And just remember, with all this chatter about @Disney & @Marvell & @JamesGunn etc, Disney is & always has been FULLY COMPLICIT & ACTIVELY INVOLVED in Mass #MindControl through #MKUltra & subsequent projects.

SEVERAL 'actors' in DISNEY films abused me:
While it's great everyone is talking about the damaging CRIME of #pedophilia, this is just the welcome sign to the rabbit hole; the lesser truth the #Hive is willing to let be known if it keeps people from talking about the REAL reason the cult even exists
So while everyone else gets caught up on the horrific #FACT of pandemic levels of sex crimes committed against masses of children worldwide, I will still be sitting here patiently waiting for SOMEONE to start talking about the CULT & CANNIBALISM aka why the whole apparatus exists
There is so much more to this than raping children. The pedophilia serves multiple purposes for the cult & their ability to amass/exert POWER & CONTROL, which is all they are ever after in anything they do:
How else is #pedophilia & #ChildPorn useful for the cult?
When you finally understand that this cult & its leaders LITERALLY DEPEND ON HORMONES & OTHER PARTS OF HUMAN BODIES IN ORDER TO SURVIVE, suddenly the whole puzzle makes sense, as well as how it's been so terrifyingly successful & completely hidden for 6,000+ years. #Cannibalism
The #Hivites tried to pre-emptively turn the truth of this evil apparatus into a joke/hoax so that most would later dismiss it as "fake news" and claim it was "debunked" when the real evidence starts coming out.
I was a victim of #pizzagate.
My father pimped me to @TomHanks & others.
He took me to an occult #RitualAbuse/ #MindControl programming event w/ HRC in the 80s.
He also met Obama & was Treasurer for the Oakland County, MI Dem Party.
He literally nicknamed me "cheese" & "roofie."
Let's not forget, these people EXPLICITLY TELL us what they do, in MANY ways, usually hidden in "art" & "comedy" as a buffer between them & the REALITY that they regularly commit crimes against children & humanity:
The #Hivites are openly threatening the anons & #TheGreatAwakening itself now, in addition to attacking #QAnon & @POTUS. They are showing their true colors. Gloves are off. They're in full combat mode, scrambling, hangry & naggingly terrified... #HangryHangryHivites #ByePhoenicia
Remember, when they attack you, it means you're too close to the truth / directly over the🎯
And let us not forget that NONE of them are suing me for defamation, libel or slander. Fascinating. We can add Disney, University of Michigan & the Catholic Church to the list...
This is me at 13, the age I was when @tomhanks purchased me from my father for sex as a dissociated #mindcontrol doll. I wonder how much he paid? I wonder how much $$$ my father made for breaking my mind & selling my child body throughout my life. Will I ever get to know?
Many have brought up @TomHanks' creepy twitter timeline with the missing left shoe/glove theme.
The left hand shadow is pretty obvious = Left Handed Path (occultism/witchcraft/Rosicrucian)

I'm not sure what the one shoe thing is... I drew this in April 2017 from part of a memory of #mindcontrol training when I was young, wandering around a big building missing my LEFT shoe
Let's all remember that Obama gave @TomHanks a medal of honor. That's how they roll. Congratulating each other while arrogantly mocking the masses by flaunting their flagrant criminal behavior for ALL 2 see #HivitesGetLit #LuciferiansAreDumb #PedovoreClub #ItEndsNOW #QAnon @POTUS
I can't say what Q is alluding to, nor do I find it helpful to speculate. I was raped by Tom Hanks in 1994-5ish in Birmingham, MI, not while he was filming Big. That being said, the comments on this thread are very encouraging to me. It's really happening.
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