Imagine UK river catchments designated as the means of implementing a linked lowland #rewilding initiative? Landowners within regeneration belts would be incentivised/legislated to manage for #biodiversity & #ecosystems function. The wins would be massive & on multiple scales.
also a great way of creating/protecting a fluidity of habitats from source to sea...
& being a woodsman I would of course robustly advocate the afforestation of a large % of the targeted land-base. Trees, woodlands & forests are a biodiversity multiplier & offer so much 'value' for both people & planet đź’š
Oh - & definitely a way to help mitigation/adaptation concerning #ClimateChange i.e. impacts ( #flooding, #drought etc..) + allow #Wildlife species migration (move to survive) - something that #Beavers could really help with & get their teeth into... :)
+ as most #rivers flow through developed & urban centres - this would be an easy way to design/promote/integrate/flow #rewilding & #wildlife into our towns & cities - thus facilitating greater #NatureConnection to civic society - something that's urgently needed...
all this #rewilding could also create opportunities for people - both recreation & employment - e.g. #wildlife tours, campsites, #hiking & cycle trails, wild #food, forest bathing, wild #swimming, #ecoliteracy, #education, #bushcraft & so much more ...
... the "so much more" is carbon sequestration. All this #wilding will be literally sucking CO2 out of the atmosphere offering us #NaturalClimateSolutions to the #ClimateCrisis. Nature is the fix - we just need the vision. A vision of Nature & humanity intertwined & whole again.
Alongside #NaturalClimateSolutions we all have to change the way we consume/live our lives - reduce, reuse & repair. The biggest thing we all can do is cut our energy use i.e. drive less, fly less, eat locally, adopt a sharing culture, use renewable energy & be energy smart.
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