What we all need to learn. When somebody invites to war, you should always ask them what the winner gets and what your share of that is. People were systematically sucked into #ZumaMustFall. Now a looter runs the country and everybody stuck with a high cost of living
#RamaphosaMustFall is easy to run with it. You simply point out that price of fuel is ridiculously high, VAT and rates increases. All these things affect everyone. This is not some unsubstantiated bullshit about Nkandla where none can show how your own life is negatively affected
Person: #ZumaMustFall
You: Why?
Person: Nkandla and the Guptas and corruption. Imagine how many clinics and schools could be built if Gigaba didnt give the Guptas citizenship
You: How does that affect me?
Person: Just imagine
With #RamaphosaMustFall you dont need to imagine hypothetical shit. It's staring you deep in your bank account. It's right there. You know what? Truth has stamina. Politicians and their journalists can do oral aerobics all day. When they're finished talking, your pockets remain
They will remind you, as they should. It doesnt matter who Injustice Malala calls a moemish. It doesnt matter what adjunct professors say. Not-for-real Haffajee can write as many opinion articles as she likes. Your pockets will still be talking, loudly, to you. Fuck the bullshit
They will bring academics and supposed experts who would bang out models supposedly showing how Ramaphosa is fixing President Zuma's mess. When it's all said and done, your pockets will remind you that they were healthier before this Nyuma Mina trash
I kid you not, as we tweet, some commerce student is doing an academic research wherein they will abuse Accounting/Economics/Statistics theory and formulas just to arrive at a conclusion which suggests Nyuma Mina is doing a good job. Fav this tweet
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