1) #JohnKerry launched a group by the name of Diplomacy Works in response to @POTUS correctly pulling out of the Iran deal with a board comprised of 11 members @JusticeOIG @SecPompeo
7 out of 11 belong to echo chambers (5 total)

What echo chambers?
2) Echo Chamber #1 "Bringing the situation room to the board room" is their motto and cannot think of a better of example of why #SecurityClearances should be pulled at the end of service.
3) Echo Chamber #2 Hamilton 68 has a dashboard tracking #RussiaRussiaRussia - @ZeroHedge is #1 on their list of Russian trolls more often than not.
Advisory Board
4) Echo Chamber #3 originally created by Phillipe Reines...he is on leave to protest @POTUS full time 😂or at least that is what he said @TuckerCarlson
5) Echo Chamber #4 I think is my favorite as it links directly to 44's White House and MI-6.

7 of the 11 advisory council members of Diplomacy Works are with #4
6) Echo Chamber #4 also is my favorite because many of the unmaskers are also a member. Admiral Rogers told us exactly where the evidence is and there is no wiggle room.
7) Echo Chamber #5 Committee to Investigate Russia - a sight for sore eyes
8) Echo Chamber #5 is useful to see what is NOT on their TIMELINE like this
#JohnKerry Travel Log
Did anybody ask Nuland about when she testified? NOPE
10) A huge detail also not on the Committee to Investigate Russia's TIMELINE is the fact that Brennan works for Kissinger & Assoc.
Hearing: Russia Investigation Task Force Hearing (Open & Closed)
11) Why does it matter Brennan works for Henry? 2 reasons

Reason #1 Henry is Putin's đŸ‡ș🇾BFF, was at the Kremlin FEB 2016 & JUN 2017.
9) Echo Chamber #5's TIMELINE does not account for Halifax, Sedona Forum, Bilderberg and most importantly the Munich Security Conference. BTW Shifty & Warner were also in attendance in 2017. Just Shifty in 2018. #JohnKerry is on advisory board with Soros & Toomas (Echo #2)
10 Jon Finer not only is from Kerry State Dept and Diplomacy Works, but also works for Urban Justice League who organized all the protests at the airports and filed many of the lawsuits in response to @POTUS travel ban.
11) Tony Blinken - Kerry State Dept, Echo Chamber #1 & #5 + a Soros group Human Rights First. MI-6 linked Mona of Echo Chamber #5 is also a member.
12) 04/27/18 CONFIRMED: Former Feinstein Staffer Raised $50 Million, Hired Fusion GPS And Christopher Steele After 2016 Election
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