2. We knew there was a lot going on with the #Chinese, the #ClintonFoundation, #HRC (hillary) and #BC (bill). More so, why'd #Hussein (obama) allow this to happen? Note, it wasn't until 2009 that a billionaire Chinese felon, convicted of illegally funding #BC's campaign, got a...
3. ...waiver from his felony conviction, to re-enter the #UnitedStates, under #HRC's state department. Also interesting, it was leaked he visited MULTIPLE times and even attended high level meetings with not just #HRC, not just #BC, but also with #Hussein! https://gop.com/leaked-email-convicted-felon-james-riady-funding-clinton-foundation-initiative/
4. Quote from @BreitbartNews: "There was more than just money involved in the Riady/Lippo debacle, as there have long been suspicions the Chinese government was involved, using Lippo’s donations to buy access to American missile technology. There’s no question China got the...
6. So, we have a Chinese - Indonesian billionaire who illegally gave LARGE sums of money to the Clinton's in their various campaigns for government positions as well as other democrat in their races. He has known the Clinton's since the 70's when BC was governor of Arkansas.
7. This same billionaire was allowed to buy and run a bank in Arkansas with BC's gubernatorial approval in Arkansas. Then, he's charged with illegally funding the BC presidential campaign; found guilty, and forced to pay millions in fines. He was subsequently barred from the U.S.
8. But, HRC waives his federal court ordered ban from the US a year into her role as #SecretaryOfState, allowing him back to the US multiple times. While they were supposed to be "family visits" or seeing "friends" it ended up including MAJOR business meetings with several of...
9. ...the US's highest ranking officials including Hussein, BC, and HRC along with heads of aerospace companies and other major businesses. We're told he visited numerous places on these trips, then "gifted" money to those places, often developing business deals with them later.
10. #BreitbartNews tells us he was seeking U.S. missile technology. By looking at advances in weapons technology in China shortly after his trips, he was obviously successful! But does it stop there? What about the other visits? What other state secrets did he obtain?
11. Question is, WHO gave him those secrets? We know HRC's state department gave him permission to enter, even though he was banned. We know he met with her, Bill, and Hussein on several occasions, even though those meetings were in violation of his "permitted reasons to visit".
12. We know he was allowed to do business with entities and corporations in the US despite having a federal court ordered ban for felonious crimes against the US. Is there not even a hint of conflict of interest here? Do you not see the BLATANT disrespect for the law?
13. Then there's this:




You ready for this?
14. The very same James Riady and his enormous company is now being investigated for "BRIBERY" of officials to allow his new company to illegally kick start a $20 BILLION dollar venture! I wonder who tipped off the authorities? It doesn't stop there though...look at this!
15. From Asia Times: "Both US graduates, the brothers are part of the inner circle of James Riady, who became known internationally for his relationship with former US president Bill Clinton; they first met in 1978 in Little Rock, Arkansas, where Lippo had bought a local bank."
16. Also from the same link: "The Meikarta bribery case has raised concerns among the thousands of people who have made substantial down-payments on apartments and offices..."
18. Reno plead guilty on behalf of Riady so he wouldn't have to appear, totally removing any chances of physically arresting him ensuring jail time was off the table. She actually wrote his confession for him!

But, what the Riady family was REALLY interested in, was mining!
20. More and more articles just like these keep popping up from the past 40 years. There's a never ending cycle of illegal, unethical, masterminded moves by this billion dollar corporation, and it just keeps leading back to the clintons and the clinton foundation.
22. Then, there's this. Hidden away in an unsuspecting location, I have a feeling this is a "pre-4chan" type post. Obviously this site is not a normal domain for this info BUT what a CRUMB! It's 11 years old, and has SO MUCH info! COPY and SAVE!

23. I can't even begin to copy and paste or even summarize this find. You all need to read it for yourself. This is one of the most vast compilations of info on this Clinton/Riady relationship. It goes without saying, this is LONG OVERDUE to expose!

So, one last question...
24. In 1998 this site showed Bill and Hillary Clinton's VAST wealth. (sarcasm) They had a total worth of liquid assets of about $200k, several small life insurance policies, and an expected retirement of less than $6k a year coming to him from Arkansas. https://www.pionline.com/article/19980824/PRINT/808240739/hell-get-by-with-help-from-the-government-tiny-pension-big-allowance-await-clinton
26. These people made $100 million in book sales and speeches as they recalled their greatest moments, their most harrowing decisions, and their fondest memories. Yet under oath in a court room, they couldn't remember shit! So, are their books legit memoirs or just more lies?
27. A crazy question...how did they build $12 MILLION in debt while BC was president, when they had $200k in the bank in 1998? Then turn around and make $240 million in the years after the white house? What changed? The clinton foundation, LIPPO China and the Riady family!
28. Then, full circle, we're back to Guangzhou China, where #Q told us to go in the first place! In 2003 the Bill and Chelsea Clinton foundation bought watered down AIDS/HIV drugs for victims of the disease in Africa, at ROCK BOTTOM prices. They were paid millions for this deal.
32. You can continue to research one parent company after another, one shell corporation after another. Eventually it leads to this company, http://www.minmetals.com/english/  . It is a Chinese government owned mining company. Do you understand this? Bill and Chelsea Clinton foundation...
33. ...bought tainted, watered down HIV/AIDS drugs from a company that is owned by the Chinese government. You get that?

Is there a tie to Lippo company and James Riady? Well, I find it somewhat peculiar that these Bloomberg business pages with these Chinese businesses I've...
34. ..linked to for Ranbaxy have NO company owners, board members, executives, etc., listed for those companies. COINCIDENCE? However, if you look up the pharma company you find it was evaluated by the SEC and, ready? It's office is in Guangdong. https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/vprr/0403/04035494.pdf
35. Seeing the connection yet? Q said: "Guangdong = Guangzhou = Shenzhen?" in post 2380.

Look at page #2, actually 4th page of that PDF, where's their offices located??? In the LIPPO center! https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/vprr/0403/04035494.pdf
This is as far as I can seem to get. There's obviously more but there's so many various companies and names and what not. I've been having trouble finding the other connections. This is where I leave it...for now!

God Bless!

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