Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Carlton and I’m a constitutional conservative. I believe what is best for me, may not be best for others. I use to be a Democrat and a #guncontrol liberal until 3 bullets woke my ass up. In other words, I was a victim of a home invasion.
After being shot, I started to research and invest into the second amendment. From there I was bitten by the #guncollecting bug. I grew my gun collection from a single maverick 88 shotgun to the 25 guns you see in this video. I did this with hard work and determination.
While researching the second amendment and #gunculture as a whole, I became an advocate for both. Becoming a advocate on behalf of #gunowners was met with a onslaught of bashing and criticism. Many of my liberal friends didn’t like my new found hobby, so they distance themselves.
After the immature silent treatment from people I thought were my friends, I sought to find other #gunowners online to join the fight against misinformation about the #2A, #gunculture and #gunowners. In 2013, shortly after the #SandyHookSchoolShooting, I joined Twitter.
Once on Twitter I started researching the hashtag #gunsense. This was the political slogan my once allies were using to push more misinformation about firearms and the culture surrounding it. I engaged a lot of the big name Twitter accounts first. @momsdemand @csgv @Everytown &-
@shannonrwatts. All blocked me immediately of course, you can’t have logic and facts enter a emotional debate. I started to gain a bit of a following from the conservative side of Twitter because of my debating skills and witty comebacks against #GunControl liberals.
Some of the comments I use to get from some of the #GunControl liberals were quite funny and sad. They include “You’re a smartass” “You’re a asshole” “You’re not black” “You’re a fake black man” “You’re a token of the NRA” and “You don’t know the struggle of your people”
Of course this name calling never bothered me. I’ve people try to swat my house, call me a baby killer because of my stance against any assault weapons ban, try to report me as a domestic terrorist to the #FBI and #ATF for simply showing a picture of my guns.
A wise man once said “Your rivals tell lies about you to discredit you in hopes that your admirers won’t find your message so appealing”. But I never let that stop me from denouncing anything that was anti freedom or progression.
Because of the lies that I witness coming from #GunControl liberals, I started to wonder what other things they were lying about. So I started to do more research on conservative ideology. While researching, I discovered that I identify more with the constitutional conservative
Taxes, immigration, healthcare and the most important idea, the second amendment are things I mostly care about. Constitutional conservatism is the ideology I felt best described my political beliefs. Work hard and embrace freedom I felt was the best course of action for the USA
I am a man who will stand on the side of freedom. I will always work hard and will never let the government convince me it knows best. I’m not a fan of any politician Liberal or Conservative, I’m a fan of the Constitution. Stand up for the #2A because #AllGunControlisRacist
Love your country, question your government.
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