This is how I procrastinate my university assignments lol
I’ll make a thread on the times I procrastinated when I had assessment due. Here’s Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai
Bol Do Na Zara
Ready for some Akshay Kumar nostalgia? Here’s Kisi Se Tum Pyar Karo
How could anyone possibly dislike young @iamsrk lol here’s a DDLJ classic
Let’s go back a few generations to when Bollywood was at its foundation. This is Aap Ki Nazaro Ne Samjha
Aisa tou nahi tah ki usse zada khubsarat larki maina kabhi dekhi nahi ti, par patha nahi kyu... uske chehre se meri nazar hadti nahi ti.
I’ll keep adding to this thread whenever I play Bollywood songs on piano. This is Gulabi Aankhein
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