Every time another #LASD gang-within-a-gang emerges, LA (law enforcement) boosters at the LA Times play this little, ahistorical "what is going on here! awww shucks" game... https://twitter.com/latimes/status/1028260427367690240
pretty sure, despite the "secret deputy clique" [gang] spin, that their "coordinated tattoos" would put everyone wearing one or remotely associated with someone who does wear one on a gang database (if they *weren't* serving law enforcement.)
Some names of previously documented, internal #LASD gangs over the years: Little Devils (1971, East Los), Lynwood Vikings, Grim Reapers (Lennox), Regulators, the Jump Out Boys, 2000 Boys & 3000 Boys...
[From 2012] by @simone_electra | L.A. Sheriff's Gang 'Jump Out Boys' Reportedly Prides Itself on Officer-Involved Shootings https://www.laweekly.com/news/la-sheriffs-gang-jump-out-boys-reportedly-prides-itself-on-officer-involved-shootings-2397238
From the LA Times itself in 1999 | The Secret Society Among Lawmen http://articles.latimes.com/1999/mar/24/news/mn-20461 #LASD
Apparently, this is all "coming out" because of the Taylor family's civil lawsuit against the #LASD in their (uncriminally punished or even seriously investigated) murder of #DontaTaylor in 2016: https://twitter.com/OLAASM/status/770019695445602304
Since Jackie Lacey gets the vast bulk of her campaign contributions from police "unions" (like ALADS, which represents LA Sheriffs) and because neither her office nor any other investigative authority have any interest in prosecuting killer cops for doing their job, here we are.
And that place is: depending on civil lawsuits to do the bulk of investigative work to "reveal" things (like "white supremacist gangs" in the police) that have been evident to Angelenos since the 70's and repeatedly come as some kind of shock to crime beat writers at @latimes.
Make no mistake, the framing of this tweet by @latimes (and the story itself), is pure #Copaganda. They know the long, ignominious history of #LASD "white supremacist" gangs. The headline actively obscures what any Angeleno has long known (and anyone who can Google can discover.)
But, of course, it's a "question" only "Compton residents" have long been asking...
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We already have the world's most effective and accurate gang database: payroll at any US police department.
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