This thread will explain why #JihadiDidi is hopping mad about the #NRCAssam
1) See Table1 which gives changing demographic of WB w.r.t. Muslims as % of total Population-From around a steady 20% for almost 30+ yrs between 1951-81 it steadily started increasing to 27% in 2011....
2) Now why is this alarming? Not bcoz Muslim population grew organically but bcoz the rapid increase in population is largely due to massive uncontrolled scale of infiltration from neighbouring Islamic BD & b4 I am accused of speculating I will prove this scary situation....
3)See Table 2 which gives Muslims as % of populn district wise for WB & look at Top 3: Murshidabad-67% (yes😱) Malda-51% & NorthDinajpur-50% ! Birbhum & South24Parganas (Right nxt to Kolkata😱😱) catching up fast at 38% & 35% resply ! But see Bankura Purulia W Medinipur all <10%
4) Now look at the Map which gives the proximity of above Top 5 districts (green pins)to BD border & u will immediately realise the massive impact of #Illegalimmigrants on WBs demographic ! Also see the districts with lowest Muslim populn are furthest from BD border (blue pins) !
5) 1st it was CONg+Left who turned a blind eye to infiltration & Mamata opposed them in 2005-Later this very Mamata started pandering to Muslims & carefully converted this entire votebank to TMC #NRCAssam has sent a big shock as SC might ask for NRC in WB next ! Hence proved #QED
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