A message to fellow light workers and way showers...
As energy continues to get intense many are going to be looking to us for guidance, balance and peace. Those who make ourselves visible will attract loving attention but also stalkers and bullies. Take absolutely NO abuse. Be clear and not afraid to tell people to kindly f*ck off
Old souls, your intuitive and extra sensory gifts are of great need right now. Many of your lifetimes have been training for you this time. So know that but also that you are never obligated to offer anyone your services, love, care, time or energy.
You are not a martyr, savior and you are no longer the wounded healer. You have nothing to prove nor the need to be liked for your good deeds. You are already perfect. So when you give of yourself let it be from a pure heart. And not from obligation.
Healers, you have seen firsthand what selfishness has done to our planet. While many are just now learning how to consider others, you are learning to consider yourself. You can be a leader now because you are wise, awake, aware and you are ready.
In the ways that so many have supported me in my ten years of sharing this work online thank you. Loving you all ways. ❤️✨
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