@UmarKhalidJNU I went through whole interview but few things seemed false, rhetoric & baseless in nature. I request you to go through the thread below and respond with rationality because I don’t want people to live in delusion. 1/n cc @vivekagnihotri @TajinderBagga https://twitter.com/UmarKhalidJNU/status/1035617950995079168
2/n Umar, you start your story with relation to Muslim communities fear post disputed (u call it Babri) stuct unfortunate demolition. But wasn’t it politicised by Congress that Muslims got unnecessary emotional connect with Structure though Nawaz was never read there.
3/n Being a rational being don’t you think Umar that the place actually means same to Hindus as does Mecca or Medina to Muslims. Why Indian Muslims never showed protest when Green Dome over Prophet’s grave got a destruction order from Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs?
4/n You assert that black flag was showed in Jamia-Nagar as a protest to demolition.Can u pl explain what was that protest for if it was never a recognised Mosque & u happily accepted demolition of Green Dome. Pl clarify, as u claim this as first induction to religious identity
5/n You further go on to explain the case of Achut (as u say) & Dalits in current context. Do u really think there is a programmed hatred for Dalits in India & untouchability still practiced?Don’t you think it’s financial condition which is actually a factor for trouble?
6/n there are various upper caste families specially Brahmins (who lead life by Puja& rituals) who can’t afford proper education not only bcoz of financial condition but 49.5% reservations?There r various villages were Dalits r Sarpanch & Brahmins in trouble. E.g.,Singhani,Oriya
7/n Don’t you think horrible financial condition&also whip of reservation actuallly makes life of Pujari families miserable?Y don’t u stand for them as u see raising standards of unprivileged as patriotism?JNU is not reality,rather it’s the villages?Hw many villages hv u srvyd
8/n You further talk of Constitution & Ambedkar & assert both to have defined Bhartiyata.Then y do u emphasise on words ‘Socialist’ & ‘Secular’when they were choice of Indira & not Ambedkar’s. You started reading preamble in interview but first preamble was devoid of the two.
9/n Since u quote Ambedkar wrt Constitution and CA debates, then aren’t u aware of his stand on words’Secular’ & ‘Socialist’? He was completely against insertion of two. Now since u see Constitution as defining factor for Indian trait so what’s your opinion about... cont.
10/n paintings of Krishna,Ram,Gita Instance,Gurunanak,Buddha etc existed in first copy of constitution but it didn’t contain any Islamic context,Jesus or Quaran etc. So y there was so much ruckus when PM presented Gitato foreign country leaders?Isn’t Constitution’s validity enuf?
11/n u keep quoting ‘Dharma’ & ‘Varna’ & day that we aspire for Utopian state which shall be devoid of division based on two. I’m sorry but you are fundamentally wrong . Dharma means righteousness & Varna deals with professional identity. & I m sure that u aren’t against 2.
12/n You stress on Ambedkar’s idea about annihilation of caste, but didn’t he also believed that it won’t happen until reservation is needed. Henceforth he kept reservations provisional.Don’t u think we shud look for reservations based on financial status?Make ur stand clear!
13/n You say FoE is subject to loyalty to power. So y was ‘Shaitanik Verses’ banned, which side was Salman R on? Well had FoE been power centric then how could u give this very interview full of abysmal understanding about other side?How could a lady tear Gita & get away?
14/n What abt FoE of @vivekagnihotri when he was stopped from screening film in JNU, why was he heckled at JU? He film just contained narrative which wasn’t pop as per your ideology. Why you didn’t stand for him then? That time he hadn’t coined the term #UrbabNaxals even!
15/n You talk of Anant Hegde, Yogi Adityanath wrt constitution disrespect but y do u forget Hindus were the first one to accept civil reformations(though in majority). Y don’t u urge Muslims for it?Where do u stand in terms of Uniform Civil Code, Triple Talaq Bill,Shariya Courts?
16/n U mention of Ravan the Dalit leader claiming his arrest to be forced one. Let’s go the background. He was arrested for Saharanpur violence in which 2 Rajputs & 1 Dalit we’re killed.Admin sees Maoist link of Bheem Sena hence he has been detained under NSA with evidence.
17/n I understand Rajputs did mistake by entering Dalit Mohalla. Bt isn’t it a point to ponder that who incited violent retaliation? Don’t u think Dalits shud have gone constitutional way by filing fir instead of getting in clash? What does ur rationality say:Street or legal war?
18/n you blame gov that they put NSA over Ravan because he was threat to BJP? But y did he lead violence instead of filing FIR, doesn’t he believe in constitution?If he is clean, let him face trial.Where were u when Col Purohit was in Jail long years without any ground?
19/n You quote Bhagat S wrt Bhure Angrej in regards to BJP rule.But wt have u got to say to million women who feel liberated for toilets built,who feel liberated for gas cylind,what abt working professionals who feel liberated for banking by sms,wt abt liberation from bichowliya
20/n You speak of dreams of #Netaji Then in that case y u missed to do campaign in JNU for Gherowing @INCIndia who betrayed Netaji on every corner., Who lied abt his death? Instead u celebrated ‘Afzal Guru’? How do u defend that @UmarKhalidJNU ?Where so I stand on #NetajiFiles ?
21/n you talk of market as imperialist then in that case why don’t you first get rid of twitter. You allege mining etc to b reasons for growth of Naxalism so what you have to say in regards to Gadgil Report which was continually opposed by Christian missionaries?
22/n So since u oppose the idea of mining & indirectly pass support to naxalism, what’s ur roadmap for power generation? Why do u wang adivasis to keep living in forests?What if they come in mainstream? How do u expect them to progress by spending life only in forests?
23/n What’s ur take on @bhash @vijayshekhar since they r big time industrialist of now & I see them as youth icon but not Kanhaiya or u for they not only give multiple employments but contribute to development. Don’t u use @Olacabs or @Paytm ?
24/n Umar, u again baselessly blame NaMo for suggesting people to sell pakodas. Did he really say so, or it was one of the examples where he appreciated entrepreneurship? Do u know there r many big time officers who sell pakodas as part time in evening. Do u have any prob?
25/n You again quote @nitin_gadkari for saying ‘no reservations can b given as we don’t have jobs’. You put it so plainly but wasn’t NG meaning that we have lesser gov job opportunity. You further said that IT job is most unstable one so u don’t consider them as jobs.
26/n Umar are u even aware that u r able to carry on 75% of daily functions only because of IT professionals.This speaks of ur mentality when u want to do a job only for stability, real game changers r those who r passionate abt their jobs. It’s important that u do wt u f good at
27/n you say that gov couldn’t deliver jobs? Can u suggest me how many seminars of awakening campaign did u do to make people gain objective based education. How many lectures have u given or papers written about skill development? Did Vijay Shekhar need to agitate to b wt he is?
28/n Umar till now I only knew that the first step towards employment is to first get right education with skill enhancement. From when did actually not studying,rallying and asking gov became key to get jobs? Why always disruption, why no constructive ideas?
29/n You say that Indo-Pak is just a media hoax, specially @republic is responsible for http://it.So  do u deny of terror outfit existence in Pakistan & indirectly also hint that Surgical strike was a drama?I wish for LS elections in #PoK in 2019, what do u say?
30/n do you believe Hafeez Saeed isn’t a terrorist? Do u trust Pakistan’s claim that Kasab was not a Pakistani? Don’t you believe that Pak provokes insurgency in valley? Wasn’t Pak responsible for what happened wd Kashmiri pandits?
31/n You claim of carrying emotions for Faujjs then why did u celebrate when naxals killed CRPF jawans? You say that JNU incidence was a framed one then do u deny that no event to celebrate Afzal organised? Forget slogans, first justify above.
32/n Umar u reflect so much concerns in regards to FDI, so do u support #Patanjali products? Can u pl show a graphic to represent FDI in various sectors. As far as I know FDI is only 2% of total market of which a lot of regulators have also been brought by NaMo,can we discuss?
33/n You tell no foreign players to come in, No Indian industrialists to play the game then what?Do u think we are capable enuf without Adani,Ambani,Tata?If so give me roadmap?If not y shud I listen to u, wn we alrdy saw growth rate being double the year we said bye to socialism
34/n you blame us to b suffering from same nationalism phenomenon which caused world wars. You may be student of history but I must correct u here,it was Imperialistic temperament which caused trouble. Do u think that India too suffers from imperialistic ambitions?
35/n We lost the war to China in62 for our policy of disarmament. So how do u expect India not to spend enuf in defence when we have venomous neighbours like Pak & China?Had we not invested in weapons we wud have lost 65,67,72& 99.R u aware Pak was planning nuclear attack in 99?
36/n you say that world is divided in haves n have nots, & we must see how we uplift these underprivileged? But how do u want to do it? Not by education & skill development but by street wars?What if u actually gave a skill develop lecture on BhimaKoregaon day instead of rally?
37/n You talk of farmer suicides then in that case I must tell u the avg per year cane down to 2799 against 3685 in UPA. Urea neem coating was one such big step. So which one to vote for farmers in 2019? Pl suggest if u have a better idea, maybe gov will accept it,
38/n You say that we r doing Hindu-Muslim in 72nd year of independence, so why don’t u come in support of Uniform Civil Code? triple talaq? Why don’t u urge Muslims to give away claim of disputed structure when even ASI acknowledges it to be temple?
39/n You talk of health costs. Then what do you have to say about Ayushmann policy? It gives medical insurance of Rs 5lakh per year for economically weaker section. Yes, it doesn’t specify SC,ST,OBC. So gov shud b ashamed just bcoz u don’t know policy, get out of text books
40/n you talk of fake news, so what do above 39 tweets prove? You started ur interview itself with the fake most news by calling disputes site a mosque, where never ever Namaz was read. U claimed high health costs bt didn’t discuss Ayushman. What are all these? Indeed Fake News
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