Storyline War - a thread

1) We're all aware of the social and logistical challenges of exposing (and destroying) the Cabal, but one thing we haven't talked about much is the 'storyline' itself.

In a nutshell?

We are dealing with TWO REALITIES.
One real and one false.
2) Our 'reality' isn't real.

We've been lied to about history, science, math, physics, space, religion and consciousness.

The goal? To confuse us and keep us from discovering the truth.

But we have a HUGE advantage because THEY HAVE TO MAINTAIN THE STORYLINE AND WE DONT!! ✨
3) The Cabal has used the MSM to create a false reality that is superimposed over TRUTH. It's a 'story'.

And for the Cabal to win, the story must not be broken or CROSS THE BOUNDARIES OF INCREDULITY.

...and that's where I believe Q's attack will come from.

4) Think about this.
If Trump and Q were to reveal the truth about a single topic, NK for example, the Cabal storyline would immediately be broken.

The truth would end the 'story' and the Cabal (with nothing to lose), would most likely attack.
Scorched Earth style.
5) Instead, when we strike a blow against the Cabal, I believe Trump and Q often provide an (undesirable) escape route that allows our enemy to extend the false narrative a bit longer at the expense of the believability of the story.
6) Break the storyline and the spell unravels. But it has to be done slowly - death by a thousand cuts.

Is that what we're witnessing?

Gang rape parties? Hacked up with a bone saw? 1/1024th Native American?

Are the Cabal being forced down the path of ridiculousness? 🤔
Think of our advantage!
If we always give them a bridge to cross (even an absurd one), they have no choice but to use it (unless they're ready to throw away DECADES of planning and manipulation). They didn't expect Q and they have no defense prepared for this type of attack.
So while we have a wide variety of paths we can steer the story down, the Cabal is extremely limited in their responses. The storyline must survive intact for them to maintain control.
It can be brutal waiting day after day for the ball to drop, but TRUST THE PLAN!
Have faith that not only are we winning, but that Q has lined up an AMAZING ending based on the Cabal's storyline limitations.

So grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show because we're about to watch Q make the Cabal destroy themselves. 😉

I wrote this awhile ago, but think of all the absurd news items that have happened since...
1) World attacks kid for standing silently (Covington)
2) “Maga-Country” attack (Smollett)
3) Cow farts (Green New Deal)
4) I watched porn with mom (Hickenlooper)
Etc, etc...
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