This Undercover jacket is amazing.
I generally don't care for hoodies, but She Brings The Rain is also very cool. Also by Undercover.
This color is just great. Like a mulberry or something.
Eyes of the heart.
This is my absolute ultimate clothing grail. In part because I will never have it, since it doesn't seem like it was ever produced. The "Black" line was real, but this seems to be the one and only picture of this thing to even exist.
Parkas aren't super my thing, and this doesn't mesh with my aesthetic, but the Raf Simons New Order parka looks cool nonetheless. Very rare and extremely expensive these days.
Commes Des Garcons x Undercover
Comme Des Garcons.
Undercover x 2001.
Life is a catwalk.
The universe a runway.
Build a future of radiant joy.
More Undercover. This one is lovely. It came in a few different colors.
Time for some high fashion bondage jackets! In the context of high fashion, this usually means it has a lot of straps. Dolce and Gabbana did a lot of these for some reason.
Both of these are downright post-apocalyptic, which is interesting. That first one is VERY rare, and I will probably never get to see it in person, much less wear one.
This Raf bomber isn’t usually seen in this context, but it’s visually similar.
Non high fashion bondage jackets are common, and can be fun. I’d love to design one along these lines, but with all black hardware and a more constructed nature.

Unlike most, mine would be, ah, fully functional in terms of bondage use...
Helmut Lang asymmetric alpaca sweater. This is really neat.
Dolce and Gabbana burgundy/blood leather double breasted blazer. I've always loved this, but I don't think I've ever seen it for sale...
Brown isn't quite my color, but in an otherwise black ensemble I could make these work. Especially with tan suede SLP/SEF Jodhpurs or Wyatt's.
Chrome Hearts is one of those things that is obscenely expensive to a truly bizarre and pointless degree. But this design is cool nonetheless.
This flower and skull bomber by Dior is beautiful. Spring/Summer 2017, apparently.
It has a D and G hanger, but that's just a pic from a secondhand market site. It's a Dior piece.
OMG this Amiri jacket is beautiful!
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