White supremacists on tour in Ireland this weekend with a deliberate plan to intimidate people in direct provision centers across the country. In Wicklow tonight and going to Mayo and Donegal.
They are bringing load of beermats and saying they "found them" in pubs in Ireland https://twitter.com/CaolanRob/status/1065695988239818754

Heres Caolin Robertson commenting on the homophobic attack on The George bar in Dublin. Hes a homophobic, white supremacist.
Not picture but also travelling with the group to intimidate people in direct provision is Lauren Southern. She another racist with a background. She's currently banned for entering the UK because of her incitement to hatred.
Lauren Southern, Canadian is linked white supremacist group Defend Europe - and Generation Identity - that sought to increase drownings of people the Mediterranean Sea.

She was arrested by the Italian coastguard for "blocking a ship embarking on a search-and-rescue mission"
Rowan Croft is a jhonny come lately right wing media and building contractor from Dublin, raking in paypal cash from US conspiracy kids.

He live streamed the meeting from Wicklow with Gearóid Murphy, and spike stories this week later pulled by Newstalk and Galway Echo.
Back to Lauren Southern. She is totally banned from the UK.

During the Quebec City Mosque shooting of 2017, she started Twitter rumours that Syrian immigrants carried out the attack.

In reality Alexandre Bissonnette, a white nationalist, killed 6 people.
So to recap. A racist Dublin builder, A UK-banned Canadian who tried to increase drowning in the Med, an homophobic Tommy Robinson acolyte and a Northern Irish/US army trained far right leader all travelling round Ireland this weekend to intimidate people in Direct Provision.....
...These people should not feel welcome in any community they step into to stir shit up. Be that Wicklow tonight, or Mayo or Donegal or wherever they turn up with cameras, mics and hate over the next few days.
Some more thoughts, particularly how Irish traditional media engage with this stuff. These folks are some, non sensical and make completely baseless arguments. They try and game stories. They need traditional media oxygen.
They dont get that here, they may as well no exist.
My original tweet wasnt an 'OMG looks who's here.' More hey we see you and we know what your about, your background and what you want to do.
Organised far right racist movements take time. This is a deliberate part to try and build one and it will be defeated deliberately too.
And to be honest, advertising in advance that your gonna walk into Mayo, or Donegal and anywhere else with your expensive kit and plummy accents and talk about 'foreigners and migrants' as rapists?

How really really amateur is that?
OK here we have another layer emerging tonight. In the video linked early announcing the tour of intimidation around DP centers, lots of mention was main of the UN migration pact. Low and behold with the last few hours right wing troll twitter has launched and gamed a petition.
This is the Twitter account announcing it set up the petition. Anonymous of course https://twitter.com/liam_xrp/status/1066088137376612353
No its not illegal to set up a petition. Neither is it illegal to show how its set up and promoted across an international network of right wing white nationalist mostly anonymous trolling twitter accounts.

Maybe that's why people signin no surnames?
On a positive note, great turn out in Galway tonight for "Show Racism the Red Card" Photo by Marc Jennings
Confirmation that Lauren Southern is in the country as part of the tour https://twitter.com/rowanwcroft/status/1066085847647301633
Not sure if this lad is in Ireland also working on the 'doc' https://twitter.com/georgellewelyn 
Posted earlier tonight an hour ago. https://twitter.com/CaolanRob/status/1066146575657984001
In the video at the top if the thread they make the pint that this is the last trip on their anti migration white supremacist tour of hate. "Because Ireland is the final destination of migrants"
Which is a crock of shit, but hope they get some decent memories of their visit. 👊
Confirming that overlap of the white supremacist filmmakers on tour and the online petition to coincide, here we we Rowan Croft rt'ing the tweet announucing it was set up and spread on far right twitter. https://twitter.com/liam_xrp/status/1066064036738056192
A canny viewer spots Crofts references to martial arts. Does this gobshite actual model himself as a martial arts fighter?
Some petition signers couldn't posting 'inappropriate comments' on the petition site. Croft tweeting it got pulled.
Croft this morning tweeting images of Hitler. As a self promoter, he sure does crave attention from anti-racists in Ireland.
#repealthe8th tip "Guy in the middle is Caolan Robertson who was one of those creeps who tried to troll Repeal protesters by asking them leading questions on camera and then editing their responses into a far-right pro life propaganda."
So all these folks are proven liars and manipulators "Lauren Southern and her sidekicks did a hatchet job in Lesvos recently. Pretending to be from Euronews, her sidekicks interviewed Ariel Ricker of Advocates Abroad and published a highly edited version of the account."
Ariel had to get bodyguard as she was literally in fear of her life, bombarded with all sorts of death and rape threads from the alt-right swamp. They made out that she was coaching people to be Christians in order to get asylum. The fact that she's Jewish added fuel to the fire
The propoganda video then got lots of coverage in the online far right media networks.
Southern has long attracted a response from anti rascists
But she has also always found allies in traditional media to whitewash her racist organising and alliances.
Far right movements crave spotlights and protagonists to grow and become normalised. To try and change what common sense is. In this case Gemma ODoherty has been welcomed I to the fold. Her she is positively amplifying homophobic racist Robertson and spilling islamophobic tropes
Fash film shoot. Posted an hour ago
Some important context worth noting from Michael Taft. Support and welcome around immigration to Ireland has been growing consistently. In the midst of austerity, Irish people have increasing welcomed immigration generally and support for providing protection for asylum likewise.
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