🎥 @SenShelby leads all- @GOP delegation to #Russia🇷🇺for #IndepedenceDay.

Shelby: “We think this is a good time to be here...we could have a better relationship btwn the US & Russia b/c we have some common interests...”🤨


@SenShelby's all-GOP group: @JerryMoran, @SenJohnHoeven, @RepKayGranger, @JonHuntsman, @SenJohnThune, @SteveDaines, @SenJohnKennedy, @SenRonJohnson.

They met w/Lavrov, Kislyak & others who helped THROW the election to @realDonaldTrump‼️🤬 2/ https://twitter.com/Lucian_Kim/status/1014073568177655809
Shelby: "We are competitors but don't necessarily need to be adversaries."🤨

Shelby said ZERO about #Russia🇷🇺helping to throw the election to Trump. On the *same day*, Senate Intel released its BIPARTISAN report, led by @SenatorBurr & @MarkWarner👇🏼3/ https://twitter.com/DrDenaGrayson/status/1014259009904365568
Shelby: "We know there's going to be a big meeting – we hope it's going to be a very big meeting btwn our president and yours in #Helsinki in a few weeks."😳 4/

#ComplicitGOP https://twitter.com/DrDenaGrayson/status/1014599515461079041
Finally, someone in the all- #GOP group mentions the election. @SenJohnKennedy: "I ask our friends in #Russia🇷🇺not to interfere in our election this year."

Note: They're not our "friends" and "asking" them not to interfere has NO chance of working.🙄 5/ https://twitter.com/Lucian_Kim/status/1014152672344182787
Can you imagine if Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton went to Moscow on #IndependenceDay and said even one of the bizarre things that Shelby said?

Nor can I.


#FourthOfJuly https://twitter.com/DrDenaGrayson/status/1014599515461079041
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