So how long this evil business going on, how many babies sold so far under d garb of social service, charity by Mother Teresa's #MissionariesOfCharity #NirmalHriday . Another case of organ trade was exposed in Tamilnadu Xtian old-age home last year @ARanganathan72 @Kuvalayamala
#MissionariesOfCharity Sister accused of selling 4 babies sent to jail for 14 days. Investigation is on to crack inter-state #ChildTrafficking racket @Rittuu2 @AlokTiwari9335 @iempress_1 @AshiQuotes @iSwetaSinghAT @iSwetaThakur @TheSwetaSinghAT @blue21sky
Special Branch had reported in 2016 #MissionariesOfCharity home had 108 pregnant girls but showed only 10 newborn babies... Where did rest go, sold? @ShefVaidya @AdvaitaKala @advmonikaarora @sankrant @AsYouNotWish @madhukishwar @JagratiShukla29 @Shubhrastha @DrGarekar @sufirushk
CWC shifts 22 children more from another #MissionariesOfCharity home, now sealed. All of its, women, children, destitute homes, functioning across India must be now probed & acted against. @Manekagandhibjp @rajnathsingh @RajivMessage @fgautier26 @Swamy39
No trace of 280 children born in #MissionariesOfCharity homes. Kids sold in both Northern & Southern states. Sister Concilia seeks mercy, admitting to selling 4 kids. @koenamitra @meenakshisharan @Shubhrastha @DurgaMenon @Drsunandambal @DrGPradhan @ParamjitGarewal @rajuparulekar
25 Christian preachers detained by Dumka Police after villagers held them hostage overnight on charges of #Conversion Villagers have lodged written complaint, DSP probing matter @noconversion @abhijitmajumder @UnSubtleDesi @postcard_news @hindupost @agg_garima @MakrandParanspe
16 Christian preachers charged of trying to Convert villagers in Jharkhand's Dumka district sent to jail.
103 pregnant girls were shown as adults by #MissionariesOfCharity for delivery of babies by hoodwinking & bypassing CWC #MissionariesOfCharityHomes @MrsGandhi @sharmarekha @NCWIndia
OMG! This report says #MissionariesOfCharity not only sold babies, but also traded minor girls for sex & resulting babies were also sold! After #SoulHarvesting now bone, organ & womb harvesting for money? @ShefVaidya @NatashaFatah @Shehzad_Ind @KapilMishra_IND @girirajsinghbjp
#MissionariesOfCharity used to make pregnant minors, women to sign bonds of leaving babies at home, tried to deal every single baby #NunSellsNewborns #BabiesOnSale @rose_k01 @archu243 @nikhildadhich @ParamjitGarewal @rajuparulekar @VictoryForNamo @ashokepandit @LillyMaryPinto
#MissionariesOfCharity got Rs 927 crore foreign funding in 10 years. #Jharkhand DGP writes to Home Secretary to freeze all its bank accounts. CM @dasraghubar orders statewide probe, police tracking 360 children discharged by Jamshedpur Home of MC #NunSellsNewBorns #BabiesOnSale
More skeletons tumbling out of #MissionariesOfCharity cupboard, documents since 2016 missing, Jharkhand demands CBI probe @Sanjay_Dixit @Makhanlal2_ @rishibagree @Saffron_Rocks @UdayMahurkar @prasunmaitra @sushantsareen #NunSellsNewborns @TVMohandasPai
#Jharkhand ADG RK Malick says Centre has to bring in CBI in FRCA violation beyond Rs 1 crore, here #MissionariesOfCharity got Rs 927 crore. #NunSellsNewBorns #BabiesOnSale @trehan_barkha @chitraSD @DivyaSoti @tuhins @sudhirchaudhary @sardanarohit @miss9afi
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