7/Last night Trump described the targets of the pipe bomb campaign as "former elected officials," which is not true and an obvious attempt to downplay the significance of the incident, giving a form of cover to the person who carried this out. It was beyond reckless, dangerous.
8/My point - right wing extremist violence is on the rise in America, and it is being directly aided & abetted by the Trump Admin and Republican Party organizations. There is no both sides on this one. GOP playing w/fire here, and when it burns cannot blame others for the damage.
9/Just isn't two sides on the issue of domestic terrorism, or political violence. A helpful chart. https://twitter.com/ianbremmer/status/1055488404522098689
10/Whole "violence" discussion reinforces fundamental asymmetry of GOP and Dems now. Rs have become a radical, ideologically driven party, Dems remain a pragmatic, practical one. Threat of RW violence is real, growing, dangerous. No center-left equivalent. https://twitter.com/JuliaDavisNews/status/1056166921899524097
13/And yes there is this https://twitter.com/lourdesgnavarro/status/1056219691860004864
15/More.....from @ThePlumLineGS https://twitter.com/ThePlumLineGS/status/1056911038275350528
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