Only those with a substantial trust fund are truly able to lead the socialist revolution- an article by Walker Bragman and Matthew Stoller.
Only millionaires like us are the true fucking revolutionaries who can overthrow mother fucking capitalism: a podcast by Chapo Trap House
Only by befriending white nationalists and appearing on tv with them and defending them in court, can you truly bring about anti-corporate socialism: an article by Glenn Greenwald
Only by lying about Democrats constantly and waging a war with them, can Bernie Sanders be crowned in 2020: an article by David Sirota & Ryan Grim
I can do this all day, because the absolute ridiculousness of wealthy white men claiming to be the true leftists in a country that is founded on white supremacy will never stop being ridiculous.
Only by chaining women to their uterus, will be get to our true progressive roots: an article by Elizabeth Breunig
Only when gays stop having icky sex, will we really be a socialist nation full of true leftists: another article by Liz Bruenig
Actually, gas taxes are neoliberal corporatist policy and Vladimir Putin is a good man: an article by by a white dude who is still somewhat comatose from the time Maxine beat him to an inch of his life.
Only by harassing women on twitter for having cocktails can we truly have a Sanders lead leftists paradise: and article by David Klion
Only by worshiping white men will we be a great feminist nation: an article by Nomiki Konst and Katie Halper
Getting rid of identity politics is the ONLY way to free black people, even if that leads to them not being able to vote: an article by all the white men and Candace Owens.
Only by having the dude who regularly beats his wife as Chief of Staff, can we truly ever fix this nation: an article by Chris Cilizza
Owning three homes is actually the most socialist way to live: a tweet by Waleed Shah
Teaming up with French fascists to fight neoliberals is what real leftists do: a podcast by the intercept
Only a multimillionaire like me, can know what the poor REALLY NEED, than Dolores Huerta: a quote from an interview with Susan Sarandon.
i want to add that, i ended up adding women too, because a lot of wealthy women cape for white supremacy.
We need to LIE about Beto so we can have free college, you dumbass neoliberals: a tweet by melissa byrne
The ONLY real way to be a leftist is to name search yourself on twitter and bring all your angry white male followers to any woman who DARES to criticize you: a tweetstorm by Glenn Greenwald and David Klion who are not at all emblematic of male fragility.
Lying for socialism is morally superior than telling the truth for liberalism: a longform piece by David Sirota
Socialism is best when centered around the upper middle class, not centered around the actual poor and lower middle class: another long form piece by another trust fund asshole.
My GREATEST enemy is Neera Tanden at CAP because white supremacy is actually not a real problem and neither is the patriarchy, but a liberal thinktank is. a tweetstorm by Josh Fox
Planned Parenthood is DEFINITELY the establishment and also we don't need them, because women OUGHT to be held responsible for their sluttiness: a conversation between David Brooks and Liz Bruenig.
ONLY by being funded by right wing billionaires can we be true leftists: cenk uygur on all mediums
Publicly calling queer women homophobic does not make me look stupid at all: Glenn greenwald on twitter weekly
It is perfectly ok to harass women on twitter and lie about them so long as it’s done by one of the feminist guys: Noah berlatsky.
I will call anyone who uses the term alt left a Nazi, but using identity politics instead of civil rights is actually just fine: a piece on New Republic by Sarah Jones who is not at all the type of person who attacks brown women but when they attack her back, she whines like a 👶
Why Bari Weiss is better person than Chelsea Clinton: an article by eve peyser.
It is a good thing when leftist pay for fake followers and use people’s images without consent, that’s hacking capitalism to bring about socialism: a very serious essay by Bhaskar Sunkara.
Not paying workers is true socialism: another long form piece from Sunkara at Jacobin
Hillary Clinton pays her contractors cos she’s a neoliberal bitch, I don’t because working for me is it’s own reward: the next Michael Moore documentary
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