marvel question thread, quote don't reply.
1. who's your favorite mcu hero?
2. who's your favorite villain
3. who's the most misunderstood character, and why?
4. which upcoming movie are you most excited for
5. what is your all time favorite marvel movie?
6. what's the saddest moment in mcu history?
7. what's your favorite marvel tv show?
8. who's your favorite canon couple?
9. what's your favorite non canon ship?
10. give me an unpopular opinion
11. funniest moment in any of the movies/shows?
12. best stan lee cameo?
13. what are your theories for avengers 4?
14. what's your favorite post credit scene?
15. they say only 2 out of 6 original avengers survive A4, who do you think they are?
16. what's your favorite line out of all the movies/tv shows
17. which comic book character would you like to be brought into the mcu?
18. who's your favorite marvel actor/actress?
19, which characters do you want to see interact/team up?
20. if you could be any marvel character, who would you be and why?
21. which character do you relate most to and why?
and those were all the questions for now! thanks for answering and thanks to the incorrect cult for helping me come up with them!
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