a thread of idols who are BBH-ls
this thread will include idols who have mentioned wanting to work with baekhyun, those who look up to him as a role model and some fanboy/fangirl moments!
Bae Jinyoung from Wanna One has always biased Baekhyun and Jongin as the EXO members he loves most and mentioned he would want to collab with Baekhyun if he ever got the chance to!
Niel from Teentop said he wanted to become friends with Baekhyun and play games with him! 🎮
Jisung from NCT Dream chose Baekhyun as his role model saying he wants to follow his lifestyle because of the positive energy he has that allows him to get along with people and make friends easily 🌟
Lim Jeong Hee chose Baekhyun as one of the most talented artists she would like to work with. After seeing him preform the national anthem, she praises his vocals and says he stood out to her the most despite not knowing all the EXO member’s names.
The NCT members were asked if there is a senior they would want to collab with and Jaehyun chose Baekhyun! a collab from the two vocal princes we have yet to receive 📀
members of The Boyz’s cute reaction after Baekhyun greeted them. Younghoon shook Changmin’s shoulders out of excitement and they looked so happy 😭 truly the biggest bbh-ls
Punch mentioned that she would like to collab with Baekhyun after listening to his song “Dream”. She said that his voice was so sweet and she’d love to collab for a sweet song with him someday!
Jisung watched Baekhyun’s vlives and said that he looked so cool that it inspired him to do vlives without makeup on as well!
Hyunjae from The Boyz said that one of the first kpop stars he liked was Baekhyun and that he would like to collaborate with him someday
Kim Donghan from JBJ said he looks up to Baekhyun’s stage presence and practices his gestures when dancing to improve on his own stage style!
Dal from @SIS_twt wishes to collab with Baekhyun and mentioned that she likes his voice!
Inseong and Youngbin are fans of Baekhyun along with the rest of the SF9 members who highly respect EXO! Inseong who has looked up to Baekhyun especially, mentioned that he has been his role model for a long time
Kogun from Lucente chose Baekhyun as one of the artists he’d like to collaborate with!
Hwanhee from Up10tion said that EXO is his favourite senior group and that if he ever meets Baekhyun he will tell him he loves him! 💛
Mark from NCT 127 impersonating Baekhyun’s high note from Overdose! his juniors looking up to him as the coolest vocalist 😭
Baekhyun receiving flowers from Golden Child’s member Jaehyun after their first win for Tempo! he’s a big fan of EXO and especially Baekhyun 💞 https://twitter.com/sweet_gncd_/status/1060825694127550464/video/1
Baekhyun went to welcome Golden Child and Jaehyun was talking about how happy and blessed he was to see his favourite senior idol and role model 🥰
Jaehyun also took photos with Baekhyun! He expressed how he will become a cool singer like him learning from his skills and heart~ https://twitter.com/hi_goldenness/status/1061531204149633025
BM from Kard said he fell for Baekhyun after seeing his part in Kokobop!
New Kidd’s main vocal Hwi chose Baekhyun as his role model and mentioned his hope to preform on stage with him someday! http://chicnewsm.mk.co.kr/article.php?aid=1533194907204497012
Haechan from NCT wearing privé’s classic logo tee!!
Bong Jaehyun changed his phone wall paper to the photo he took with Baekhyun 😭
Jaehyun was intently waiting for Baekhyun’s killing part to come while watching EXO’s Tempo performance! His biggest fanboy indeed 🥰
Bong Jaehyun’s fans giving him framed photos of Baekhyun and a dollar bill with their photo together on it #Jaehyun2ndWin
WinWin, Doyoung and Haechan singing Baekhyun and Suzy’s Dream!
Yeonho from VERIVERY mentioned Baekhyun as an idol he respects and wants to be like https://twitter.com/8o4125/status/1089192243871723521
Chanhee from The Boyz chose Young in a list of songs he’d like to cover in the future! ©️ bbyuns
Hotshot’s Sungwoon covered Exo Next Door’s OST “Beautiful” by Baekhyun
V.O.S’s Choi Hyunjun praising Baekhyun’s vocal capabilities https://twitter.com/knetsonbaekhyun/status/1110153563207012352
dongkiz member, jonghyeong recommending baekhyun and soyou’s collab song “Rain” to listen to on a rainy day https://twitter.com/dongkiz_dy/status/1127935567373541376
VIXX member ravi following baekhyun and showing his support for his solo debut!
hyunjae and jacob from the boyz jamming to un village, they mentioned they like baekhyun’s voice
AB6IX donghyun‘s song recommendations included that’s okay and un village
skz’s hyunjin mentioning un village as a song recommendation
nct doyoung checking out un village’s mv and performance. he said he found baekhyun very cool! https://twitter.com/izhongs/status/1153997159743668224/video/1
ateez member jongho mentioning baekhyun as an idol he wants to collab with and member san planning to cover un village
idol lee sungjun chooses baekhyun as his role model and mentioned he likes his style of music!
TVXQ changmin wearing privé’s measure hood
shinee’s taemin praising baekhyun as a vocalist https://twitter.com/byunles/status/1182429806866173952
wayv yangyang added UN Village to his playlist
seungmin from stray kids singing UN Village
kim wooseok saying he admires baekhyun’s voice while listening to cbx’s someone like you https://twitter.com/littleprince_96/status/1004693857932414977/video/1
LOONA’s heejin chose UN Village as one of the songs she listens to most these days https://twitter.com/orrery_nim/status/1192404826405031937
back in august, ahn hyeongseop from PD101 S2 mentioned he often listened to UN Village https://twitter.com/berrypz4/status/1198466967243411457/video/1
byun hyunmin from K-TIGERS ZERO who decided to become an idol after seeing baekhyun in 2015 ✨
WayV’s xiaojun chose baekhyun as a main vocal he wants to collab with
kyungheon from We In The Zone mentioned baekhyun as the idol he admires. he often listens to his music and wants to meet him someday https://twitter.com/LucetE_GIF/status/1215273039056662528/video/1
simyeong from bvndit wearing privé’s motion tea ✨
yonggeun from D1CE played baekhyun’s ost My Love during his vlive
D1CE’s yonggeun also released a cover of UN Village
jongho from ateez included My Love in his before you sleep playlist https://twitter.com/atzsunrise/status/1225084743269486592
AB6IX woojin played my love during his vlive
yeonho from verivery singing my love
Verivery’s Yeonho listening to Baekhyun’s OST On The Road https://twitter.com/km_o30125/status/1234110964728913921
when song hyeongjun was asked how he felt about being baekhyun’s onepick, he reacted shyly saying he felt honoured and that baekhyun is his pick too! he also mentioned wanting to meet baekhyun after debut and that he likes UN Village
Seonghwa from Ateez listening to My Love https://twitter.com/atzwy/status/1233306225774747654/video/1
jiu from dreamcatcher singing dream by baekhyun & suzy https://twitter.com/bubohus/status/1234233578621460481/video/1
1TEAM covering my love
hongseok from pentagon singing my love
gaeko saying baekhyun is his favourite artist well wheres the collab
minhyun from NU’EST singing my love
seunghun of CIX covered baekhyun’s OST My Love https://twitter.com/cix_twt/status/1249340902281076736
yechan from pink fantasy covered baekhyun’s OST, on the road
she’s also posted a cover of My Love
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