Toph, Uncle Iroh, and Princess Azula were the best benders out of the entire Avatar series.
1. Toph Beifong aka ‘The Blind Bandit’: well she’s def placing top 3 all time cause she was fuckin blind and great. She literally beat all the underground benders in the Earth Kingdom, taught the Avatar how to earth bend, and invented metal bending n the first to bend space rock
2. Uncle Iroh aka ‘The Dragon of the West’: aside from having ALL the wisdom and making a good cup of tea. Iroh was the calm before the storm.His fire bending was grand but he also tried to teach balance to his niece and nephew and he taught Zuko to bend lightening; a White lotus
3. Princess Azula: in all honesty she was just a powerful ass bender. Azula got to the point where sis didnt even have red fire anymore the shit was blue. Her hand to hand combat was unmatched she even bested Kyoshi wrrs n she could deflect Aang’s air bending with just her hands
Honorable Mention: Hama. Hama (a waterbender) was the first person to ever blood bend. She taught herself a never before bending style in which she could bend the water in any living thing and control people by bending the water in their body n if u seen LoK u know y it important
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