Ultimate dream concerts. A thread.
01) Queen + ???? (Adam Lambert. Or some other frontman who could pass as Mercury's energy double.) Please!
02) Salt-N-Pepa. Shoop. I'm classifying myself as someone who was born in the wrong time. Shoop. And 'coz of Jeffords' & Peralta's rendition of Whatta Man. Nine-nine! #90sBaby
03) @thelonelyisland, for very obvious reasons. Or like an SNL reunion where I'm at the audience clapping like a retarded seal. Or something of that nature. Digital Shorts!!!! Donkey roll. 💯
04) @LadyGaga. Crowd favorite. BUT in an intimate...operatic, V-day kind-of lounge party. Think: Her "La Vie En Rose" rendition from A Star is Born. Or her grand Oscar Awards '15 performance (Because the hills are alive with the sound of music...♥). Damn. That voice.
05) @FooFighters. What if I say they're not like the others? Lol. They've impressed me all year. Wasn't a big fan before, with the exception of some chart-toppers. And Dave Grohl is something else. Everlong. (PS. They are huge Queen fans! Their Under Pressure cover is 👏👏👏)
06) A @SantanaCarlos, @Slash, @SergioMendes music extravaganza. Or a music festival which showcases all my fave instrumentalists, singers and latinx beats, with a twist! I could go on for hours. My mind is exloding. 🌋 Oye como va mi ritmo!
07) Motown/Soul faves. @DianaRoss, @ChakaKhan, @ArethaFranklin (RIP), @TheStylistics4, @EarthWindFire, @JamesIngramsing, Hot Chocolate, The Jackson 5, The Supremes, @LionelRichie, even local faves VST & Co., The Boyfriends, Hotdog... I could only dream. Too much of an old soul.
08) @BrunoMars. Hasn't been achieved just yet. Almost had my luck with this one. But it will come. I know it. Loved this guy since high school, with my Doo-wops & Hooligans playlist on repeat. Even my family loves him! If not with the King of Pop, my man will do. 🕺
09) @Maroon5. Another pass at a chance, keep beating myself over it. Some years ago I've been slow, but I swear I will see these guys. Fave album will always be a tie between SAJ&&HAO.
10) @IncubusBand. I cannot get over these guys!!! My uncles have been a big influence on me growing up, which explains these guys and a whole lotta others. Y101 too, where I get to have a birthday greeting on air every year during the rest of the 90s. 🤭 So there. Make yourself.
11) @OfficialSting. Or a reunion of The Police, for that matter. Englishman in New York and Roxanne, please.
12) @TheRoots, or @BigMountainBand. Since I couldn't get my hands on Bob Marley (Jah bless his soul) and The Wailers, though I have their full discography. I JUST WANNA SHAKE MY STRESS AWAY. And psychedelic soul/reggaeton is something that's therapeutic... IMO. 🌿
13) @Metallica. Enter Sandman, obvs. Doesn't matter if their kids ridicule their music. Lol. They're one of the coolest old guys in the history of metal. 🔗
14) @AndreaBocelli. I have huge doses of mush in my system. Cuando Me Enamoro, Besame Mucho, Somos Novios... The list is endless. And I'm always floating whenever I hear his operatic pop renditions. "If God would have a singing voice, he must sound a lot like Andrea Bocelli." ✨
15) Orinoco Flow + No More "I Love You's"

'Nuff said. @official_enya @AnnieLennox
16) @PearlJam ♥ If Daddy Vedder is in it, I'd still be sold. Please. Please. Please.
17) @ChiliPeppers 🌶 Listened to a considerable part of their discography, even their latest album is the shit. 👌 Childhood fave. Just. This is everything. And Flea! He is insatiable. Lol.
18) @Alanis. The epitome of total feminine strength 💪 Musical Rosie the Riveter. In my opinion. And a 90s icon.
19) Thought about @cyndilauper and her "She's So Unusual" album that I HAVE TO GET ON VINYL. And an update on this thread. Love. Girls just wanna have lunch.
20) @IAMANITABAKER :) Because of my unusual tastes and my affinity to musical greats. Like this woman is so underrated. Ugh I cannot-- YAS QUEEN
21) @U2 because why not. My mom's fave band. ♥ But maybe after a bit since I can't go to the PH/SG tour so Bono, pls don't stop any time soon 🎤
22) Forgot about this thread LOL. But.... @tylerthecreator ✨
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