@kavita_krishnan #InstantTripleTalaq ban dealt with civil rights. Forgot Hindu Bill 1951?It took 71 years for the former while Hindus adapted in 4 years. You must compare apple to apple. There is no point comparing #sabarimala with #InstantTripleTalaq 1/n cc @DimpleAtra https://twitter.com/kavita_krishnan/status/1052437497131741185
3/n @kavita_krishnan Sabarimala allows women. Millions of women visit Sabarimala every year. But, before the age of 10 and after the age of 50.
Sabarimala doesn’t distinguish people on the base of religion unlike other temples in Kerala.
4/n But, there is a restriction for ladies between 10 and 50.Sabarimala is not a 24 x 7 and 365 days temple. It is opened for a very few days only. And every devotee visiting Ayyappa shrine are called as Ayyappa.
5/n They all have to wear the same kind of clothing.This uniformity in devotees is a specialty of Sabarimala Ayyappa temple and no one questions it. Everyone should have same kind of cloth bag and hence the rich, poor, middle class - everyone looks the same. No distinction at all
6/n Before entering Sabarimala Ayyappa temple,there is another temple where the devotees go. Its the temple for a goddess - Malikappurathamma. Malikappurathamma loved Ayyappan and wanted to marry him.
7/n But, Ayyappan said - “I have already decided to be a Naishtika brahmachaari. So I’ll not be able to marry you. But, If there is a time when Kanni Ayyappans (First Time Sabarimala Visitors) stop coming to visit me, then at that time, I’ll marry you.”
8/n Till, then, Ayyappan did not want young women to come and see him. Because of the love and care he had for Malikappurathamma, this decision is taken. And the tradition is carried out for 1000s of years.
9/n @kavita_krishnan in case u want to defend it wrt Haji Ali then bring forward a similar logical folklore which runs around it. I’m sure u won’t find one as the trend at Haji Ali is misogynistic.
10/n Since SC has given a verdict I will definitely abide it but will not let misinformation spread around. The point to ponder is u want to go to a particular deity as u have faith in his/her doctrine. One can’t say that I want to worship a deity & not respect him as well.
N/n @kavita_krishnan hope u refrain from misinforming people. Counter if u can. Cc @DimpleAtra @RatanSharda55 @vivekagnihotri @BJP4India @Swamy39
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