The Trump coalition is bigger than the Republican coalition... When he is done serving his second term, the party may be gone for good... except they are more Trumpian. The Bush/Romney/Ryan style of playing Politics is going to take the GOP into extinction
Trump's appeal transcends the Republican base. A lot of his white collar Rust Belt voters (Michigan, Penn, Ohio) are Lifelong Democrat voters (Bill Clinton, in defeating George Bush turned them to Dem voters). They voted BLUE at the Midterms but will vote Trump in 2020
With no Trump on the ballot, these guys won't vote Red. Ever. Unless of course GOP Politicians are a bit more like Trump. I am not saying be brash or mad like Trump but be ruthless, result oriented and PRO WORKING CLASS people like Trump.
This is what the smug e-GOP don't get. They think they can win by carrying their Olive Oil hair around forming Polite. They also think they are better off without Trump. These clowns don't know that Trump is bigger than that party, and he is the party's saviour
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