1) The best I can do in patching together a history for N529JK. These are known facts regarding the ownership of the plane. None of these transactions involved people's names. Once N529JK was "sold" by JFK Jr. the plane resided in rather interesting small aviation sales ...
2) … companies. So now the history:

Cessna 182Q Skylane II S/N 18265525

1977-04-25 – Airworthiness Date (Ownership data not found)

1997-07-01 – Sky Path Aviation LLC begins (FAA Certification Number – D001348) Brian Calcagne, previously owned Hub Florist LLC. ...
3)...Sky Path Aviation is a aircraft sales company.

1998 – April JFK Jr. earned his Pilot License

1998 – JFK Jr. Bought N529JK (NY Post) Photos show plane and JFK Jr at CDW (NJ).

1999-04-28 – JFK Jr. Buys N9253N through Random Ventures, Inc.

1999-05 – JFK Jr. Sells N529JK
4) … (presumably to Sky Path Aviation LLC)

1999-05-27 – Sky Path Aviation LLC – Fairfield, NJ (CDW) – N-Number Assigned (N529JK) (Certification Issue Date)

1999-07-16 - Plane Crash - JFK Jr. presumed dead.

2000 – Anonymous Owner attempted to sell plane but didn’t ...
5) … get asking price.

2002-05-14 – Sky Path Aviation LLC – Fairfield, NJ (CDW) – Triennial Aircraft Registration form mailed – not returned by PO.

2004-11-10 – Plane went up for Auction – minimum bid $180,000 by http://Lelands.com .
6) … 2005-05-17 – Sky Path Aviation LLC – Fairfield, NJ (CDW) – Triennial Aircraft Registration form mailed – not returned by PO.

2005-10-06 – Sky Path Aviation LLC – Denville, NJ (CDW) – N-Number Assigned and Registered (New Owner?)
2006-08-24 – Registration Pending ...
7) … (individual) – Stafford, VA

2006-11-03 – SkyDogs LLC – Stafford, VA (RMN) – N-Number Assigned and Registered (Certification Issue Date)

2006-11-03 – Current Certificate Issued SkyDogs LLC – Fairfax, VA

2007-06-14 – SkyDogs LLC – Fairfax, VA (RMN) - N-Number ...
8) … Assigned and Registered – New address for SkyDogs LLC

2009 (Jan) – “Flyhound” buys a 1/5th share of N529JK

2010-06-15 – SkyDogs LLC – Fairfax, VA (RMN) – First Notice for Re-Registration/Renewal

2012-10-31 – SkyDogs LLC – Fairfax, VA (RMN) – First Notice ...
9)…for Registration Renewal

2014-01-07 – “Flyhound” looks to sell his 1/5th share (3 original owners at that time)

2015-03-03 – “Flyhound” had sold his 1/5 share to buy a Maule prior to this date

2015-05-12 – Last Action Date

2018-10-31 – Current Certificate Expiration Date
10) ... This is all the data I could find. This is not to say that the plane was in holding for JFK Jr. by both Sky Path Aviation (at CDW) or SkyDogs (at RMN). Both companies are listed as aviation sales companies, yet neither seem to be selling planes in any significant ...
11) … amounts. Sky Path Aviation currently has no planes for sale. Both companies appear to be front companies whose job is to hold N529JK. It is interesting that in 2000, an ANONYMOUS owner was trying to sell.

Make of this as you will!
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