The Nigerian Army was never designed to be a "citizen's army". It was designed as a tool for oppression by the colonial masters. It still reflects its colonial heritage - still treats ordinary Nigerians the same way a colonial force like Belgium's "Force Publique" would.
The Southern Nigeria and Northern Nigerian Regiment of the Royal West African Frontier Force used to organise "punitive expeditions" - e.g., if you killed a white man, like a district commissioner, the British would suspend the rule of law & raise your community to the ground.
The British had a term for that kind of action; "putting the fear of God into the locals" - as they gulped their obligatory "gin and tonic".

So there's nothing in the colonial DNA of the Nigerian Army suggesting a respect for human rights or respect for "bloody civilians".
This truly terrible colonial foundation was later compounded by decades of military rule and impunity.

Some in the U.S. Military believe they can "train the Nigerian Military to respect human rights" - they are simply wasting their time. (Americans tend to be naive).
The pressure on the Nigerian Military to respect human rights will have to come from ordinary Nigerian citizens. There's a tough, long struggle ahead - and it is not looking good (the bunch of politically motivate frauds known as "Nigerian Civil Society" have largely absconded).
Hugh Trenchard aka "Nwa Ngwele" (son of a lizard), was the leading terror of the Southern Nigeria Regiment. The same brutal tactics he deployed at Nnewi - are still deployed by senior military officers in Nigeria today.
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