funded by SABAN @HillaryClinton & funded by ADELSON @realDonaldTrump are bought and paid for PATSY'S FOR NETANYAHU AIPAC CFR ISRAEL. #israelgate
Saban Forum 2014 - A Conversation with Hillary Clinton #IsraelGate
Clinton mega-donor Saban thanks Kushner trump-whitehouse for ‘collusion’ on Israel’s behalf #IsraelGate
More proof the criminals who fund both sides/candidates of the election and determined the selection blame russia for meddling, meanwhile there's the "israeli exception" and everyone refuses to see #IsraelGate.
Both, Funded by Israeli oligarchs, Hillary & Trump OBEY AIPAC NETANYAHU ISRAELS COMMANDS. #IsraelGate
Remember, Israel is NOT part of the United States & U.S. politicians CANNOT serve 2 masters! #IsraelGate
Adelson funded both Trump & Netanyahu elections.
Trump & Netanyahu endorsed eachother.
Adelson also funded the CNN debate between Clinton & Trump.
Netanyahu illegally met Trump & Hillary after the debate. #DeIsraelizeUSA #BanAIPAC #EndZionism #IsraelGate
U.S. middle east relations was good before Israel.
USA isnt the country that benefits from starting war with Russia.
Zionists & Neocons invented "ISRAEL strategic ally" during the 50's cold war.
Israel is a detriment not an asset, they attempt to start WW3 for their own gain.
Netanyahu AIPAC represent the international war lobby. #ArrestNetanyahu #AbolishAIPAC #DefundWar
Amir, you should read this thread, There were many treasonous oligarchs involved in rigging the u.s. election for trump including koch, mercer, adelson, chabad, kushner, saban. #IsraelGate #BakkenGate #RussiaGate
Jared Kushner Speaks at Chabad House at Harvard, 2003 #IsraelGate #BakkenGate #RussiaGate
Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner Visit the Chabad Rebbe's Ohel For a Blessing Before The Election #IsraelGate #BakkenGate #RussiaGate
Donald Trump: meet his "golden boy" Jared Kushner

"federal anti-nepotism laws prevent presidents from hiring family"
so why isnt trump impeached or arrested and kushner arrested & removed from the whitehouse? #IsraelGate #BakkenGate #RussiaGate
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