15 years ago my wife died from a treatable condition
I worked 10-12 hrs/day as an RN.
We couldn't get her health insurance. #PreExistingConditions of asthma were denied
She wasn't covered her under mine, it wasn't legal.
Instead of us buying a house, I paid for her funeral
Repubs announced if they keep majority they will repeal ACA & insurance companies will again deny people with #PreExistingConditions
They will again vote to make discrimination legal & call it #ReligiousLiberty
We are going backwards.
Please dont let us go back there

16 years later and they're still trying. @gop are still suing to take away healthcare for #PreExistingConditions
Elections have consequences.
#VoteBlue2020 #saveourcare
We outnumber republicans.
▶️ If we show up, we win◀️ #ProtectPreExistingConditions
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