Unsurprising when CEO of Law Breaking #VL
#TPA Propagandist & (Libertarian) #MatthewElliott is a signatory member of : Coalition For A Free Europe est 2006
#SpecialRelationships of other signatories are evident

#TRUMP 's - Sebastian L v #GORKA

🔥THREAD🔥 https://twitter.com/joncstone/status/1040213842633154560
SIGNATORIES share #Kochs ideology of Libertarianism&domestic propaganda #astroturfing w shellOrgs & neo fascist altright fear tactics, exceptionalism & populist projection
Q-How deep in is #MatthewElliott & CORPORATE lobbyist Hydra #TeaParty run?
In March 2017 Jewish News outlet Forward reported on his debated membership of Allied Nazi Group Vitez, Gorka previously vocalised openly anti Semitic Views, when politically active in Hungary 2008.

British born Gorka also served in the British Military
"The coalition have a long history amongst themselves of cooperation on economic policy"
Represent organisations who front unethical policies that calls socialism fascistm & demand minimal public provision, normalising 'nuspeak' slogans
"More Rights=Less Freedoms" v Dugin-esq
Now this Policy Paper published via (Lithuanian free market institute ) 1 of the many strategically interesting 'Libertarian' orgs in Europe where Matthew Elliott 'LECTURED' on think tanks 4 dummies & astroturf like Pro!

Lithuania & In Serbia with bedfellow US teaparty alumni
Here he is boasting about the political parties he has been an electoral strategist 4 Georgia Ukraine Belarus Azerbaijan Ghana Maldives.

I'd be offended if called Propagandist. but I'm not a liar, or make a living bullshitting
Fellow Storytelling liar
Cato tax avoidance expert
So .. lets explain who the Teaparty are what they do and why the UK should care.

April 2009- Nancy Pelosi coined a phrase we are all familiar with now - said in Independent News Outlet 'Think Progress'...

ALEC Is a KOCH / Sean Noble (The Kochs dirty money / data Fixer / Tea party Propagandist) ... Basically the Matthew Elliott counterpart in the USA

Atlantic Bridge was his charity & WHY Liam Fox was Disgraced as CAUGHT conspiring with same Koch RW lobbyist fronts THEN
So .. today he sends the above tweet.

The players and the liars have got better at fooling us with propaganda
Because after all Matthew Elliot did conspire in 2010 with the Tea Party (same kochs) 2follow through on the plan liam promised but got caught. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2011/oct/15/liam-fox-resignation-exposes-tories
Heres some insight into that event .. Freedom works/ sister org Americans for prosperity were tuitioning TPA to follow the model and weaponise philanthropy for the very rich and destroy our rights. https://www.alecexposed.org/wiki/ALEC_Exposed
Here is UK TeaParty / TaxPayersAlliance ... alliance. with comment from Hayek in vienna
SIGNATORIES back in 2008? at the beginning of the thread
The ONE the AltRight Hungarian British Nazi aligned Ex NatSec adviser to TRUMP ...GORKA & Elliott were on.
For those of you who have not read this documented expose on Matthew Elliot , his opperations, his intent , Why Cameron applied overt pressure to ensure they had designation

IT IS A CORPORATE COUP - It is Govt Putting their greed above our security 4Money https://twitter.com/NarcAware/status/1015412120274571264
BTW @nick_clegg Would you mind shedding some light on this please? https://twitter.com/NarcAware/status/1042738018103304192
Still dont see conclusive proof that Brexit is a crime scene perpetrated by a handful of maligned billionaire donors of 2 very polluted govt's In Us & USA Compromised by Putin who've been colluding with huge corporations & climate change deniers to wilfully harm us for profit?
As we are at number 10,

Funny coincidence that another Brit well known to the what passes today at least as the upper echelons of the Tory ranks.

Andy Bookless Worked on Theresa May's 2005 Re-election Campaign.

& Bagged a top job in Harvey Nash plc straight after!

And There's that 'Disruption ,competitive, prosperity, survive Thanos blastic barbie engineered hunger games BREXIT theme again...

Yeah he wrote this apparently inspiring #ChangeLeaders

(yes Please!!) sane will do
Goebbles said
"If you are going to Lie make it big. If you repeat it often enough people will believe it"

I think it's damn hard not to be tainted by relentless disinformation & Grade A Gaslighting by
Our PM
Daily for 2yrs

So cripplingly disingenuous. Awkward doesn't cut it.

However. there are upsides to this unprecedented violation of rights, lack of social conscience, moral compass, respect for the law, or basic concept of behaving with integrity & honesty enough to uphold basic duties so many of them lack whilst serving in public office.
The other brilliant thing about the avaricious malignancy that has festered in power for far too long ....

People really are outraged
People got organised

so beware because single mothers have better investigative skills than the FBI

case in point 👇🏽 https://twitter.com/DelvingHaylee/status/1013191042840039424
The same tea party billionaires funding the Trump Pacs Are funding all the lobbyist fronts In #TuftonStreet shaping bad policy & gerrymandering social provision w eyes on our NHS & rip up regulation UK This Trans Atlantic attack on democracy to exploit.
Weve joined the dots with your close connections to Russian Money and Oligarchs too... not just the ex KGB that befrended you .. but with all the others ... the ones you worked with via shore capital , via, cameron, & Cambridge Analytica.. yup ..Russian dolls keep multiplying.
Its all been worked out.. we all know the links .. it took us a while but we got there ... now you must be held accountable in accordance with the law..even if new ones . we will remove YOUR INSURGENTS
Watch Matthew Elliott, "12 Days that helped Leave Win" (Keynote Speech)
Like vertical thinking narcissistic sociopaths & arrogant entitled Con men who practice Game Theory - His self congratulating projection gives the whole game away.

via @YouTube
Now Watch the Disgraced MP Liam Fox, who was forced to resign from cabinet for lobbying, profiteering - freemarkets batshittery making promises &with SAME BILLIONAIRES. Yes your movement got better at the con and the lies... Just Not reality. #NotSpecial
And then of course THIS
So. we know..
Whilst politely creeping around the astroturf media edges of your various shell lobbying fronts that are all taking money kochs, & Mercers - You & best boy-your co director Sean Noble of A2P ( Camb ANAL copy) have been busy https://twitter.com/WendySiegelman/status/1014860903165104128
So do you keep count??
The lies you tell when you cover up - when breaking laws on 2 continents ?
Or are the laws you break daily wilfully misleading a country to harm for profit via collusion with at least two foreign governments you tick off?
Awkward 🔥 https://twitter.com/WendySiegelman/status/1014999686355275776
So you never ever worked with cambridge analytica eh ?

never coordinated or colluded or have anything to do with trump or russia or CA ...

I'll just leave this here shall I.

Sure no Russians? sure?
No Trump Team connections?
Except Gorka the antisemitic nazi alt right guy.
How do you look in Orange? #JustAsking

(ill just leave this here)
Enjoy your Brexhit Breakfast https://twitter.com/dcpoll/status/1042943200099491846
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