I promise to come online everyday and tag @aniruddha_r Sir to bring back JenShad with a new even better story.. on another channel that deserves them!
Promise Day 9: The first Monday in 8 months which I'm not looking forward to... Not waiting for the clock to strike 10.30pm. Feeling totally lost.

Please bring back our sukoon @aniruddha_r sir. Please bring back our #JenShad!

Promise Day 10: I'm dreading each day of this week .. please @aniruddha_r sir you are our only hope to bring back #JenShad & give us the chemistry we have been deprived of. We know the rule of no repeat ITV jodi's but we need you to be the one to break that trend!! 🙏
Promise Day 12: @aniruddha_r sir, fans are fighting hard, sacrificing sleep & voting for #JenShad, searching for happiness in small bts clips & past photos. But only you can give this huge fandom immense happiness by bringing them back onscreen together! Please 🙏 #Bepannaah
Promise Day 13: A whole week without our gem, the only thing keeping us going is voting for our #Adiya ... @aniruddha_r sir how long will we have to keep finding excuses to fill our forever void? Please bring back our #JenShad , we need you to 🙏 #Bepannaah
Promise Day 14: @aniruddha_r Sir nothing to look forward to next week & this feeling of emptiness will remain until we get our #JenShad back. Please Sir bring them back together soon! 😔

Promise Day 15: @aniruddha_r sir here we are trying to find happiness in small clips at personal gatherings... the craze for #JenShad is real, there is so much they have to offer which has been snatched away from us. Please bring them back together.

Promise Day 16: The fact that Ani sir never denied #Bepannaah's second season & said he will talk about it afterwards, during the last live chat gives me a reason to live & hope everyday. Please @aniruddha_r sir bring #JenShad back!

#JenniferWinget #HarshadChopda
Promise Day 17: @aniruddha_r sir, fans have voted like crazy these past few days for #Bepannaah & for #JenShad to give them their deserved due.
But we also really deserve to see them both together on our screens again. Please make it happen soon 🙏
Promise Day 18: @aniruddha_r Sir, I hope after yesterday you are super proud of #Bepannaah, & doubts if any about it being a MASTERPIECE & fans love for it has been cleared

Please give us our #JenShad back be it in form of S2 or a new story altogether. We deserve to see them! 🙏
Promise Day 19: @aniruddha_r sir, so yesterday we fans managed to trend #BringBackBepannaah & we hope our efforts didn't go unnoticed. Please, fans want to see #JenShad back on their screens & see the full magic the team had to offer. And only you can make it happen 🙏
Promise Day 20: What's 'bittersweet' is to see the amount of praise #Bepannaah is getting still yet our show had to go off air abruptly. More bitter than sweet. Please @aniruddha_r sir bring back our gem! #JenShad
Promise Day 21: @aniruddha_r Sir, best director, best show, best actor, best jodi, & 2 full weeks without #Bepannaah later we all are still waiting to hear you say you're going to bring back our #JenShad.
Nothing else can fully fill void of losing our show. Please 🙏
Promise Day 22: And yet another award for #Bepannaah ..Male Actor of the Year, for a show that was tampered with, ran for only 8 months, & was telecasted at multiple/wrong timings.
@aniruddha_r Sir our show deserved to stay, we deserved more of #JenShad & the story! Pls comeback
Promise Day 23: @aniruddha_r sir, week 3 starts with no #Bepannaah and the pain is real. Monday's aren't something I look forward to anymore & I bet many would agree. Please bring our #JenShad back, we at least deserve them in a complete story. 🙏
Promise Day 24: I'm out of words today. I don't know how to express anymore how much #Bepannaah means to us & the incomplete feeling we feel. Also the pain that we may never see the #JenShad pairing & the chemistry we deserved to see. Please @aniruddha_r sir.. bring them back! 🙏
Promise Day 25: Today would mark 9 months of our #Bepannaah ; the show that had a solid script of 12-15 months, all snatched away from us too soon. Please @aniruddha_r sir bring back our show & our #JenShad 🙏
@jenwinget @ChopdaHarshad
Promise Day 26: And today would have marked 200 episodes of our beloved #Bepannaah ; we should have been rejoicing over a beautiful story, getting pics of celebrations 💔. Please @aniruddha_r sir give us back our #JenShad 🙏
Promise Day 27: The buzz for #JenShad is real; compliments about their chemistry & also how beautiful of a show #Bepannaah was makes me super proud to have been on this trip from day 1. Please @aniruddha_r sir bring them back 🙏 We want to prove our choice was never wrong!
Promise Day 28: @aniruddha_r sir, we are fighting & expressing our pain through all ways we know. Yesterday we trended #BringJenshadBack , please don't let our voices go unheard. Please bring them back! 🙏 #Bepannaah
@jenwinget @ChopdaHarshad
Promise Day 29: Someday I hope the #Bepannaah team decides to regather & comeback on a better channel & show the world they won't allow an unprofessional channel to steal what they intended to deliver. That or at least #BringJenshadBack .... @aniruddha_r @jenwinget @ChopdaHarshad
Promise Day 30: At a loss of words today. Just wanted you to know @aniruddha_r sir that we all are still praying that you #BringJenshadBack and soon.

Promise Day 31: So today is Christmas & we want you @aniruddha_r sir to be our Santa...our only wish is for you to bring our #JenShad back onscreen together!

Merry Christmas @jenwinget @ChopdaHarshad & Ani Sir.🎄

Please make it Merry for us too! 🙏 #Bepannaah #BringJenshadBack
Promise Day 32: Jennifer is the only Indian actress to have been nominated for the 'Asian Drama Awards' & yesterday Harshad won 'TV Personality of the Year' ...

These two are a deadly combo yet we saw so little of them. @aniruddha_r Sir please #BringJenshadBack

Promise Day 33: With each passing day, I hope that this will be the last day I have to write these "promise tweets", with hopes that we will get news of getting #JenShad back by the end of the day. Pls @aniruddha_r sir ... #BringJenshadBack 🙏

Promise Day 34: They say with time everything heals, but here each day our pain increases knowing how unfairly our show was treated; justifying why our show deserved to stay to closed ears. Please give us the justice we all deserve @aniruddha_r sir... #BringJenshadBack 🙏
Promise Day 35: They lived their characters & we lived it with them. To have Jennifer & Harshad in one frame was nothing less of a blessing. A blessing we hope we are blessed with again, soon. @jenwinget @ChopdaHarshad @aniruddha_r

Please #BringJenshadBack soon.

Promise Day 36: Today marks exactly 1 month since our #Bepannaah went off air, and yet the pain & void remains.
We still remember you saying.. 'we'll talk after Nov. 30th', we are waiting @aniruddha_r sir.

Please #BringJenshadBack 🙏
Promise Day 37: Who knew the best & worst thing about 2018 would be caused by the same thing?!

Best: It starting.
Worst: It ending.

On the last day of 2018 all I pray is in 2019 we get them back... @aniruddha_r sir pls #BringJenshadBack

@jenwinget @ChopdaHarshad
Promise Day 38: Never imagined we'd be entering into 2019 without our #Bepannaah

But hopeful that this year is on our side and we will be blessed with #JenShad together again on our screens!🤞

@aniruddha_r sir shuru se shuruwat karen, please? ❤️
Promise Day 39: #JenniferWinget won Best Asian Drama Actress & #Bepannaah came at No.34/40 in Best Asian Drama (only Indian actress/show to be nominated)

Just adds to the list of achievements for a show that ran for 8 months.

We deserve more @aniruddha_r sir
Promsie Day 40: @aniruddha_r sir, hoping what awaits us is really awesome... Endless hours of voting/trending/calling/etc, I hope our efforts don't go in vain.

After the injustice, may we win this battle & prove our love was THAT strong! #BringJenshadBack #JenShad #Bepannaah
Promise Day 41: @aniruddha_r, I wish we knew exactly what we have to do to have our voices be heard. I wish everyone could see how much we've been through in this past month.

With the little attempts, I hope we are going in the right direction to #BringJenshadBack

Promise Day 42: @aniruddha_r sir, the pain of our show being ended prematurely will always be #Bepannaah (endless). But our souls atleast deserve the "sukoon" of having #JenShad back onscreen together. Please #BringJenshadBack 🙏
Promise Day 43: We won another small victory of 'Romantic Jodi of 2018' yesterday just continuing to show that we haven't let go & we won't until we #BringJenshadBack .

Please help us @aniruddha_r sir! 🙏

#JenShad #JenniferWinget #HarshadChopda #Bepannaah
Promise Day 44: @aniruddha_r sir, a show who's concept revolved around second chances deserves a second chance! If not #Bepannaah S2, then please help us to atleast #BringJenshadBack , we deserve to see their chemistry which was snatched away from us. #JenShad
Promise Day 45: @aniruddha_r sir we are praying you do have some good things in store for us and have planned to #BringJenshadBack 🙏

We deserve to see the full chemistry of the pairing that continues to rule hearts ❤️ #Bepannaah #JenShad
Promise Day 46: I thought as the days go on the pain of losing #Bepannaah & not seeing the full potential of #Jenshad would decrease, but it seems to be increasing as the days go by.

Please @aniruddha_r sir... #BringJenshadBack 🙏
Promise Day 47: @aniruddha_r sir, we hope whatever you plan in the near future, you keep your fans in mind. We hope you do consider casting #Jenshad together for your next, as we'd love to the full potential of this duo along with the magic of your direction❤️

Promise Day 48: @aniruddha_r sir, from endless tweeting of #BringJenshadBack to reach 1M tweets, to voting for #JenShad in multiple polls & as best jodi, to requesting day after day to higher authorities, our fandom is trying. Please help us in bringing them back. 🙏 #Bepannaah
Promise Day 49: And we hit 1 Million tweets for #BringJenshadBack yesterday, just another way of us showing we love them immensely & won't let them go.

Please @aniruddha_r sir, help us bring them back. #JenShad #Bepannaah
Promise Day 50: I remember many times I would be excited for the clock to tick 10.30pm, only to realize it's a weekend & get upset & hope for Monday to come soon.

And now.. I don't even have a Monday to look forward to 💔.. Please @aniruddha_r sir #BringJenshadBack
Promise Day 51: We continue to vote like crazy for polls, be it for #JenShad individually or #AdiYa / #Bepannaah . Yesterday we won 3 more polls & we will continue to fight until we #BringJenshadBack .
@aniruddha_r sir don't let our efforts go to waste. Please help us 🙏
Promise Day 52: First Mumbai, then India and then Worldwide! We are trying to prove day after day that we won't be giving up. Hope our voices are heard by those who have the authority to make it happen! @aniruddha_r sir #WeDemandJenShad
Promise Day 53: Not much to say today. Just want to remind you that I will keep this promise thread going until we get our #JenShad back. Hope you help in bringing them back @aniruddha_r sir. Also praying I don't have to continue this thread for long ❤️ #WeDemandJenshad
Promise Day 54: @aniruddha_r sir we are trying to make our voices reach to you and to those who can bring our #JenShad back! Please don't let our efforts go to waste. #Bepannaah #WeDemandJenshad
Promise Day 55: Yesterday we slayed & how! We miss them & want them back!

Also btw introducing yet again the Best Actor/Actress: Mr. #HarshadChopda & Ms. #JenniferWinget for #Bepannaah

& trended Nationwide with FIVE hashtags! Nothing much. #JenShad #JenshadWonLionsGold
Promise Day 56: And with each passing day the pain and missing increases....

Today would have marked 10 months of #Bepannaah , the same show we loved but was snatched away from us abruptly.

@aniruddha_r sir please at least bring our #JenShad back 🙏
Promise Day 57: Praying no fandom has to go through what we did. After showering #Bepannaah love from the start till the end & even post that, yet our voices seem to be going unheard by those who can make change.

Please @aniruddha_r sir help us or at least guide us 🙏 #JenShad
Promise Day 58: @aniruddha_r sir another day, another reminder that we won't give up until we get #JenShad back.

We miss them dearly and we hope you are planning to bring them back very soon!! #Bepannaah
Promise Day 59: @aniruddha_r sir, Harshad & Jennifer are & always will remain a 'Dream Pairing'.

Two super talented actors who made us live the characters with them & together their chemistry is UNMATCHABLE. We deserve to see #JenShad together again. #Bepannaah
Promise Day 60: Again at a loss of what more to say. The pain and void remains and will continue to until we get our #JenShad back.

Please help us @aniruddha_r sir and see the efforts we are making to be heard. 🙏 #Bepannaah
Promise Day 61: You gave us a beautiful story, an amazing supporting cast, & #JenShad ❤️

We can never thank you enough for it @aniruddha_r sir. But it was all taken away from us too early. Please bring JenShad back along with a new magical story to fill this void. 🙏 #Bepannaah
Promise Day 62: I wish there was a parallel universe in which the audience mattered & not TRPs. A place where real talent was given respect.

#Bepannaah showed us many parallels, please @aniruddha_r sir show us that good does exist. Bring #JenShad back. 🙏
Promise Day 63: Because we won't give up, because we have faith in second chances, because our love for them is truly #Bepannaah...

Please @aniruddha_r sir, be it a S2 or a new show altogether but please bring our #JenShad back! 🙏
Promise Day 64: @aniruddha_r sir #Bepannaah has never been 'just another show', it was an emotion that so many ppl felt, lived through, & hope they can feel again.

The way #JenShad made us live the characters with them was EVERYTHING. We deserve their chemistry onscreen again!
Promise Day 65: @aniruddha_r sir, during the last live chat with the whole #Bepannaah team you were asked about S2 or a #JenShad comeback. You said you would talk about it after Nov. 30th.

Sir, it's been 2 months since that day.

Please give us good news! 🙏 #WeDemandJenshad
Promise Day 66: @aniruddha_r sir, just wanted to remind you today again that we're not giving up until we get them back!

Please help us & give us the answers we have been desperately waiting for since November 30th! 🙏 #JenShad #Bepannaah #WeDemandJenShad
Promise Day 67: Today marks 2 months since our #Bepannaah was snatched away from us, yet the love for the show and the prayers to have #JenShad back onscreen together again have not stopped & will never die down.

@aniruddha_r sir, please help us bring them back! #WeDemandJenshad
Promise Day 68: #Bepannaah was a beautiful story, but what made it touch the soul was the performances by #JenShad & their chemistry.

Unfortunately we didn't get to see the untampered story, but we do deserve JenShad back.
@aniruddha_r sir pls make it happen #WeDemandJenshad
Promise Day 69: @aniruddha_r sir, more than 2 months since our show has been gone yet each picture, video clip, interview both on & off sets of #Bepannaah brings a smile to our faces followed by immense pain that it was taken away from us all too soon!
#JenShad #WeDemandJenshad
Promise Day 70: I wake up with hope that I will come online and see news that our #JenShad are coming back & each night I sleep with sadness yet prayers for the next day.. it's a #Bepannaah cycle.

Please @aniruddha_r sir bring them back 🙏 #WeDemandJenshad
Promise Day 71: @aniruddha_r sir, I hope you are planning something special for us fans who have loved and supported #JenShad & #Bepannaah from the day they saw the promos.

I hope you help us make those people who ruined our show realise the gem they lost. #WeDemandJenShad
Promise Day 72: Since the day the news of the show going off-air came, millions of fans have been fighting non-stop (trending/voting/calling/or keeping the buzz alive).

We all deserved & still deserve better @aniruddha_r sir. Please help us. #JenShad #WeDemandJenShad #Bepannaah
Promise Day 73: @aniruddha_r sir, there will never come a day where I'll regret investing my time & love towards #Bepannaah.

It was & always will be cherished.
Just hope we get to witness #JenShad together again, we deserve that at least. Please help us! #WeDemandJenShad
Promise Day 74: Who knew a show that ran for just 8 months could steal millions of hearts.

@aniruddha_r sir #Bepannaah was like our 1st love that broke us but gave us some beautiful memories forever & we deserve a 2nd chance at love with a #JenShad comeback 🙏 #WeDemandJenshad
Promise Day 75: There are days where 280 characters are too less to express what I feel & also days where I'm at a loss for words.

But what remains constant is the PAIN.
The pain of losing our show...of not seeing the full chemistry of #JenShad.
#WeDemandJenshad #Bepannaah
Promise Day 76: One of those 'at a loss of words' day for me.

Just wanted to remind you again @aniruddha_r sir that we are waiting for the answers you promised more than 2 months back. Please give us some sukoon! #JenShad #WeDemandJenshad #Bepannaah
Promise Day 77: There isn't a day where I wake up & one of the 1st thoughts that come to mind is about our show & how we were robbed of #JenShad. It's weird how a TV show could impact so many lives.

People say 'you'll get over it'.
I beg to differ, this one is #Bepannaah
Promise Day 78: Another week coming to an end, with nothing to look forward to on Monday. I miss our show, I miss seeing #JenShad light up our TV screens.

Please @aniruddha_r sir help us bring them back together again. #Bepannaah #WeDemandJenShad
Promise Day 79: #Bepannaah was so close to our hearts yet we never got to witness it in its entirety.
But it did make us believe in second chances, hence we deserve a second chance to see #JenShad on our screens together again. Please help us @aniruddha_r sir 🙏 #WeDemandJenshad
Promise Day 80: Trending is not easy, it takes a lot to bring people together & make it work. Luckily our #Bepannaah
fandom is united & will remain so!🤞

We do it in hopes that our voice will be heard by those who can make it happen.

Trended Nationwide #CastJenShadTogether ❤️
Promise Day 81: @aniruddha_r sir, we miss #JenShad and pray everyday that we will get some positive news or at least answers from your side that you had promised us.

Please help us bring them back! #Bepannaah #CastJenShadTogether
Promise Day 82: It's Valentine's Day, a day where LOVE is celebrated, something #JenShad made us believe in when portraying #AdiYa.

Hoping we're showered with some love today after all the pain in the past few months.
@aniruddha_r sir please answer our questions 🙏 #Bepannaah
Promise Day 83: Something that I pray never dies down in us is our hope, our hope to get the justice we deserve, the hope to get back our #JenShad who we have spent sleepless nights fighting for.

Please give us some sukoon in the form of answers @aniruddha_r sir 🙏 #Bepannaah
Promise Day 84: We have been showered with a small light of hope yesterday. I just pray it's what we have been fighting for.

Please bring them back TOGETHER.
@aniruddha_r sir 🙏
Promise Day 85: There isn't a day that goes by where you two aren't missed immensely. Please grace our screens once again together very soon!

& @aniruddha_r sir please help us make our wish possible 🙏 #JenShad #Bepannaah #CastJenshadTogether
Promise Day 86: Of the very few things I refuse to lose hope on ever, I'm glad you two have a place reserved there. Thank you for giving us beautiful moments & for making us believe in second chances...

Hoping we get our second chance at seeing you two again #JenShad #Bepannaah
Promise Day 87: Today would have marked 11 months, a reminder of how confident the #Bepannaah team was about the show & said there's a solid 15 months script.

Upset it's gone, but grateful we witnessed a small portion of this masterpiece! Now praying for a #JenShad comeback 🙏
Promise Day 88: I don't think there's much to left to say now in these promise tweets that I haven't already said, just hope I won't have to continue this thread for long.

@aniruddha_r sir pls help us bring #JenShad back... for those millions of fans who love them dearly 🙏
Promise Day 89: I wish what mattered was what viewers want not rigged numbers. That the ideology that ITV pairings can't be repeated was thrown away

You brought change @aniruddha_r sir by a story that wasn't the typical 'saas-bahu'. Pls bring change again. Bring #JenShad back🙏
Promise Day 90: Our undying love for #JenShad is what keeps us hoping that our prayers will be answered soon.

Please help us @aniruddha_r sir 🙏❤️
Promise Day 91: Waking up daily to different rumors about various projects & though there's immense happiness that these 2 talented souls will light up our screens again, a wish & prayer to see them together & their chemistry properly remains constant.

#JenShad #Bepannaah ❤️🙏
Promise Day 92: The meaning of #Bepannaah is endless and that is exactly what our love for #JenShad is. It's endless & we will pray & fight till our last breath for them to return together on our screens. Because we deserve to see their chemistry fully.

Promise Day 93: There are times where I sit & think what would it have been like if we still had our show & then there's immense pain followed by it that maybe we may never see the full chemistry between #JenShad.

I hope our prayers bring change. That it brings them back.
Promise Day 94: Today just a prayer. A prayer that the hours spent day & night week after week, month after month by fans who just want to see a complete show with #JenShad is fulfilled.

May we never lose hope & may our hard work & wishes be heard. #Bepannaah
Promise Day 95: Everyday I wake up with you two to be the first thing that crossed my mind.

You stole millions of hearts which today have been left shattered. Please comeback together soon #JenShad #Bepannaah
Promise Day 96: Each day I try to make these promise tweets as meaningful as possible hoping they convey our emotions. Yet words fall short to express the inner turmoil at times.

The void is real & it will remain until we get #JenShad back. Bring them back please! #Bepannaah
Promise Day 97: It's March, the month our #Bepannaah aired & #JenShad blessed our screens, who knew a year later we would have lost such a beautiful story that deserved a proper closure.

I hope this month brings us luck in the form of their comeback together 🙏
Promise Day 98: Still reminiscing the day when I first saw the promo for #Bepannaah on TV, I was instantly hooked. The first time I waited for a serial to air on TV!

#JenShad you stole our hearts from the start, we need to be blessed with you 2 together again soon..come back🙏
Promise Day 99: Everything about #Bepannaah screamed different. The storyline was beautiful but was unfortunately tampered with

#JenShad left us setting the bar way to high & now we'll feel at peace only when they comeback together in a show that utilizes their chemistry fully!
Promise Day 100: Completing 100 days should feel like an 'achievement' but not this time. I started this thread & till date continue it with a hope & prayer that it will be the last each day.

So here's to another prayer that #JenShad make a comeback together soon! 🙏 #Bepannaah
Promise Day 101: A few still say 'move on, it was just a show' & I know there's no use in explaining to them because it's unexplainable. Words fall short to describe what #Bepannaah meant to us & who #Jenshad are for us.

So I'll be right here waiting & praying for their return
Promise Day 102: Today just a prayer for all the prayers made constantly for #JenShad's return together.

May we get good news soon 🙏❤️
Promise Day 103: The Best Jodi of the Year (with around 5 Million votes!!)✨

They came & stole our hearts ❤️ Hope we fans are lucky enough to witness their chemistry once again & this time in it's entirety.

#JenShad #Bepannaah #BringJenshadBack
Promise Day 104: Just another day where I wish we still had our show with us & were blessed with #JenShad's chemistry.

As I always say... we deserved more and I pray our second chance at seeing them together is not far away! Forever hopeful ❤️ #Bepannaah
Promise Day 105: A show which had just begun to tell it's story, two immensely talented souls who had so much more to offer, all snatched in the cruelest manner.

I pray they make a comeback in a new show & make all those responsible realise what they lost! #JenShad #Bepannaah
Promise Day 106: The love of the #Bepannaah fandom for #Jenshad still lives & I pray it remains forever!

Any voting for awards/polls or words against our favorites and we unite to show how much they mean to us & how much we want them back!
Promise Day 107: I know things don't happen overnight & coming up with a new story & show altogether is not easy but I really do hope we get to witness @aniruddha_r sir's work one day with #JenShad as the leads in it's entirety without interference. #Bepannaah
Promise 108: Today is another day where I just don't know what to write.

I guess just a prayer that we get #JenShad back together again in a new show. Hope those who can make it happen are listening to our requests 🙏 #Bepannaah
Promise Day 109: It hurts to know that in a few days it will mark what could have been 1 year of #Bepannaah airing, if our show hadn't been abruptly snatched away from us.

Praying for a miracle on that day to give us news that we will get our #JenShad back.
Promise Day 110: Another prayer today that we get good news about #JenShad making a comeback together soon.

I really hope you answer our questions you promised back in November @aniruddha_r sir. #Bepannaah
Promise Day 111: #JenShad need to comeback and make those who made the ridiculous choice of letting them go realise their mistake.

Their chemistry deserves to be witnessed fully. #Bepannaah
Promise Day 112: Knowing #Bepannaah will turn 1 year old in a few days is a bittersweet feeling for I think all of us who have loved the show & have had our hearts held captive by #JenShad.

I hope March 19th, 2019 brings us good news in the form of their comeback together 🙏
Promise Day 113: One of my greatest fears when I started this thread is that I'll forget to come online & keep my promise.

Yet, every morning the 1st thought that crosses my mind is #JenShad. They've stolen my heart & I'm happy they did. Come back soon you two! ❤️ #Bepannaah
Promise Day 114: Tomorrow will mark 1 year of #Bepannaah & I know it will be a very emotional day for us. Along with the pain that will constantly pinch our hearts, I hope we can also reminisce how beautiful our show was. Also praying we get news of #JenShad's comeback together🙏
Promise Day 115: ✨19•03•19✨
1 year of #Bepannaah love ❤️

You both came & left taking our hearts with you! Thank you @jenwinget & @ChopdaHarshad for being our #Adiya, life wouldn't have been the same without you two! Praying we get you two back soon, very soon! 🙏 #JenShad
Promise Day 116: Everyday we carry a heavy heart but yesterday was an extra emotional day for us as our show turned 1 year old

We showered love, remembered the beautiful #JenShad moments & trended worldwide. Our love will always be #Bepannaah for them. We deserve them back soon.
Promise Day 117: Yesterday was a beautiful day for the #Bepannaah FD, yes we deserved more (in terms of awards) but just a glimpse of #JenShad & the fact that they came together for their fans means the world!
Our prayers may be heard late but they won't go unheard ❤️ Love you 2!
Promise Day 118: And the blessings continue! Seeing our team & #JenShad laughing made our day (or rather our whole life)! I hope this is not the last time we get these blessings, we will continue to pray to see them back together again on our screens. We love you guys #Bepannaah
Promise Day 119: Happiness is when actors recognize how much their fans love them!

#JenShad you two are pure souls & I'm glad I found solace in you two! Also the #Bepannaah team (Ani, Naihal, Rajesh, Ameeta) you guys are the best! Please comeback together soon all of you❤️
Promise Day 120: These two can pull off anything! Romance, comedy, suspense, action... yet we were deprived of seeing their full potential.

We all deserve to see their chemistry together fully! Please bring them back soon 🙏 #JenShad #Bepannaah
Promise Day 121: It just takes a glimpse of you 2 to make the whole fandom go crazy! The chemistry you both share is unexplainable & incomparable. You both need to come back together soon..hamare dil ko aap dono ki zaroorat hai ❤️ #JenShad

Ps. The whole #Bepannaah team is love
Promise Day 122: The award winning show #Bepannaah receiving love internationally is really beautiful to witness.

Fans falling in love with #JenShad's chemistry, performance, & the show altogether makes us know we deserve to see these two again together soon!
Promise Day 123: Happiness is remembering all the precious moments of our show as new people around the world are being introduced to it.

Congrats to the #Bepannaah team for winning hearts worldwide! ❤️ Another reason amongst the millions of why we deserve #JenShad back ✨
Promise Day 124: Not a day goes by where #JenShad & the whole #Bepannaah team are not missed dearly.

We miss you guys! Please comeback soon ❤️
Promise Day 125: Today is a special day because it's my birthday! I remember last year being so happy #Bepannaah launched on my bday month & eagerly waiting for the episode that night.

Missing #JenShad dearly & this year my only birthday wish is for their comeback ❤️✨
Promise Day 126: The amount of praises #Bepannaah & #JenShad are receiving even after the show has been off air for months now makes me super proud.

Hope we get #JenShad back soon with the team of BP! 🙏
Promise Day 127: #Bepannaah would not have been what it was if it weren't for BOTH #HarshadChopda & #JenniferWinget , they are two talented souls who deserve to be paired again & bless our TV screens.

Praying @aniruddha_r sir brings #JenShad back soon 🙏
Promise Day 128: #JenniferWinget & #HarshadChopda are so talented that they can make sparks fly individually & they've done so in their previous work.

But together these 2 are just something else. They ignite fire with their chemistry which will forever be unmatchable #JenShad
Promise Day 129: My faith in ITV and for many people also I feel, will only be restored when they give us back what should have never been snatched away from us to begin with.

Give us #JenShad back, we deserve to see their full chemistry together. #Bepannaah
Promise Day 130: @aniruddha_r sir, waiting for you to come back with another soul-touching story with #JenShad.

These two are just too precious & having their electrifying chemistry go to waste would be the biggest loss for ITV & viewers. Please make it happen 🙏 #Bepannaah
Promise Day 131: Amongst the chaos, one glimpse of you 2 is all it takes to make the heart swell with pride, admiration, & love.

To the two most talented actors of ITV yet goofballs/kids at heart, I'm glad I found you guys, now we just need you two back! 🙏 #JenShad #Bepannaah
Promise Day 132: Another one of those days where I'm just at a loss of words.

Just praying somewhere you, @aniruddha_r sir are putting together another masterpiece with #JenShad as the lead 🙏 Also hope we get those answers you promised in the last team live. #Bepannaah
Promise Day 133: It hurts to wonder how amazing it would have been to witness #Bepannaah without it being tampered with & abruptly ended.

I pray each day @aniruddha_r sir is constructing a new masterpiece with #JenShad in mind so we can see their full potential & chemistry 🙏
Promise Day 134: Amongst all the parallels that we saw in #Bepannaah, I'm still waiting for our real-life parallel with a second chance of getting #JenShad back.

I have faith in you @aniruddha_r sir to make it happen...we all do! 🙏
Promise Day 135: #Bepannaah has not been a show but an emotion for all of those who have loved it dearly.

#JenShad have touched our souls and we still are unable to get over the fact that they were snatched away from us abruptly. We need them back soon @aniruddha_r sir 🙏
Promise Day 136: Faith is believing even when all the odds are against you & the future looks shaky.
#Bepannaah taught us to keep faith & to give second chances a chance.

And for me my faith & prayers that we will get #JenShad back one day will never fade. That's a promise!
Promise Day 137: #Bepannaah was a creative masterpiece which was crushed by the corrupt commericalized world. We unfortunately may never get it back as the story was ruined

But @aniruddha_r sir, I have faith in you to bring #JenShad back & show those responsible what they lost!
Promise Day 138: Whenever I think the pain of losing #Bepannaah will subside overtime, I only feel the pain increase with each passing day.

Seeing some shows with no story being dragged or having a season 2 hurts & I only pray we get our #JenShad back to fill this void soon.
Promise Day 139: Waiting for the day when @aniruddha_r sir announces a new show with a soul-touching story & #JenShad as the lead.

Until then I'll keep hoping, praying, & continuing these promise tweets. Please don't make the wait a long one sir! 🙏 #Bepannaah
Promise Day 140: From the onscreen chemistry & powerful performances to the beautiful storyline & bgm. Everything about #Bepannaah screamed perfection. Yet we were robbed of so many precious moments

@aniruddha_r sir I hope somewhere you're silently planning a show with #JenShad
Promise Day 141: How does one watch a serial & not imagine how #JenShad would have rocked those scenes & all the moments we could have had

ITV is ruined for me because I know no1 can match the level of chemistry they had. I NEED you two back! Pls @aniruddha_r help us! #Bepannaah
Promise Day 142: Two talented souls who ooze perfection with just their mere presence...

This may be the millionth time I say this but we deserved to see the potential of their chemistry fully.

If ITV fails to bring #JenShad back it will be the biggest loss ever! #Bepannaah
Promise Day 143: Today I just want to say that I love you two and I'm never giving up on praying & hoping that we will get to see you guys together again.

Please set our TV screens on fire with the undeniable chemistry you both share soon ❤️ #JenShad #Bepannaah
Promise Day 144: For the unfortunately short time that we got, I'm still grateful that we had a chance to witness #JenShad together & the beautiful chemistry these two share. They stole our breath & hearts away!

We deserve to see these two together again very soon #Bepannaah
Promise Day 145: Five months after our #Bepannaah was snatched & yet still #JenShad & the show manage to be a hot topic & top monthly trends.

Just another reason amongst the thousands of why we deserve these two talented souls back together again!
Promise Day 146: Everyday there is an hour or so where I miss #JenShad dearly & pray that I come online & see an announcement that they our coming back to fill the void we've felt since the day #Bepannaah was brutally taken away from us.

Please come back very soon!
Promise Day 147: The intensity with which #JenShad express their emotions & play the characters makes it hard for viewers to distinguish real from reel & that's TALENT!

Getting to witness these two in one frame was nothing short of a blessing. We deserve them back! #Bepannaah
Promise Day 148: A bonding we stan & cherish & will continue to do so till our last breath!

No matter how many times I repeat this it will always not be enough to explain how undeniably beautiful the chemistry is that #JenShad share. Pls give us back these cuties! #Bepannaah ❤️
Promise Day 149: With each passing day I miss our show & imagine the episodes & tracks we could have seen. Our show was magical & #JenShad created fire onscreen together.

We deserve them back in a new show that utilizes their chemistry fully. #Bepannaah
Promise Day 150: Everything about #Bepannaah screamed different: the storyline/dialogues, the casting, bgm, cinematography & the leads #JenShad, whose chemistry will forever remain unbeatable!

Yet it was snatched from us in the cruelest manner ever. WE DESERVE THEM BACK!!
Promise Day 151: I sometimes stun myself at how throughout my day the smallest of things remind me about our show.

#Bepannaah was extremely special to so many people, it's still hard to digest how we had to let it go. The void can only be filled when #JenShad comeback together.
Promise Day 152: From when Adiya cried & so we did too, for the days when we used to go crazy at the slightest romantic encounter btwn them & gushed about #JenShad's offscreen masti, for all the trends/voting..

I knew there was no turning back. My love for them is #Bepannaah ❤️
Promise Day 153: Just another day where I dearly miss our show & Adiya! I wish the story wasn't tampered with & ruined.

Still praying each day that we get a confirmation that #JenShad are coming back in a new show very soon 🙏 #Bepannaah
Promise Day 154: Months later yet our #Bepannaah & our #JenShad continue to remain the undisputed King & Queen of ITV! A reality check for those who let the masterpiece go.

Our love for them will remain endless! Please bring them back soon!!
Promise Day 155: Everyday I hope this will be the last day that I'll have to tweet in this thread. @aniruddha_r sir we're still waiting for the answers you promised back in November.

Please someone just bring our #JenShad back soon & return our sukoon 🤧 #Bepannaah
Promise Day 156: There's no denying the fact that #JenShad's chemistry offscreen was as equally soul-stirring as it was onscreen!

The pure joy in their eyes they had while on sets & the immense respect they share for eachother is beautiful. Please bring them back!❤️ #Bepannaah
Promise Day 157: Missing the joy that I used to get at the end of every weekend knowing that we would get new episodes of #Bepannaah. The only reason I used to look forward to Monday's.

Please give us back our #JenShad and joy of watching at least something meaningful on ITV.
Promise Day 158: I pray that we get to see #JenShad in a new show together that has a story which was as beautiful & meaningful as #Bepannaah was despite the fact that it was messed around with.

Hope you are working on another beautiful masterpiece for them @aniruddha_r sir ✨
Promise Day 159: The extent to which we connected with #JenShad as they portrayed #Adiya in #Bepannaah is unexplainable. Hence, the void once they were snatched from us is immense.

I hope we get our second chance by getting them back in a new show very soon 🙏
Promise Day 160: Today I'm at a loss of words again. Just praying we get an announcement soon that #JenShad are coming back in a new show together & the void that we have been feeling since #Bepannaah went off-air is filled.

Hope you are listening @aniruddha_r sir 🙏
Promise Day 161: The attempts to sabotage our show & now disregard sentiments of fans by bringing up a show with a similar title is downright disgusting! They can NEVER even come close to it!

The network never deserved the gem #Bepannaah was & two talented souls like #JenShad.
Promise Day 162: Once again proving that days are just numbers passing by & the love we share for our show shall always remain #Bepannaah.
There will never be another or anything even close to it!
Praying #JenShad comeback to show them what they lost!
Promise Day 163: There isn't a moment that passes by where I don't miss our show & our #Adiya. Really praying that #JenShad make a comeback & fill the void & also show those responsible for snatching our show what they lost! #Bepannaah

@aniruddha_r sir I hope you're listening.
Promise Day 164: One thing that stood out about #Bepannaah was that religion never played an importance or create an issue when it came to love. Any religious beliefs portrayed was given equal respect

Ramadan Kareem to all & praying we get blessed with a #JenShad comeback ✨🌙❤️
Promise Day 165: May is a special month because two talented souls were born.

Praying we get to see #JenShad's underutilized electrifying chemistry in a new show that respects them & their talent! @aniruddha_r sir please make it happen soon 🙏 #Bepannaah
Promise Day 166: We deserve to see #JenShad's chemistry used to it's fullest. When the actor's themselves state that their potential wasn't even 50% utilized, it makes the viewers feel the void.

It will be ITV's biggest loss if they let this pairing go to waste! #Bepannaah
Promise Day 167: The smallest of things that join you two together brings us immense joy.

We may have been snatched of our #Adiya but we won't lose hope on getting our #JenShad back in a new show. Please come back soon you two ❤️ #Bepannaah
Promise Tweet 168: I wish there was a sure shot way to get both of you back in a new show, so many prayers are made each day with hopes of getting to see you two together again.

May our prayers be answered very soon. Because the void & pain is real! #JenShad #Bepannaah
Promise Day 169: To the MOST desirable souls out there, who create magic both onscreen & off. Feeling unfortunate that the chemistry between you two was left unexplored but praying to be blessed to see you both together soon & fill that void. ✨ #JenShad #Bepannaah
Promise Day 170: Yesterday was a beautiful day as we were blessed with #JenShad content

The amount of love we have for these two pure souls is reason enough why we deserve to see them paired again onscreen. Hope @aniruddha_r sir you're planning on making this happen. #Bepannaah
Promise Day 171: I pray that the precious bond that #JenShad share with each other that can never be explained with words, remains forever. ❤️

Another day & another prayer that we see you two grace our screen together very soon! #Bepannaah
Promise Day 172: #JenShad are two of the most down-to-earth & humble beings I've ever seen. After reaching such heights of success there is not the slightest trace of arrogance.

They're truly pure souls who deserve the world & I pray we see them together again soon #Bepannaah
Promise Day 173: They motivate us in ways we never imagined, they are an inspiration for so many people & yet they are grounded & shower humility.

Proud to call myself a #JenShad fan everyday & will continue to do so forever. Praying to see these cuties soon ❤️ #Bepannaah
Promise Day 174: #HBDHarshadChopda I'll always cherish you as Aditya Hooda & pray we see you onscreen again with Jenny soon✨ May you get whatever you wish for in life because you deserve every bit of it! My love for you will always be Bepannaah❤️ "Kiska birthday hai aaj.."
Promise Day 175: A bond that keeps growing stronger with each passing day & it makes my heart swell with happiness. Love them & the whole bunch! Glad they're still connected just like we are to them ❤️ #JenShad we love you & you two need to comeback together asap! #Bepannaah
Promise Day 176: Happy to see #JenShad all smiles & enjoying life to the fullest because they truly deserve every bit of it. I wish them success in everything they do & pray that we'll be blessed to see them soon. May their bond & the whole #Bepannaah teams bond remain forever ❤️
Promise Day 177: Comfort b/w 2 actors is measured by when you can't tell between what's reel & real.
Onscreen itself there were so many evident #JenShad moments. The JOY of being together while WORKING was clear as day. So offscreen we can only imagine the bond they share ❤️
Promise Day 178: There have been so many days where I miss our #AdiYa immensely & I know many more are to come.

The characters were & shall forever remain precious including the two beautiful souls who played their roles. Praying to see #JenShad together very soon ❤️ #Bepannaah
Promise Day 179: Another day of missing #JenShad immensely. My faith in ITV will be restored only when they give us back our two talented souls in a show with another beautiful story that uses their chemistry to its full potential. #Bepannaah
Promise Day 180: Major missing these two cuties! May their bond remain unbreakable forever ❤️

They need to come back together asap! Please @aniruddha_r sir make it happen 🙏 #JenShad #Bepannaah
Promise Day 181: It's sad that despite the fact that so many people loved #Bepannaah, it was still snatched away from us. When will the viewers choice matter & not rigged TRPs?

We want our #JenShad back, their chemistry deserves to be utilized to its fullest potential!!
Promise Day 182: A chemistry that deserves to be explored...

@aniruddha_r sir we're still waiting for the answers you promised back in November. Praying you're working on another masterpiece for them! #JenShad #Bepannaah
Promise 183: Not only was the story in #Bepannaah unique but the way it was planned to be executed was magical. Every scene had left us wanting more, until the show was tampered with & snatched away from us.

We deserve a new show @aniruddha_r sir with your magic & #JenShad ❤️
Promise Day 184: They say "If you love something. Fight for it." ...

And that's exactly what thousands of #Bepannaah fans do each day in hopes to get justice after being robbed, in the form of a #JenShad comeback. May our efforts & prayers be seen & heard 🙏
Promise Day 185: Seeing these two pure souls happy is what makes our hearts swell with happiness.

These two deserve all the love that is showered on them. Praying their smiles never fade & that we are soon blessed with them in a new show together! #JenShad #Bepannaah
Promise Day 186: "A hidden connection is stronger than an obvious one."

The bond you two share, we may not know all of it, but whatever glimpses we are blessed to see are precious & pure ❤️ The prayers will never stop to see you two again soon. #JenShad #Bepannaah
Promise Day 187: #HappyBirthdayJenniferWinget I'll always cherish you as Zoya & pray we see you onscreen again with Harshad soon✨May you get whatever you wish for in life because you deserve every bit of it! My love for you will always be Bepannaah❤️ "Kiska birthday hai aaj.."
Promise Day 188: Yesterday was a perfect example of when 'actions speak louder than words'...

An undescribable, unbreakable, and undeniably beautiful bond, that I pray only grows stronger & closer with each passing day! Love you both #JenShad ❤️ #Bepannaah
Promise Day 189: ❝Family isn't always blood. It's the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile & who love you no matter what.❞

#JenShad come back onscreen together soon 🙏 #Bepannaah
Promise Day 190: We deserve to see #JenShad in a new show together. They are two of the most talented actors ITV has & their pairing shouldn't go to waste. A beautiful story like #Bepannaah was snatched from us but I pray some sensible people bring these two gifted souls back 🙏
Promise Day 191: These two always have the sweetest of things to say to each other & the level that they know each other is something I don't think any of us will truly understand/know. The bond they share is the most beautiful & purest ❤️ #JenShad #Bepannaah
Promise Day 192: #JenShad deserve all the praise they get. They are two extremely talented people who deserve to be paired opposite each other again where their chemistry is utilized properly. #Bepannaah
Promise Day 193: #EidMubarak everyone! Today's only wish is that our constant prayers to get #JenShad back on our screens together again be answered very soon 🤲✨ #Bepannaah
Promise Day 194: Throughout the day, no matter how busy I am or how stressful life is, whenever I get even a seconds worth of peace #Bepannaah, #AdiYa, & #JenShad never fail to cross my mind. They're the definition of LOVE! I hope we get them back very soon! ❤️
Promise Day 195: With all the happiness I'm seeing around in the past few days, I hope we are also blessed with good news soon! ❤️ #JenShad #Bepannaah
Promise Day 196: Losing something close to you or the feeling of emptiness is painful, BUT we should always remember that there is HOPE. Please spread happiness & lend an ear to those who need to talk & know that LOVE is #Bepannaah (endless) & someone does love you. ❤️ #JenShad
Promise Day 197: Seeing all the love that is still showered upon #Bepannaah, #AdiYa, & #JenShad on a daily basis is heart-warming to say the least. May our love for them never diminish & our prayers to get Jenny & Harshad back be answered very soon! 🤲
Promise Day 198: ❝Anyone can make you smile, many people can make you cry, but it takes someone really special to make you smile with tears in your eyes.❞

Keep faith, pray, spread peace & let destiny do its thing! ❤️ #JenShad #Bepannaah
Promise Day 199: With all the negativity being spread around recently just remember...

We don't know everything or own them. Please ignore the hate & shower #Bepannaah love. Spend that energy in praying that #JenShad come back soon instead ✨
Promise Day 200: The 200th day of this thread is bittersweet. Unfortunately more bitter than the sweet. I'm proud #Bepannaah has left such a mark on me that I have kept my promise everyday. Yet, bitter because I want #JenShad back & would love to stop this thread very soon ❤️
Promise Day 201: ❝The moment you're ready to quit is usually the moment right before a miracle happens.❞ ✨

This fandom everyday lives on with the hope that a miracle will happen in the form of a #JenShad comeback, please help us @aniruddha_r sir! #Bepannaah
Promise Day 202: I'll always support & love all the projects that #JenShad do in the future, but I will also always pray that they come back together again because their pairing is unmatchable & we deserve to see them create magic onscreen together again. #Bepannaah
Promise Day 203: A Dream Team!! @aniruddha_r sir I pray each day that somewhere you are working on another masterpiece like the one #Bepannaah was with #JenShad as the leads in mind. Please make it happen 🙏
Promise Day 204: ❝Destiny grants us our wishes, but in its own way. In order to give us something beyond our wishes.❞

I hope destiny has something amazing planned for our fandom who has spent hours trending, voting, & sleepless nights fighting for #Bepannaah & #JenShad ❤️
Promise Day 205: What hurts the most is that #Bepannaah had so much potential & the chemistry #JenShad portrayed as #AdiYa was & forever will be unmatchable. I pray we get these two in a show as equally beautiful that utilizes their pairing fully. ❤️ Pls help us @aniruddha_r sir.
Promise Day 206: There's not a day that passes where I miss #Bepannaah, #AdiYa, & #JenShad. The episodes, live chats, interviews, on sets masti & parties. I pray we get these two cuties back soon together ❤️
Promise Day 207: Today marks 15 months of #Bepannaah, the amount of love we have for the show, #AdiYa & the whole team keeps it alive till date & I pray this remains forever.

Also may we never give up on our fight to get #JenShad back after they were brutally snatched away. ✨
Promise Day 208: There will never be another ITV pairing that will have the capability of stealing my heart like the way #JenShad have ❤️

ITV has truly lost a gem! Hope they come to their senses & actually listen to what fans want, instead of pushing tacky shows at us #Bepannaah
Promise Day 209: A show like #Bepannaah with such an unique concept, two extremely talented actors like #JenShad, & thousands of ardent loving fans didn't deserve such ill treatment.

I hope we get them back so that those responsible can witness themselves what they lost!
Promise Day 210: Seeing so many people everyday still shower love & remember #Bepannaah is heart-warming ❤️
I pray our love for the show & #JenShad never dies & we don't stop our fight to bring them back.
Promise Day 211: The amount of awards & praise #JenShad have received & still do for #Bepannaah makes me super proud to be their fan. They deserved all of them & many more! I pray we get them back because they create magic together & the proof is out there for the world to see!
Promise Day 212: My heart swells with pride to see the dedication & love of thousands yesterday, who united months after our show went off-air to continue the fight for justice & get #JenShad back on our screens again✨ The #Bepannaah fandom is pure love! ❤️ #FansWantJenShad
Promise Day 213: I miss those days when I would actually look forward to Monday to watch two talented actors create magic. The discussions, jokes, & theories of upcoming scenes with other #Bepannaah fans was a joy that I hope we get back soon in the form of a #JenShad comeback 🙏
Promise Day 214: I pray that all the days & nights spent trending, voting, & fighting for justice & #JenShad's comeback does not go in vain

I hope somewhere @aniruddha_r sir, you are planning another beautiful show for them on a platform that gives them the respect they deserve.
Promise Day 215: It's painful to see two extremely talented actors who had so much potential & so much to offer, be disrespected & then snatched away from us.

Honestly, ITV doesn't deserve them, yet I pray each day that #JenShad make a comeback for us. #Bepannaah
Promise Day 216: The intensity with which #JenShad delivered scenes in #Bepannaah will forever be unmatchable. The script was so beautiful & held so much potential that is pains to see how some useless few tampered with it.

We deserve them again on a platform that respects them
Promise Day 217: It's difficult to let go of things that mean so much & that's what #Bepannaah was for us. An emotion that we all carried & will continue to do so forever.

I just pray we are blessed with #JenShad again soon to fill this void.
"Kyunki farak toh padta hai"🙏
Promise Day 218: ❝ The eyes tell more than the soul could ever say.❞

This quote is so apt for #AdiYa & #JenShad (reel & real), their eyes always express so many emotions that words aren't necessary. Praying we get them back very together very soon! #Bepannaah
Promise Day 219: #JenShad gave such powerful performances, that it almost seems unreal that a few had decided to take them away from us, I'm sure that they probably sit everyday regretting the step they took

I pray we get them back soon on a network that deserves them #Bepannaah
Promise Day 220: Seeing so many tweets recently about which tracks/scenes people wish they could have witnessed, if #Bepannaah had not prematurely ended makes my heart hurt even more!

I hope someone sensible out there brings our #JenShad back very soon! We deserve more of them.
Promise Day 221: I miss #JenShad with every fiber of my being. They were just THAT jodi on ITV for me & I think the reason it hurts more is because they were snatched away, when all of us did nothing but shower love. I pray & hope we get the justice we deserve soon #Bepannaah
Promise Day 222: A prayer today that luck finds it's way to us very soon in the form of a #JenShad comeback.

It will be the day so many people's faith in ITV will be restored. @aniruddha_r sir I hope you are listening & help us in making it happen 🙏 #Bepannaah
Promise Day 223: Worldwide trends, nationwide trends, topping all polls, voting like crazy, multiple prestigious awards, & recognition... and all this happened AFTER our #Bepannaah went off-air.

It was an emotion for all of us & we deserve #JenShad back to fill the void.
Promise Day 224: You can have the most hectic schedule, thousands of errands to run, a million things on your mind, but when that ONE thought manages to cross your mind EVERYDAY it must be PRECIOUS.

And for me #JenShad are that 'one thought'. Comeback you two! ❤️ #Bepannaah
Promise Day 225: Dear 'channel', you can copy our shows name as a failed attempt at popularity & manipulate our shows title...

BUT just remember, #Bepannaah was & always will be unmatchable! You still sadly fail to understand that it wasn't a show but an emotion for us. #JenShad
Promise Day 226: The whole #Bepannaah team's hardwork & efforts reflected onscreen. They won our hearts & though our show didn't deserve such ill treatment; we're still truly blessed to have witnessed #JenShad share screen space. I pray we get them back soon to fill the void. ❤️
Promise Day 227: Everyone tweeting about #BepannaahReairing & making it trend yesterday, makes my heart swell with pride but there's also a pinch of pain that remains as a reminder that it was taken away from us too soon.
Praying our love brings #JenShad back ❤️ #Bepannaah
Promise Day 228: We may not get daily updates, see them, or even know their whereabouts for weeks/months on end but whenever we do, they leave no stone unturned to make us proud to call ourselves their fans. We love you #JenShad; never change & comeback together soon❤️ #Bepannaah
Promise Day 229: Sometimes I wish there were a way to go back in time & change fate. I know we showered so much love on #Bepannaah but for some reason it wasn't enough for a select few. Unfortunately those few who held enough power to snatch it away 💔

#JenShad pls comeback 🙏
Promise Day 230: ❝ FAITH is all about BELIEVING, you don't know when it will happen; but you know it will.❞

There will be times when we'll feel everything was just a figment of our imagination, BUT remember our love for #JenShad was & shall always be #Bepannaah. Keep faith❤️
Promise Day 231: Just another day of being deprived of #JenShad & any soul touching content on ITV to watch.

200+ days later & I still pray you'll help us bring them back with an equally amazing or even better story, @aniruddha_r sir. #Bepannaah
Promise Day 232: I miss you two so much that at times the pinching pain in my heart is unbearable. Watching scenes from #Bepannaah & knowing the potential it had, mixed with the helpless feeling of wanting you guys back but not knowing what to do but pray 💔 Comeback #JenShad 🙏
Promise Day 233: So many questions left unanswered, so many promises made between #AdiYa that were yet to be fulfilled...

A masterpiece ruined by a select few who don't know what ART is. I pray @aniruddha_r sir you bring #JenShad back & show them what they lost! #Bepannaah
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