i know tom hollands potrayal of peter is dorky and kid-like but im continously aggravated when incorrect marvel accounts/quotes etc. potray peter parker as an Actual dim-witted idiot or actual child with a basic or limited understanding of the universe. hes literally not.
can you please give peter parker more credit than that????? hes not a naive baby, he doesnt cry because his fries werent cooked right?? i know its just tweets and not that deep but its frustrating to me that thats all the marvel fandom sees peter parker as despite his potential
peter parker is hard to characterize in the comics because stan lee wrote him to be responsible and always standing ground with his ethics and principles: but from an outside objective view of the character? he becomes kind of selfish and arrogant over time surprisingly
whether thats a product of the projection of the writers opinions onto the character, or some inverse character development that demonstrates how peter is affected by the role of spiderman there is SO much more to peter parker than "child, crybaby, dumb kid, naive"
youre taking all the character development and the true marvel at how peter has stayed the same in SPITE of the bad (which normally static development is bad, in this case: not changing is dynamic development) and just ignoring that. its aggravating thats all you guys seen him as
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