Don’t go outside at night, never walk alone, don’t park in the dark, go to the bathrooms in twos, never take a drink from a guy, carry mace, don’t wear revealing clothes, don’t flirt, don’t drink at a party...” Just a few of the rules women must follow to avoid being raped. 1)
Women must be heavily regulated because we mustn’t tell men not to rape women or hold them accountable when they do. Being innocent until proven guilty just doesn’t work for sexual predators. Sometimes there is no possible way to “prove” sexual assault. Just look 2)
at what happens to a person who comes forward to say they’ve been sexually assaulted. If no one else saw it they don’t believe you. If you are afraid to tell someone and wait, they don’t believe you. If you accuse a powerful white man, they don’t believe you. 3)
If his buddies say they don’t remember it, they don’t believe you. But I think these powerful men who get to judge these circumstances do believe the victims. I think they know it happened and happened exactly the way the victim describes. They know the assault occurred... 4)
They. Just. Don’t. Care.

These men look at survivors of sexual assault and think we are weak. How dare we complain about something they deem insignificant? How dare we try to interrupt the lives of powerful white men while they’re trying to rule the world? 5)
These powerful white men believe we should just shut the hell up and behave like good little girls (or boys) who have been put on this Earth to be controlled and subdued. When we step out of the role these men have created for us they feel anger and haughty indignation. 6)
These men literally do not respect the people they make victims of their perversion. The population of the world is growing. There are now more women and POC than there are white men. The quintessential “white man” is terrified. They can see the power they’ve been... 7)
grasping onto so desperately slipping away. They are living in that despair and using it to fuel this last gasp of perceived supremacy. We are fighting back to claim what rightfully belongs to us. Ourselves. Their era of control over us is ending. I will not allow 8)
any man (or woman) to decide for me how I live my life or the choices I make about MY BODY. I do NOT want accused sexual predators in positions of power over the masses. I hope these old white men are pleased with themselves. Because their time is almost up. #MeToo #TimesUp (end)
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