is Andy Kessel, former CFO of the Cfoundation. The second is an unidentified woman who the witnesses refused to identify.
11. Meadows pushed the men to share the woman's name but they refused, citing a confidentiality agreement they had signed. They claimed the 5th amendment, at Meadow's suggestion, and refused to giver the woman's name.

Was that the purpose of this whole event? To obtain a name?
12. Trying to get the whistleblower name, 2:13:00, Meadows throws out the name "Barbara Fishel" (spell?). I'd say by Nieves reaction that Meadows nailed it, but Moynihan immediately denies knowing Fishel. One listing for Barbara Fishel I found. https://www.hockaday.org/page/contact-us?letter=F
13. "History teacher Lucio Benedetto, who often jokingly tells students that he is a member of the Illuminati, confirmed that the teachers’ choice of dress was linked to this secret society. “It’s an Illuminati thing,” he said. “You wouldn’t understand.” https://hockadayfourcast.org/mysterious-red-and-black-trend-takes-over/
15. This article treats the whole hearing as a fiasco and lies about the statements given, numerous times. So, take it for what you will. It also attacks the men personally, linking their personal affiliations which is what I'm going now...and so does Q! https://washingtonmonthly.com/2018/12/14/rep-meadows-hearing-on-the-clinton-foundation-was-a-disaster/
16. What stood out to me is the author lists a C_A connection inside the law firm these two guys are from. Interesting? Perhaps. Conclusive? Not necessarily.

"Of the remaining five associates, one name caught my eye: Larry Johnson, former C.I.A. analyst" https://washingtonmonthly.com/2018/12/14/rep-meadows-hearing-on-the-clinton-foundation-was-a-disaster/
17. Meadows lashes out at DOJ near the end of this hearing. Starting at 2:33:30, Meadows gets heated and says he received a message from the DOJ which he states he does not believe, that the process of handling Moynihan and Doyle's claims they way they did was business as usual.
18. Meadows goes on to say that this is all looking like Huber wasn't doing his job or that he was choosing to ignore information into the Cfoundation. He gets pretty heated and says 3 or 4 times that the reason why Huber didn't show up is because he found out these two were...
19. ...going to be testifying and therefore would look unprepared if he wasn't familiar with their findings and evidence.

Now, I don't know to say on that. It would appear on all accounts that Meadows is really trying to get to the bottom of things with this meeting.
20. It is obvious though, when these two witnesses start detailing the crimes and the extent of the crimes, particularly by BC, every person on that oversight committee started holding their heads in their hands, looking anxious, and looking nervous. Coincidence? I think not.
21. Also, the crazy Ms Norton and other democrats lied repeatedly, falsely quoted the witnesses then tried to get them to agree, then criticized them for looking for a payout for their work! Does every democrat start coughing like mad when they're lying out their ass???
22. What was the purpose of this hearing? Meadows repeatedly smeared Huber. Are these "Witnesses" giving true testimony, or would following their "leads" be fruitless and purposefully time consuming, taking away from the real investigation? They do NOT appear to be reputable.
23. God Bless all, thanks for reading. Please R/T and share thoughts/opinions! - End

24. Found a new link to a small part of the article above that has been wiped from the internet.

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