"Known for his cantankerous nature, racist vitriol & inability to see past his nose, the Last King of Mar-a-Lago, rules the 50 independent North American states with a heavy hand"
"The international community - led by the Addis Ababa-based African Union Commission - has issued a statement calling for calm & condemning the threats of violence"
"Speaking on the ticking timebomb that could send shockwaves in an otherwise peaceful region, a highly esteemed commentator notes that the situation should be dealt with delicately."
"Tensions are always high there. It's like a boiling pot. Remember, this is a country built on slavery, a military industrial complex & centuries of racist segregation."
(A special thanks to @BinyavangaW whose "How to write about Africa" is a constant source of inspiration in this biased patronising world. cc @africasacountry)
[patiently waiting for the 2020 statements condemning rigging or what you like…]
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