113) #Qanon posted a link to a tweet by Jack Posobiec. It's a video showing a discord chat log claiming to prove that #Qanon was conceived in August of last year by a guy who goes by the name "Microchip."

Link: https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/1038778638613839872
114) In order to understand what #Qanon is getting at in this post you need to know a little about stock image photography.

Stock iPhone images that are used by graphic designers have a certain uniform look.

Note the time on the phone's display: 9:41
115) The time is enlarged in this image.
116) Note the time in this stock image: 9:41.
117) Again, the time on the display is 9:41.
118) Another example.
119) All stock iPhone images display the same time: 9:41
120) Jack Posobiec says "Microchip" has Discord chat logs from August of 2017 proving that he conceived of #Qanon before Q began posting in October of 2017. Here's the story.
121) In this clip, we're told that Microchip opened the Discord app on his phone and showed us the chat logs as evidence of his claim that he is behind #Qanon. (He insists the images are not photoshopped.)
122) This is the first screen Microchip showed on the video.
The image is blurry, but the time displayed is 9:41.
122) This is the second screen Microchip opened in the video.
Note the time: 9:41.
123) This is the Discord chat screen.
Again, the time is 9:41
124) It's highly suspicious that Microchip's images display the same time as stock iPhone images.

If his images are legit, knowing that his claims would be investigated, why take the risk of showing images that could be mistaken for stock images?
125) In his post, #Qanon points out another problem. An anaon provided this image of the chat log where Microchip posted a link to an article on Breitbart.

The problem?
126) This chat log is supposed to be from September 14, 2017, but the Breitbart article Microchip posted was published two days later on September 16th.
128) How could Microchip post a link to an article 2 days before it was published?

An objective observer would find it difficult to take these claims seriously.

We know that Discord chat logs can easily be doctored.

#Qanon posted this video.
129) #Qanon posted a link to a tweet by Jack Posobiec announcing that he is not a member or source for JTF-MAGA.
130) Funny thing... In this post, Jack Posobiec says he IS part of JTF-MAGA and is working with the Intelligence Community whistleblowers.

Link: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/974008177271410688.html
131) JTF-MAGA is behind a group of pro-Trump vets and Intelligence Community whistleblowers.

They've promoted the website "Report For the President"
132) More info on JTF-MAGA, One America News and the Intelligence Community whistleblowers.
133) JTF-MAGA is also supporting Jerome Corsi's live streams.
134) #Qanon wrote:
Do not let their attempts corrupt GOOD organizations.
Think OANN.

One America News is a good outfit with a few bad apples.
135) #Qanon wrote:
They want you DIVIDED.

Have you noticed the fighting and division among conservatives in the last 24 hours?
136) #Qanon posted a link to a tweet by Tucker Carlson.
137) An anon posted this.
138) #Qanon responded.
139) Better to fight the real enemy than to fight amongst ourselves.
140) #Qanon asked if it was a coincidence that after the corrupt Saudi princes were arrested last November, members of Congress began stepping down due to allegations of sexual misconduct.
142) #Qanon posted a link to this page which outlines the steps the President is taking to end human trafficking.
143) Some people aren't that excited about the declassification of the Carter Page FISA application but #Qanon wants us to know it's the beginning of the end for the corrupt people in government.

Think: Why do they not want this information made public?
144) #Qanon posted a link to a tweet by @mitchellvii about an interview with NSA whistleblower Bill Binney.
145) Here's the tweet and the lin #Qanon posted

146) This is the video posted in the tweet above. (I altered it slightly to highlight Bill Binney's remarks about Rod Rosenstein.)

#Qanon has been telling us for some time that the storm is about to hit [Rod Rosenstein.]
147) Speaking of storms, #Qanon responded to his previous post with a link to a tweet by the President about an approaching storm.

How much time do we have before the storm hits?
148) Here's the President's warning about the storm.

149) Another storm warning from POTUS.

150) #Qanon
151) #Qanon posted a link to an article by Sara Carter.
152) Mark Meadows sent a blistering letter to [Rod Rosenstein] about new text messages that show how top members of the FBI & DOJ coordinated in leaking information to the press to hurt Donald Trump.
153) Newly released text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page describe a "media leak strategy" between the FBI & DOJ.

Not sketchy at all... 🙄
154) An anon requested a simultaneous post by #Qanon and POTUS.
(Known as a [0] Delta post.)

Q posted the link to the YourVoice tweet about Rosenstein at the same time the President tweeted about the approaching storm.
155) #Qanon reposted the anon's graphic.
156) Anon anon posted this.
157) #Qanon reposted the anon.
158) An anon confirmed that #Qanon was drawing our attention to the identical timestamps of his post and the President's tweet.
159) #Qanon reposted the anon.
160 #Qanon said information from the FBI & DOJ was leaked to the media so it could be inserted into the FISA application and attributed as "new information."

Today's news about Strzok & Page and their "media leak strategy" supports that assertion.
161) #Qanon posted a link to the letter Mark Meadows sent to [Rod Rosenstein].

162) #Qanon reposted a previous drop asking how we know when something big is about to drop.

The frightened swamp dwellers are attacking POTUS through the mockingbird media.

(Links below)
175) An anon posted this.
WWG1WGA = Where we go one, we go all.
#Qanon responded.
WRWY = We are with you.
177) An anon did not understand the [0] Delta since there was an apparent 2-hour difference between the timestamps of #Qanon and POTUS.
178) #Qanon requested to have someone update the graphic.
179) Timestamps must account for the fact that we're viewing tweets and #QAnon posts from different time zones. An anon created this graphic to explain the time zone calculation.

(Posts on 8chan and Twitter display the viewer's local time when viewed live on the platform.)
180) #Qanon responded, noting that the anon even factored for the site delay/ lag time between the devices used by Q and POTUS.
181) An anon responded to #Qanon
182) #Q is feeling a little froggy today.
183) An anon was grateful for the updated [0] Delta graphic.
184) An anon noted that you'll never get a perfect [0:00] Delta due to device and platform lag.
185) #Qanon responded to both comments.
186) Here's the most current [0] Delta graphic.
187) An anon replied to #Qanon
188) An anon posted a link to an image on Reddit.
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