#OrangeShirtDay on September 30 honours the survivors of Indian residential schools, those who did not survive & their families. #everychildmatters
Residential schools from the 1860s on were a key weapon in government efforts to eradicate Indigenous cultures & destroy Indigenous communities. #orangeshirtday
1000S of First Nations, Metis & Inuit children were forced to leave their families & go to residential schools. #orangeshirtday
When Indigenous families tried to prevent their children from attending residential schools, officials withheld food rations & Treaty payments. Authorities raided communities and stole the children. #orangeshirtday
Some Indian residential schools were run by the government and some by various churches. #orangeshirtday
The US had Indian boarding schools, too. You can look up Carlisle Indian School, Haskell Institute & many others. #orangeshirtday
Indigenous communities were devastated by the residential schools. Imagine what it sounded like with all the children gone. #orangeshirtday
Children at Indian residential schools were routinely beaten & punished for speaking their Indigenous languages. #orangeshirtday
Residential schools made Indigenous children ashamed of their families, clothes, bodies, languages, sacred traditions. #orangeshirtday
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