Aside from some unfortunate aspects of the conversation, I think perhaps we figured out one of the possible reasons for the differences in estimates of emissions from animal agriculture.

Systems thinking based on life-cycle assessments, prioritizing the identification of causes.
It seems that the previous conversation didn't yield very much compared to the investment in time, effort and externalities. Kinda like animal agriculture. ☹️

Perhaps we can unravel the silver bullet fallacy? 🤔
Being disrespected by a prominent scientist was one of the externalities of that conversation. One will note the contrasting tone of my response.

I hope this current effort results in something more useful, interesting and accurate.
Here is another thread where a climate scientist, who's department is funding is possibly a conflict of interest, attempted to dismiss and obfuscate the impacts of animal agriculture and accuse #vegan and #plantbased advocates of the silver bullet fallacy.
#Science, it's what's for dinner.
One example of what it looks like when you refute the central argument with SCIENCE! and no evidence of updating or acknowledgement happens.

If nonsense falls in the interweb, does the tweet make a sound?
I spoke truth and made a red herring pun. Now if everyone would please be so kind as to stop murdering all the fishes, destroying the ocean, and generally stop committing ecocide because you're too selfish and stubborn to change, that would be great.
This will probably get ignored, and people will continue to degrade their lands behind the shield of tradition, blame all their woes on outside forces, and turn a blind eye to their own generational lifestyle and cultural contributions to the situation.
It's an ongoing problem, and we are out of time for this nonsense.

Climate scientists who continue to deny, downplay, and dismiss the impacts and emissions of animal agriculture are complicit in undermining viable #ClimateSolutions.
Tell me that one again, about how we should just ignore entire emissions sectors when they challenge our personal preferences, and highlight our inability to think in terms of interconnected systems.

Because that still seems like a very bad idea to me. 🤔
Loping this thread through the meta-thread for the lolz.

I've studied sustainable solutions in energy, agriculture, transportation, and architecture for over 30 years. The delay and denial has been happening far longer than that.

People are too stubborn.
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