#Inn2 #Dyshen Mr Tengri singing a Mongolian folk song 'Farewell my Dear', a goodbye from father to daughter on her wedding day. Nomadic, living on horsebacks, the song is a send off with love, maybe forever.
YY wipes off a tear, DD picks up with the corner of his eyes, cameras are everywhere and still he couldn't help turning and poring at her all concerned, hands fidgetting his chopsticks.

And YY feigns not noticing.
Everyone is moved by the song, tearing up is understandable, YY couldve just put it as is, like she did when DD asked her so softly 'you fell asleep?!' while staring 💕 at her.
'Everyone would :)' she eased his concern then.
no idea when scene was filmed but backstory of DD's immense concern: YY fainted twice on set, she confirmed later in recent interviews fr exhaustion. She brushed it of w her humor then, wrote about bumping into things in the dark half asleep to take melatonin… for sleep.
DD joked w YY lightly about melatonin in MG bts on plane, YY called him 'so dumb', like the 'silly boy' in Inn2. He'd easily wiki/baidu, it hits me, this boy is worried about her, such a tiny anecdote, is a convo,
,bumping things, taking supplement to sleep, the stress...
... YY 'youve been crying alone in bed huh' (phantacity bts) he nudges, again and again 'will record u sleep-talking in ur dreams'... knowing YY is so guarded about her feelings he cares nth about showing everyone his concern for her when YY cried at dinner.
ctto DyYue2018
You good at taking care of others?
DD: I think so, but maybe my action is not effective. Im not sure how to care. I'd try to understand what u r feeling, will ask how u are doing, but I dont know how to delve deeper. Like sending meds... Im not attentive enough
Elle: What action will move you?
YY: tiny things that happens organically, sometimes it is just a glance, a smile, a simple thing he said...... If it is someone I like, anything he says or does will move me.
my guess is YY is so overwhelmed that dinner, imo every time she rarely cries in public, she mustve cried many times in hiding. She couldn't even respond to DD, just a turn of his head, staring at her and her only, is a warmest gesture under the circumstances.
She is sure, and I am as well, if she doesn't fake not noticing, she'd lose it. She knows DD, he'd might just…hug her, like he did when she was just being a klutz physically falling twice that London bts, or keep messing her lil piggy line when he nvr let go of her shoulder
Bc he tried to sneak in a hug playfully after she trips, that grin he can't contain reenacting YY clinging/hugging him bk inside, if YY is not aware, she won't duck.
Joking aside, that glance at YY last instant, when he can't hide being so soft and worried/ 心痛 (his words) 4 her tripping and scared senseless.

My #Dyshen 💓
Back to defying Mango's crappy edits patching bk how ridiculously sweet #dyshen RL shoujo is writing itself…

love this CP cut, crumbs credit mostly to this OP https://m.weibo.cn/2170373042/4304648590893185

DD: so good looking/好看 (ie his usual words describing YY) no matter how I look at it
Q: how do you describe SY?
DD: 好看! / good looking
Fr 豬-肉松 CP cut:
If jaw has not dropped on floor by the genius tightest investigative nonfiction by weiboDiY, this should do. 4:44 mark, turn volume max, ignore boss WK talking in foreground who needs auditory nerves after huh?!

DD keeps asking YY : Do you want this (dish)?
Reposting Inn2 ep5 #Dyshen CP cut in case bilibili works better for youuuu~~~~


DD: 你要嗎?/ Ni Yao Ma? /Do you want this?
Recap: moments ago, YY cried and DD ignored all nosy shippers present (specimen Abbie and specimen Carpenter at v least) and Mango 📷 (hm maybe Boi is daring them to post every sweetbits, STILL kissing btssss missing darnit no?!), staring concerned 💕eyes at YY, and was ignored.
No longer ignored. YY is resting her head on hand but it must looks like that gesture still fresh bothering ourDD he is worried she is tearing again. He is almost invading space this turn of head. This time , YY gives him a reassuring split glance.

That. Will. Do. Babe.
Grain of salt/sugar delulu:
ep4 chronicles DY 1st day excitement, heck cares containing themselves. DiY had a receipts confetti party >>> CaiSi's cuckoo wedding. How ourDD part the night w YY being extra, used poorKido's back 4 a turn at YYdoor peeking a double check on her
Vid :
YY: WanAn (gdnite)
DD: WanAnWanAnWanAnWanAn~~~! NEW RM~~~! (NEXT 2 MYCAI) < u can hear it if u trueDiY pinkyswear https://m.weibo.cn/5996991546/4302715481759428

Morning after
Oh… lets go back to the niteynite. We can't miss this:

WHD literally moves like a monkey on crack, last cap clinging on Kido's bk, and here he is just entering rm, K already had his WHD4YYdroolz soaked jacket off, poor thing. In the missing time frame, WHD couldve…
Dun wanna underestimate the speed he'd dash to kitchen, grab an icecream but he could tease Y forgot say toilet brush at Kido's.
Or Extremely Important Dont Even Have To Think About It For Youuuu lullaby.
Back to our MorningAfter timeline.

TaoJie enters Inn 8sth. squinting my eyes, not well versed in AirJs but there r shoes.
YY is already in kitchen ready 4 breakfast rush. TJ allots her the task of washing fruits.

THEN a sec of WHD exiting.

But they washed 🍇 😎
Is it too delulu to assume DY walks to main Inn tog?! For a master wok chef, he is washing grapes.

more importantly I suspect they had a chat reigning in skinship. Every Inn ep could b watched as how much can WHD stuff in mouth nonstop, D won't tease Y feeding him a grape?!
Then there was the CaiSi kiss vid. Imo reeks Mango poor taste and YY is visibly uncomfortable I don't think DD minds, but he minds if Y is unamused, a fact. He plays along w Boss but we have seen him incessantly pesky a prankster. NO DY bickering in ep5.

How Unscientific!
The group singing. Mango didn't bother giving our poorDD slaving in kitchen a shot. Just 1/4, and half of his being. Wtf?!

Good that WHD has SY.
Ignoring vileMango, YY spends some time w DD **ALONE**.
so DiDicute he steps out and 👏👏👏 4 YY despite vM denying him face time
since vileM denying us DY ALONE content, I'm SURE tis either quietly minding their business in their v married no words req lil + big DumbDumber YUniverse way while YY writes everything down
YY: badMandarin is so cute, if can cook, I will die of Cute

Or food fight→spooning etc
FYI those r YY words from a Dec 2017 entry of her other weibo, a few days b4 DD bday. Btn the lines, my bet is WHD has just showed off his kickass cooking skills to impress her. She wasn't OUR kinda shock witnessing DD cooking. #dyshen
I… find this so puppylove romantic: silly child!
'I don't (want to) know him!' yet smiles at him, sunlight glowing around him, showing off his sled. And it is a wellmade cute sled, must say.

'Take her away, I'm tired of seeing her'

becoming soo alike aren't they?!
DD is off helping w MrMa's send off. Kido will get groceries, YY goes w her toilet bowl cleaning buddy. WY tags along last min.
TJie + guests tease him. can't say Y is excited. She even hops faster towards K.
Must say I miss her orange water bottle.
Here is some obvious obtuse stroke of script to keep DD behind… DD didn't comply. XD

This black jacket is fishy. DD nvr wore in e5, i will only accept it is jacket fr his MASSIVE luggage of a closet 4 YY, or couldve been in her rm fetching hers (she wore black on flt fr BJ)
Is this the same one?!? Let's just assume it is 💕💕💕
ASSUME vileM crew toyed w D on his way bk YY is cold, needs jacket, hence his face of worried urgency… what cruel brilliantly cute angst?! 👏

But D would fetch coat for anyone →loses sight of Y→mad dash (dun mind insert London Bridge CaiSi)... 👏 d'awww as well
Kido said they looked for D in vain. My guess is K initiates search, sharp on uptake. My detConan hat says D must b in Y's rm, only spot K won't dare to poke around. Y is going above and beyond avoiding awkward. I suspect they get briefed on what content vM is shooting 4 today.
120% sure if D sees hint of Y on Inn's ground or bumps into W+K on way out he will stay, looks madly 4 Y

what is so precious w DY is there is an adorable respect and trust running so crazy deep, effortless btn them transcending whatever a relationship confinement they r in.
Y do I suspect they r briefed on content trajectory 4 show? DD is transparent, he is moody, lil of his childish chatterbox around K, W, Y. It may be Y above and beyond stinting the awkward, downplaying their intimacy… but Y still has her unique subtle sweet way soothing D
Her joy, how proud her smile is seeing happyD w sled is infectious. Her sensitive inner workings would love 'this silly kid' to enjoy his fancy, so when he is not found, she might assume he wants space. Afterall, whatever they r, she couldn't spend much time w him realistically.
It puzzles me y YY joins Inn2. CaiSi went bizarrely out of way to cramp on shipping, even in character, no cp mag spread, 1st F5 HappyCamp Y was paired w KK, so wtf, a 1st 4 me. DY avoid any public interaction on social media but GH, XZ, often. Y this show esp w the WY factor?!
not rocket science vM will milk love triangle to death and show screams anti magnet 4 Y. Taping was exactly/ v close to their anni when they met last Oct. I check NASA and yup prime meteors sighting in Oct https://science.nasa.gov/orionids-meteors-over-inner-mongolia

Ive no words but how INSANELY romantic.
But reading more into YY, like how as if a spur of moment she made the decision signing w management in BJ as an actress, she said sth like if she didn't, she will regret not ever tried. She can be rebellious and headstrong against all odds. Imo Inn… time w WHD… is such a whim
given her schedule, she has already started next job, wrapped up Another Me not long ago, isn't this perfect break to spend w fam, ease that homesickness? I'm not judging her, but gut says she is.

'But it is insanely romantic, anni w WHD, *the only person I know* '
D at his most recent promo event, asked about his type for the trillionth time:

It is so DD when he'd pokerface say the same old AND sneaks in a lil v telling honest tweak it is '有生活儀式感' this time… I've no freakn idea wth this means exactly. BUT!
Even w no CN literacy. YY describes herself as 注重***仪(儀)式感***的人 on her freakn Graduation weibo. She said so about herself often, puts into her words: loves to celebrate smallest events, rituals in life. That's y she loves to write, to commemorate every precious detail
What 仪式/ritual is happening to 19yo WHD these few days other than the 1yr anni of MG/ meeting YY?!
Who said weirdest stuff like ideal type is someone into rituals in daily life ?!
Let alone these 2 weirdos used an exact nerdy term 技朮含量 'technical skills' for …cooking.
And… Id like to insist the sled is D's anni gift to Y without spelling out, wink to her is that $5/ride. I screamed inside 'SC is free!' fr MGbts, their inside joke, at his bday party she set QRcode prices D has to pay 4 'brides' reveal, costumed by crew dudes/ his managers lol
This sweet smile fr Y to D… is enough for our warmest big-hearted manchild. D is nth but transparent he will whine, have temper tantrums, but a 'i said you are perfect' fr Y, he blushes, smiles fr his entire body, pats her hand(warmer) like a pup.
my happiest pill is YY's meticulous mastery of words.
'i thought you wanna '單飛' flying solo…busy chasing customers w/ ur $5 rides!' She teases him, their flirting, her wink to soothe him. How 180 is her wide smiles.
She gets it WHD.
See y I missed that orange bottle!?!?
Tis why:
My bee's knees whenever D smiles so wide his whole face is wrinkly and his eyes is entirely gone.
And he is useless hiding emotions esp w YY, if she points at him, orange water bottle in hand, saying that a few bucks for whatever private meme, he will be grinning like the spastic 大笨蛋 he is often and almost only in front of SY.
Is this THE universal sign language for 可爱/ Cute ?!

I didn't get memo.
can do faces in front of camera huh.
I dare u to face YY and move ur face in any way but ur silly grin I caught bf u turn 4 camera.
Back to reg dissing the retarded script/editing:
It is utter nonsense YY, K, WYGe EVERYONE ALL ignore DD new sled, nowhere near D silly shamelessness, he is so cute no fanfilter. That pressure pt freeze game in deep winter w dozens of adults + cameras, u jolly played along YY!
I insist InnF3 at least checked DD's gd work out. It is a very cute well made sled, come on! I suspect it is when YY noticed DD cuts, urged him to dress it. WHD ALWAYS listen to SY in rl. Always. What is the fun in this other than worshiping whatever the heck wifey is doing
DD is extra soft + warm to his love. A fact he puts as 寵上天 (spoiling her to high heavens) and he is pragmatic, nvr just talk. How is that attained? Be around her attuned always to catch every need/whim so as to spoil her. D is extra clingy bc that's just bf prereq 4 WHD
20+min of WHD, no interactn w InnF3 till he grumbles they r fakebuddies. No hip-hop gd morning w Y 1st morning tog? No checking on her Nonstop after CS kiss vid and Y is visibly uneased?!? Tasks were set day b4 as MrCarpenter said, D will spend entire AM apart fr his buddies…
D2 is not a wk btn e4, 5. DY is night&day fr D1!? Know ur char M! Y/manager mustve talked D into follow script. If they attract more attentn, who knows what M will edit into? They stayed low w MG, look how WE combust w some incomplete bts?! Damning esp 4 Y, no way D won't comply
But I doubt WHD would not itch 4 some DY skinship. I read fr weibo there was a WHD hiphop freehug greeting w InnF3 and when it was YY she playfully snubbed him calling him Y patented 'silly child' ie DiY 大笨蛋. could be fanfic, we could curse M… but it is VERY WHD right!?
AND if that happened earlier on it'd not be as incongruous w Y ignoring D yet smiling so sweetly at her 'silly boy' 'i don't want to know him'
K is usu superb in mellow reactions, but as if protecting them bc he knows more he downplays reactn to DY, unlike WY. Not here:
Kido is like ' Say what YY?!?!' WY is the usual inner scream like Lei's 'Do not flirt', but DY can 'flirt' w just a better half in room. Who says 'ignore him!' and mean it w that smile? That same sweet smile when yelled at being fakebuddies. And Y is Gavin much w only K+W lol
D walking behind Y w his XXLlong legs compared (sucha habit, so can steal glances at Y huh) to the car maybe immune to her soothing smiles and still grumpy. And seating arrangemt in Inn2 will always b WYYY unless Great Wall of WHD takes effect. But do not underestimate Miss SY.
IF W+Y inasmuch move heads to the other's directn, 'This is the moment~' will blast. What did SY do? Nth but sleep. She could be really tired but Y will fault herself being rude when she should socialize. She is present per design, next 2 WY, but NOTHING 4 M to milk Bravo!
More importantly DD is back chirpy rapping about White Wolfies everywhere staring at Y fr rear view mirror NOT interacting /ie ignoring WYGe and is 美滋滋/life's good. Mango CGI Dept has DiY… only WY gets turn a wolfie
Only #DiYue can give us sugar nuances in most disadv seating arrangement. If D turns head, it'd b too much, edited out. Smarties use the rear mirror till it cracks lol
How happy and animated YY is w jking they look like running away… I wonder how much her id is saying 'elope'
ALL things we do fangirling, now is the time we pray to be a rear mirror.
DD is SuperGorg, but I love he looks down2earth reg dude w his o man do (still v chic DD patpatpat) no makeup this taping w YY (K teased him w makeup last)
But look, this moment is beauty in perfection.
am not done drooling.
This 19yo face has contentment written on it. In the span of not even a ride, goes fr moping to adonis w help of nature (that sun lit him so!) buddies around, rapping wo a care, reflection of YY he couldn't take eyes off so near, yet far. This is not love?!
forgot to insert this:
Q: fans r worried you will bully ur gf like SC in RL.
DD: nonononono *wiping imaginary sweat and imaginary itch and imaginary spot Y has on Dmind. WHILE smiling like this (so YY @ 'ignore' him huh) and said his 寵上天(spoil/pamper her to high heavens)
Or maybe Y has that neck spot on his mind huh but that when YY is in his mind in convo smile. To have a certain someone doing this much on this gorgeous thing That. WILL. do.
Lest we forget, wo that certain sthsth in mind in vicinity this is WHD
The sun, in a ride together, singing, she is here, by his side, happy as a bird, tell me that moment when he is caught in it, eyes lingered that tad longer on her, we all shrieked a 'now kiss!!!!!' WHD included.
Oh! DD maybe down w a bug? Seems like he has a headache.
Ep5, YY is draggin me further in DiY: D is v open, direct in expression, boy sees no need to hide his pretty soul w much warmth for everyone around. Ofc special 💕 👀 4 YY is beyond his control, we r 'tired of seeing' 😉
YY is a model/photog blogger first, ie sensitive of lens, when K holds up phone 4 selfie, her only concern is DD waving him to join. IF K is swift he'd have a pic. DD is visibly sluggish, maybe a headache/ beanie itchy lol but he does as commanded so natural like CaiSi at cafe
That is, most impt slip of YY's id atvm is, she only wants a pic if D is in it. K could take the F3 selfie and take another one w DD, or not, Y refuse immediately
YY admits often she hides her feelings, v passive in 💕, the more intense, uncontrollable, more she'll bury deeper in soul 2 cherish. Stronger the 💕, more precious, she weighs lil whims in life heavily already, how could she bear sth so rare tarnished? Thus on guard even more
Btw this is interview of Y I suspect she is fresh in 💕 w someone. If not wrong this is ~Feb, ie deep when AngieC said crew suspected DY r for real, they denied, she said (or AC just sayin + y must they admit to her?! Lol)
Y is screaming : blushing bride
My blaring clue:
This is in Dec, ALSB is airing(?) She is quite certain and picked Lei. The Feb one, still early on in myriads of DY MG stuff, perhaps a first in change of wind on tiresome Si or Lei. There r a few of these shy blushing and around Feb. WHAT is pivot HUH Y?!?
shouldn't say quite certain but she knows herself well and instinctively picked Lei wo reason. After 2 months or so, DMS (or gentler DMS) fr this pt on, she will play coy and said bc drama official OTP bla but these smiles blushes r carboncopy of who else but WHD on Y ?!
Like a pervie stan, Ive stared at these caps a rainy day and can smile like a WHD at them. Tried and true
3. Is advice fr her Dad on how to improve her intimate/kissing scenes
4. She spilled her Dad seriously talked w her on his criteria on SiL #ShenYue
Receipts (tyty to OP)
Post MG, WHD went home grounded himself watched 30+ movies in 20+ days. WRITING ESSAYS on each. posted at weibo studying. His19yrs, sch life was every other day teacher + his folks to sch 4 his menacing, bball, and cartoon chars on walls. Then hiphop
* I'm a HUGE Sean Lau fangirl, been made fun of saying he is so v handsome. So for WHD to say out loud SeanL is so fking handsome. I almost didn't make it fr my own prairie dig screams*
This is shot in July(?) So far we only have the gifs, rest of F5 r there. But only DY wear these WHITE tees fr a v lil obscure brand fr Xiamen… where Y's bff lives. Where Y vacay this summer, posting those again blushingbride pics in red dresses she said she'd b a weddin blogger
SY: No, I'm a wedding blogger (婚庆博主)
These tees fr Just a Lil Lit r so obscure, so cinephilic, so erudite poetic, made in few quantities and one size fits all, thus ~ muscle tee on D, v oversize on Y and w poems on bkstory of design. D's 12 Years a Slave Y's The Professional
I 💕 WHD therefore I 😂 at him. We all watched Inn2 e5 rt? When Pakistani guest was asked how to say 好朋友 he said 'good friend'… D was the only one not 🤣… he…didn't pick up vocab of…good…friend XDD (laf u laf u DD!) I'd like to hear him say Twelve. 1 guess who pay 4 these
poem on D's loose translatn
'life is like a cage, but I still like to wear this burden on my sleeves, my curtsy in dark humor to the world!'
Y's: is there a person on this earth like Leon, opening a window, a safe haven, who loves you so deep so unconditional…
…Protecting you silently thanklessly, tolerating your stubborness,
Love you…
But refuse you.
If not, I want to wear this tee, try to love someone like this on this 地球/ ***DI*** qiu/ Earth.

W T A F #DiYue
*lesigghhhhhh* #DiYue #dyshen
This set of pics were out in Sept(?) Somehow it marked start of a ridiculous much of obscene CP outfits. It will take dozens of posts so have a link https://m.weibo.cn/1817700737/4287501432134497
The yellow plaid w studs is particularly wth. My $$ this is Y's gf stamping
point is we've so much blatant WHD phy PDA. How many fanvids of just his 💕 eyes are there?! Have one: http://www.bilibili.com/video/av32083586

But show me YY's. Her tea more a matter of deductn. Plays along his childish games, she smiles at him when they 笨蛋ing. Rarely initiates.
Not e5
Who'd forget DiYsoulmate MrMa?

D, ty 4 taking gd care of our stomach, ty 4 showing me how worthwhile working in laughter is. Fingers cut, blood sucked, licking wound yet insisted on finishing the sled bleeding. I c how perseverance can b written in blood
On his fav pupil YY:
Inn's prettiest meticulous artist, serious, hardworking, teaching him even minutiae deserve wholehearted attention. MrMa wonders if she's a robot residing w/in memorizing every finer pt, mastering all new skills perfectly.
Then this chat w a fellow DiY

Blessed. What a great example you set to train your students well. You are a fascinating soul like DDYY! 😂

MrMa: (fascinating soul) love fascinating soul 😜

I can read into it as MrM saying D loves Y as well w that 😜 RIGHT?!?!
MrMa is a hotel managemt expert, clearly crazy sharp in reading ppl wo spilling anything unnec in soft spoken eloquence. He left shortly after D's sled is done AND spent most of praise emphasizing his awe w D sled work while bleeding.

And YY 'ignores' DD?!?! Let's talk Mango
No fking way Y didn't bleed💕 out for D knowing, more than we all combined

Either M cut it *will practice my MandoFbombs if someone ping me InnPD # stat*

OR MrMa observed show maneuvering DY 4 misunderstanding. Eg black coat + grumpD, thus 😜 at Y. Still! Mango! **
I'm inclined Y saw D wounds but show left them no DY time. Bet M thot D will throw tantrum, but DY love and trust WINS. Y pores her tenderest attention on D more visibly than her usual. I also thot there's plot w WY vs D they/DD 'messed' up. And D reaches out olive branch.
^This is my fav D e5 moment. What a big 💜 this is sharing meat fillings w W out of nowhere THEN so ecstatic w it and himself! !! Y has her back to this uberbromance moment, how to know when to turn when urDork is at cutest now unless every sense is on him?!?! DYinsync nvr fails
D suggests they buy sth after downing too many buns ladyboss offered. ATTABOY! Funny when W is mistaken as 1 of TFboys trio, D uses meme of Sichuanese guard yelling at fans mixup A as B 'What a fakefan!' like D's fakefriends XD when TFboy on stage calmly 'hi I'm C'
Pretty YY 💜
This is the normal YY when she is just w K + W, more reserved, smiling politely in bkgd, will focus on task at hand 1st, interact w them when nec. She is smiling near doorway not stepping in. She is the well known meme killer but mind is off somewhere...where WHD is outside
If I may she is lurking by the door, worried about him, even holding up that door curtain for him. What a role reversal.
Sorry WY + Kido, they look so happy together like they have been separated for years but actually seconds by that doorway.
Back at the Inn, so sweet of D to be slaving in kitchen quite alone and still sneak out to clap 4 YY. YY checked w D, mustve asked if she can help, pretty sure D learnt fr Boss in e4 and told YY to sing instead, 'water too cold'. DY are eating 3 meals tog as proposed 😉
Cooking time, I've never seen YY fangirling DD so much going 'wahhhh so cool!' And arghh WYGe if u r scared of the fire fr stove and them, the kitchen is huge. That smile on her face must be worth scorching ur beanie and brows huh DD?!
Then THIS must perhaps prior to Y fangirling cookD:
Shoddy M editing has to limit them appearing same screen huh!?
BUT! !
DY is together somewhere else outside w coats coming in tog! We can delulu all we want HA!
If M is savvy w editing this shouldn't b caught
The seating arrangement raises my brow. D has been sitting farthest fr TJ+Boss, last out of kitchen. I think this time Y stayed w him and came to dining rm tog, picks her seat and allows Great D Wall to happen. my deduction.
And WHD is using his everything to radar YY
YY is just waving hand to catch K attention, both getting a compliment. WHD can't control not stealing glance at her when she faces his direction entire nite. Jelly some more when they hi5, overacting his stoic/none of his biz but those elbows lol so deflated D is insanely adorbs
If Y just as much is jumpy, he looks
And… he maybe picking her fuzz? If so wth WHD! How large a universe of love is required to be so focused on Y to notice fuzz w eyes, cams alcohol, sensory overload, and sweater fuzzy to begin w! fastidious other half suggested he must be feeling up her arm, noticed tactilely
Even in the middle of guffawing, as soon as he hears Y starts laughing he abandons WYGe and laughs with her. I have no words how cute this is w audio.

YY noted.
There is a minute change in WHD fr MG days, st this dinner party whenever he invades YY's space he would always steal a split second glance as if to be sure he won't be too overboard. Rewatch it w eagle eyes, it is almost every freaken time
This is most obvious one. He deliberately looks before leaning further.
If u ask me I think D is trying mightiest to protect YY and reign in physical intimacy so organic btn them for so many MG months. He still begs to cling to her if within boundaries. insanely Noble ourD
How will WHD hesitate, be slowest in group in leaning back, falling on Y's thigh?
MG WHD wouldve bumped her, she is jumpy thus scared, hit back and D now massaging her thigh in his softest punches in front of camera with no shame. If it is just about him, he could tell the world he still wet his bed 12 yos, ie a few yrs ago
D leans on, Y is still laughing and when he could make himself sit up again, he steals a glance at her, any part of her. We have seen him parkour, I didn't see him glancing at those can poke a hole in his behind cold metal much tearing clothes on.
Doesn't this remind of D stealing all those glances at her this infamous interview of DY skinship overload?!
Who isn't scratching head what why did MrEddie talk with this 'single' teenager about any pact (fr caption) on bringing a bride from Hunan home now?! The only logical link is YY is from Hunan, go figure. You r the one making all the knowing, w schemes faces DD.
What we could see, SY was there in person, MrMa's praise her incessantly in her extraordinary attention to minute details, this is not just details, this is DiDi.

am a masochist, I'd give a limb for them in a saddest melodrama and slice my heart gd.
These 2 October days at the Inn must be intensely emotional 4 YY, even just as coworker w D. Oct last yr, ALSB hasn't aired, they were already into MG preproduction. What a roller coaster ride 4 YY, fr ALBS being manic hit, to attracting all unwanted attention...
...this co-worker was there phy by her side thro the thickest and thinnest. He must've seen her cry more hysterically than we could imagine, but he, his childish ways had put giggles in her. D1 seems to be back to gd o days, but the day they just had, was emotional to the hilt
here he is, still attentive to her every whim, slight jolt in her, he has to check out if she is ok. New is getting has grown up a bit, he is more wary of decorum. Y is tearing up, but the vision of WHD losing his marbles for her is as hard to bear.
She didn't see that soft weighted glance we r all weak by, but his tlc could not escape her. And she is nth but the most grateful appreciative friend. (She does not have eyes on back of head, but there is this ep.)
DD seems a bit out of sorts, perhaps he just hates to be apart fr his buddies. But then when Boss jokes about who's the white eyed wolf (blind at judgment, ungrateful, disloyal beast) he points at YY. Like what he whines corn cob bts dissing SC lol I dun doubt YY rem that bts
It must be a relief to see him back to his whiny puppy frank ways, not a stretch he is bumped seeing YY friendly w even Kido (so cute). That pat on back by Y, a nod she is back his willing bickering partner, that SMILE even when he hit her thigh makes WHD the happiest guy
I will spazz it here, they look happier more content at ease w each other than the newly engaged rl couple, to have somehow mend those tiny jolts of whatever emotions frayed btn them by simply their way of feeling each other by hitting touching/flirting lol …
'White Eyed Wolf' /ungrateful wretch she teases you and only you, covering her mouth, even you can barely hear it.

They r visibly inebriated, thoughts throwing freer, actions less inhibited.

bet a baby AJ1 the subtext is WYYY arc DD goes along + their more controlled skinship
D: SY said we are white eyed wolves! ( ie teenage boy showing off the bickering/loverydovey w his girl to peers)
Y: nono…
Boss the sage: so most importantly who is the white eyed wolf now?!
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