BTS #V sunbaenim!
A thread of all the idols who have mentioned Taehyung as their role and have expressed their undying love & admiration for his DANCING, SINGING, ACTING, FASHION sense, his unrivaled CHARM, CHARISMA and VISUALS ❤💖
He is truly such a gem~
1. VICTON Byungchan has mentioned that he really admires BTS #V
He was so cutely gushing about Taehyung's deep voice backstage <33 and seemed so excited after meeting his role model in real life 😘
4. Golden Child's Jaehyun recently mentioned that he really admires Taehyung/ BTS #V 's fashion sense...his style..wants to dress coolly like him and even saves his airport pics when they are released 😍😘
5.Boyz Younghoon rly loves #V so much that when asked about his role model he said
"V sunbaenim his acting, singing &dancing,his acting, which I rly like.his facial expressions are so, so perfect.when I watched a vid of him, I become so absorbed.since then, I began to respect him
Younghoon is really such a cute die hard fanboy of Taehyung that no matter how much the members playfully tease him about it 😂 he proudly keeps Taehyung's pictures as his phone background!!
As art and love for art should not be kept hidden <33😍
6. Yeonwoo from Baikal wrote Kim Taehyung..BTS #V as his role model on his profile ( @BTS_twt) 😍😍
7. The member #Been of the Korean rookie group MVP chose BTS #V as his role model.

He mentioned that he is in love with Taehyung's charming TALENTS 💜💜
8. TRCNG's Jihun was asked by a fan about his favorite boy group?
He answered BTS....then the fan asked why? he said because Taehyung's #V voice is really good <33 😍
9. M.I.B vocalist Kangnam
He was wowed by Taehyung's amazing fashion sense... #V handsome visuals and said that he truly looks like an actor!! bc of his classy vibe and appearance

pics credit @ wingsofkth
10.Taehyung's biggest fanboy & most dedicated fanboy Wannaone PARK JIHOON💜

Jihoon not only tries to mention #V in every show as his source of inspiration but has also stated tht the reason he decided to become an idol was after watching V perform onstage as such was his IMPACT
Pleaseeee Jihoon is such a CUTE, LOVABLE, LOYAL #V fanboy// 😘
And his CUTENESS level reaches 10000x whenever he is in any near vicinity of Taehyung hjkkkl 😂😍

His reaction when Taehyung's irl stage presence and charms leave him shook are always a joy to watch**
Kim Taehyung/BTS #V is also popularly known as the "STAGE GESTURE TEXTBOOK" among trainees bc of his unique, creative & ever so eye catching facial expressions

V's videos are often used as an EXAMPLE for trainees so that they can LEARN stage presence & performing skills from him
There were 2 posts from Korean sites written about it too mentioning how Taehyung's videos are used in idol's trainee room so that the idols learn stage antics from him

BTS #V is truly an IDOL OF ALL IDOLS! He is such a phenomenon
In Kpop World Changwon festival 2017 BTS were standing infront of all the rookies onstage & the dazed look on the rookies faces when Taehyung humbly greeted them!
They looked so overwhelmed & in a trance after seeing V's whole presence itself is awe strucking 😍*-*
All the idols mentioned here are a part of the same industry that #V belongs to so they can recognize appreciate & hype raw talent when they see it
At the tender age of 22 KIM TAEHYUNG is such an enigma in the KPOP WORLD
Born to be an IDOL! Born to be admired & loved by all 💜💜
11. Actress Choi YeSeul is also a big fan of BTS #V #뷔
She not only enjoys BTS music and performances... but also loves to watch Taehyung fancams in particular! from his staggering performances to his adorable fansign videos <33
12.Taiiku Okazaki a Japanese singer mentioned on his twitter how he rly likes BTS #V after seeing him performing in Japan. Acc to him Taehyung's "BAD BOY" image onstage in particular is VERYY ATTRACTIVE

Not only Kpop..but JAPANESE ARTISTS are completely WHIPPED for #뷔 charms
Taehyung rly looks so MAJESTIC onstage!!!
His aura, charisma, confidence shines so much when he performs😍 tht ppl went crazy searching for him& he TRENDED for hours after BTS performed DNA in a Japanese program

#V efforrlessly manages to catch attention of all fans & artists💜
13. U-KISS's Kiseop also mentioned that he really likes Taehyung and they even went bowling together ❤
#V #뷔
14. Bao of LUCENTE said that BTS #V is his role model and he is a big fan of him
Taehyung snatching the hearts of all these rookie idols with his overwhelming charisma, talent and charms 😘❤
15. Not just Korean idols & actors Taehyung has American celebs just as whipped for him <33

Max Minghella on MTV told that Dylan O'Brien got him into BTS & he loves #V He got so obsessed with BTS that it nearly derailed the production of his debut film 😂
16. Actress Elle Fanning who starred in movies like Maleficent also stated that she likes #V very much
On MTV they gushed and talked about Taehyung like real fans do 💜💜
17. Kim Samuel an idol and a former contestant of Produce 101 was asked who was his favorite member of BTS and he replied
"I like #V and Jungkook sunbaenim" the most
#BTSV #뷔 @BTS_twt
Samuel even drew tata in his Halloween vlive ❤❤ An intellectual
Hwall of The Boyz was watching Taehyung’s DNA fancam while waiting for their flight
#V is very well known for his amazing stage presence & his performing skills among the rookie idols & they learn so much from watching tae's videos. They admire him so much <33
#BTSV #뷔 @BTS_twt
19.Younghoon from the Boyz likes Taehyung sm that he even recorded a cute video msg for him
He became a tae fan after watching a video of him during his trainees days & praised his dancing, acting, facial expressions
"( #V sunbaenim) have so many attributes that I want to emulate"
20. Holland a solo kpop idol has mentioned that he is a fan of Taehyung & Jimin
When talking abt the Idol MV he even talked abt Tae's shocked expression in the suspenders being the killing part😂& in his recent vlive he expressed his heartfelt desire to be able to meet them smday
21. A K-actress Hwang Seok-jeong said "I love BTS & #V grabbed my attention since the beginning! I cud notice that V has INFINITE TALENTS at first glance.He is a very talented person
The way she requested Singularity to be played on SBS radio was so cute & funny pls a WHIPPED fan
22. Haha a very famous Korean celeb has expressed time & time again how much he just loves Taehyung & is a big fan 💜
In Happy together other casts mentioned Haha had previously only liked GD but after he went to army, his favorite turned into #V
Haha's admiration for Taehyung is so deep rooted tht he added "FEELING LIKE BTS #V " in his song relating to tae's extremely gorgeous good looks
He said "I rly wanted to be like handsome #V (hehe).All of them r goodlooking but I thought V's the MOST HANDSOME
23.A Korean Music critic, Heea on Casper Music TV talked abt how Taehyung is her favorite BTS member.She praised him plenty for his deep sexy voice..his eye catching performance skills & his visuals💜Also mentioned how RM & #V are the pillars of BTS to her
24. Jeong Seung a member of Diamond Crunch (D Crunch) was recently asked in an interview about which celebrity he admires a lot and he replied #BTSV sunbaenim 💜💜
#뷔 @BTS_twt
Younghoon from the Boyz looked so in awe upon seeing Taehyung at the Asian Artist Awards 2018 😍...the way he keeps glancing at Tae plss ;;;; he really idolizes him so much
#BTSV #뷔 @BTS_twt
25. Dylan from D Crunch has written in his profile since debut how much he considers Taehyung as his role model <33
He wrote, #BTSV sunbaenim makes great facial expressions and #뷔 is the MOST HANDSOME celebrity he has ever seen!!! @BTS_twt
There was an article on Naver mentioning how Taehyung is the "PASSION FOR NEW STAGE" in Kpop industry as many younger idols said #BTSV is their role model & that he is good at singing, dancing, acting, facial expressions,etc
26. Lee Jangjun from Golden Child was asked in an interview if he had the opportunity to live w/ some1 for a day who wud he choose? & he replied " #BTSV sunbaenim"

Taehyung has a whole harem of fanboys among the rookie idols now.He is so loved ❤ @BTS_twt
181202 #theboyz fansign - Initially Hwall wanted to stand beside #BTSV when taking photo but he knows Younghoon is a fan of V so he gave it up to Younghoon & stood beside Jimin instead

Aww Taehyung fanboys are just as CUTEE as he is😂😘 So precious ;; @BTS_twt
Trans@ zhuhaknyeon
27. Yeosang from ATEEZ group talked about Taehyung on his vlive

Q. Who is the senior idol you respect the most?
"I personally respect #BTSV & NCT taeyong
I think #V 's GESTURES, TALENT & FACIAL EXPRESSIONS on stage are the BEST!! so I would like to emulate them" 💜
#뷔 @BTS_twt
Yeosang even named Taehyung as his role model in his profile <33

Tae's idol fanboys are so dedicated & appreciative of evrything abt Taehyung from his talents to his fashion sense, visuals, stage presence, acting, facial expressions etc.Tae rly deserves ALL the love in the world
Hwall admires Taehyung so much that he not only mentioned Tae in his profile as the idol he looks up to the most >>> but he is even sporting a MULLET cuz he believes it looked good on Taehyung and he wants to follow in their footsteps 😂😘 aww SO CUTE!!
#BTSV #뷔 @BTS_twt
Younghoon #THEBOYZ describing to a fan how overwhelmed he got after meeting his IDOL Taehyung in real life 💜💜 #BTSV
Here is their sweet encounter❤
Younghoon kept on enthusiastically bowing to Taehyung & when tae looked & smiled at him he looked so stunned
The other members had to nudge him to make him snap out of his daze & laughed at his whipped fanboy self😂 @BTS_twt
An article talking abt how Taehyung's stage presence is "Idols' Idol" A lot of rookie idols mentioning him as their role model has become a HOT ISSUE in kpop community

Jin once called #V "AN IDOL PRODIGY!"
KIM TAEHYUNG is truly an enigma in the IDOL world
Bao of Lucente "My role model is V from BTS. When I practice facial expressions, I watch a lot of his videos."
Taehyung is a STAGE GENIUS and he inspires so many junior idols when he performs 💜💜
#BTSV #뷔 @BTS_twt
Younghoon excitedly gushing about the time he got to take a picture with his IDOL, Taehyung
"I almost DIED!!! V-sunbaenim was taking a picture like this while staring at me. I never felt that kind of feeling before" so cute fhjkk 😂😘
#BTSV #뷔 @BTS_twt
28. Na Haeun saying she wouldn't wash her hands even if she catches a cold cuz Taehyung shook hands with her while congratulating her on her amazing performance at the MMA. THIS IS THE CUTESTT PLSS 😭
#BTSV #뷔 @BTS_twt
Hwall singing Taehyung's part during BTS MMA performancs so enthusiastically>>
Taehyung is an IDOL that Hwall has mentioned he respects A LOT!! & considers #BTSV his role model The brrrahh~ energy fghh 😂 The boyz members are such cute fanboys of Taehyung
Mingi from Ateez said tht Taehyung was his idol inspiration to dance
"I saw V sunbaenim's dance &got INSPIRED. He was my motive to dance"
Yunho: I felt the #BTSV in Mingi's dancing. I rly look up to him A LOT & Ive seen lots of videos of his.I think #V looks so cool while dancing
Hwall mentioned that he wants to be like Taehyung
Members: Why?
Hwall:As u can see from the stage he is VERY ARTISTIC #BTSV is rly good at communicating with the fans& he performs onstage as IF HE WOULD CRUSH IT

Hwall's admiration for Tae is so deep & real A true fanboy
Younghoon one of Taehyung's biggest fanboys talking about his encounter with Taehyung at an award show

"You know that I rly like V sunbaenim. So I went near him while lingering around & greeted Hello~ but the crazy thing is #BTSV recognized me! It was such an honor"
#뷔 @BTS_twt
Taehyung is such a great role model that he not only treated The Boyz Younghoon with kindness and respect but he also gave him a Tata plushie as a gift aww,,,

Younghoon “I bring this everywhere, because BTS V sunbaenim gave it to me!!!”
#BTSV #뷔 @BTS_twt
29. Chinese idol Deng Langyi was present at BTS Hong Kong LY concert and he is a huge Taehyung fan!! He was seen with #BTSV photos and a wrist banner and also posted tae's concert pics on his insta acc. So cute <33
#뷔 @BTS_twt
30.A rly famous Hongkong actress / host Carol (DoDo) Cheng is a certified taehyung stan. On a radio program she talked abt #BTSV's dancing, visuals, singing & said that she has watched A LOT of his fancams! also came to BTS concert w/ a Taehyung picket 💜 
Chinese idol Deng Langyi getting all excited seeing @KIMTAEHYUNGBAR_ projects for tae at the airport. He even uses Tata's face mask and also said on vlive that he loves Taehyung the most <33 Taehyung fanboys are so adorable,,
#BTSV #뷔 @BTS_twt
31. JBJ Donghan mentioned taehyung among the idols he considers his role model

Q: Is there any senior idol or stage style which u look up to?
A: when I was in the dance team I had emulated EXO Kai, Baekhyun, BTS Jungkook & #BTSV. I practiced referring to their gestures & DANCING
32. Popular Thai actor Chonlathorn "Captain" Kongyingyong is a HUGE fan of Taehyung the actor tweeted abt Taehyung's phenomenonal performance of Singularity at the concert & wrote that he wants to follow in tae's footsteps Tae has so many admirers everywhere
#BTSV @BTS_twt #뷔
33. TXT Beomgyu mentioned that Taehyung is the idol he got the MOST INSPIRATION from!!! Tae used to give him advices when he was a trainee & helped him out a lot :* this is so sweet omgg Taehyung is such a caring and kind sunbae,,, A PERFECT ROLE MODEL
#BTSV @BTS_twt #뷔
34. Chika Jessica, a famous Indonesian actress posted RM & V video on her Instagram with caption "I'm V's wife and maya is RM's wife" trying to imitate them

#BTSV @BTS_twt
35. Hanyu from Boy Story mentioned that he considers Taehyung his role model and even has Tae's pic as his mobile background this is so cute aww,,,
#BTSV @BTS_twt #뷔
36. YOONMIN the lead dancer and rapper from NEWKIDD looks up to Taehyung so much that he mentioned in his DEBUT showcase that he would one day love to take a pic with tae💜

"I admire #BTSV sunbaenim THE MOST. If I have a chance, I really want to take a picture with him"
37. Teresita Ssen "Winwyn" Marquez a Filipino actress, model, dancer & beauty queen who was crowned the 1st Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas title in the Miss World Philippines 2017 pageant said that Taehyung is her favorite member & she became an Army bc of him💜
#BTSV @BTS_twt
38. The Fact Awards MC exposed actor Lee Si-Eon for wanting to take a picture with Taehyung backstage sdfghh Even Korean actors are a huge fan of Taehyung <33
#BTSV @BTS_twt #뷔
39. Jinsung from rookie group 1THE9 loves Taehyung so much that he keeps Taehyung's pic as his homescreen!!
#BTSV @BTS_twt #뷔
Jinsung was asked in Idol Room about his alarm tone and he said it was " #BTSV sunbae's 4 o'clock",,,,,

A fan also gave him BTS persona album at the fansign and his reaction when he got Tae's photocard sdfhjkk he is such a loyal & supportive fanboy 💜
@BTS_twt #뷔
40. Leo Kang member of idol group Kingdom, the rapper and choreographer of the group was asked about his favorite BTS member and he replied #V !!!! Taehyung has so many rookie admirers THE IDOL OF ALL IDOLS!! #BTSV #뷔 @BTS_twt
41. A very famous announcer Lee Geumhee mentioned on KBS radio that she is a fan of #BTSV & has fallen for his charming low pitched voice which is full of emotions!!

She also talked abt Taehyung on KBS cool FM saying he looks good in every hair color #뷔
42. Produce X 101 Koo Jungmo said his favorite group is BTS and he especially admires #BTSV. He usually dances to FIRE at midnight
#뷔 @BTS_twt
43. Korea's pride Shin Yubin, the youngest table tennis genius with a Taegeuk mark recently shared that she likes BTS and is a big fan of Taehyung 💜 She also has a photo of BTS on her backpack. Talent attracts talent ✨
#BTSV @BTS_twt #V #Taehyung
44. Girl group member Yebon from HOT TEEN revealed in an interview that she is a fan of BTS and taehyung

"I like BTS. Especially, Kim Taehyung is so handsome. BTS plus point is that I love their songs & the songs themselves are just beautiful" #V
45. Gina Kim, Korean-American golf player mentioned Taehyung as one of his favorite members along with Jungkook
“They are handsome, they sing and dance amazing. I just like everything about them.”
#BTSV @BTS_twt #V #Taehyung
46. Sakura Koiwai a 21 yrs old Japanse golf player who snatched many awards like Dare & GTPA Rookie of the year was asked about her favorite Kpop group, she answered
"I'm a fan of BTS & I especially like #V , tete"
Not just idols Taehyung is a huge inspiration for athletes too 💜
47. Yang Ye-bin known as Kim Yuna of athletics said that has been training very hard bc her coach promised her to get her a BTS concert ticket
When asked about her favourite BTS member, she replied "I like #V especially. I will play hard till I meet BTS"
#BTSV @BTS_twt #V
Yeosang from ATEEZ was asked about his "CHILDHOOD INFLUENCES" musically in an interview with Chicago Tribune & he answered BTS V 💜
Taehyung is only 23 yrs old himself and he is still such a great role model & a source of inspiration for so many young artists<33
#BTSV @BTS_twt #V
48. At Genie music award, Jeong Young joo said "I personally like BTS V"
She's a popular Korean actress.
She's got the best musical actress award in 2019

Everyone is whipped for Taehyung!!!
#BTSV #V #Taehyung @BTS_twt
49. Lee Taeseung, PX101 contestant mentioned that his dream of becoming an idol grew by watching Taehyung's dance videos & he learned a lot from it

#BTSV fancams are considered a MUST WATCH for all rookies who aspire to become idols. Truly the IDOL OF IDOLS!! #V @BTS_twt
Goo Jungmo PDX101 explained how taehyung became his role model after he saw him perform LIVE

"I really like #V sunbaenim. I went to BTS concerts many times & saw HIM perform and its so cool! when I watch to say it?
50. Haruto Watanabe a rapper/visual of UNIT GROUP TREASURE was spotted having BTS #V as his phone lockscreen. He was among the Top 7 contenders in YG survival show

The taehyung pic was from BTS latest comeback concept photos sdfhjkk he is such a fan 💜
#BTSV @BTS_twt #Taehyung
51. Lee Seok Won the leader of Sister's Barbershop a South Korean rock band is a huge fan of Taehyung!!
He expressed his admiration for taehyung on his personal and said that #BTSV is his great source of energy nowadays
#taehyung @BTS_twt #V
NewKidd Yunmin Q&A

Q. Who is your role model?
A: BTS V sunbaenim

Q. Who do u want to collaborate with?
A: BTS V sunbaenim

Q. What song do u want to recommend to your fans?
A: BTS V, Scenery

Jsjsjsdd all his answers were about taehyung..he is such a fan😂
@BTS_twt #BTSV
52. Moon Dongkyu, Spectrum’s lead vocalist is a fan of BTS V.
He drew Taehyung & and yeontan’s simpson version fanart as a way to thank taehyung for the happiness his music gave him 💜

aww taehyungs fanboys are so cute <33
#BTSV @BTS_twt #V #Taehyung
Lee Jin, a popular Korean actress & member of the K-pop group Fin.K.L (first generation idol) played SCENERY on JTBC show Camping club She has stated before that she really likes Taehyung & is such supportive fan. #Taehyung is so loved 💜
#BTSV @BTS_twt #V
53. Lee Jin also mentioned that she was inspired by Taehyung's fashion sense hence she dresses like him! he is such a style Icon 💜

Sung Yuri: Is that a V Style? He often wears like this
Lee Hyori: V?
Lee Jin: Yes, I really like V
#BTSV @BTS_twt #V
54. Chu Hyeongseok, main Rapper of “Astin Official” said he aspires to be like taehyung!!
He also posted a picture of himself on instagram with taehyung’s photocard encased in his transparent tata phonecase. this is so cute <33
#BTSV @BTS_twt #V #Taehyung
The Boyz Younghoon's sweet message to his idol Taehyung

"V sunbae-nim. I want to call u hyung next time. If possible, let's exchange phone numbers also next time we meet & eat together *SQUEALS* Taehyungie-hyung, I love you!"
he's such a cute fanboy :"
55. G.Soul, "Kim Ji-hyun" a Korean Singer & a former artist under JYP entertainment posted a picture on his Instagram story holding Tata.He also recently followed a big Taehyung fan account on Instagram as well dghjk the amount of admirers Tae has in the Korean industry is unreal
56. Kim wan sun, the 'Korean madonna' mentioned Taehyung in her interview saying she liked him the most in BTS and finds him extremely HANDSOME!!! when she mentioned "V" the interviewer was immediately like "Taehyung-ssi?" bc she was a huge fan too 😂 #BTSV
57.Japanese actor & model Takeuchi Ryoma talked abt taehyung

Q.Who’s the person w/ blue hair?

TR: tete chan..tete kun? He’s so cool. Isnt it crazy? I lost to him.If its tete I think I can kiss him. Thats how beautiful I think he is! HIS FACE IS BEAUTIFUL
Yang yebin known as the Kim Yuna of athletics sent a video message for taehyung 💜

"To Taehyung oppa, I'll work hard & make it to the top, so please meet me" aww that's so sweet :*
#BTSV @BTS_twt #V #Taehyung
58. Teenteen Kpop Idol Lee Tae seung mentioned Taehyung in his NewsAide Interview

Q. Who is your idol?
A. BTS V sunbaenim

Q. If you were to be born again who would you want be?
A. BTS V sunbaenim
Link 🔗
#BTSV @BTS_twt #V #Taehyung
59. Child actor, Kim Kanghun is a Taehyung fan. He also attended BTS concert in Seoul and posted his pics with the cute hashtag <33 he is so adorable #GanghoonIsTaehyungsfan
60. BX "Byounggon" from CIX mentioned that BWL is his favourite song & he tries to study & copy taehyung's amazing facial expressions since he finds it very appealing/ charming

Taehyung really sets the STANDARD and all idols want to learn something from him 💜
#BTSV @BTS_twt #V
61. Kim Sihun from BDC named Taehyung among the 3 idols he looks up to and admires

"My role models are Jimin, V sunbaenim, EXO Kai. I am mesmerized by their shining aura on stage. I watch their fancams a lot so I can learn from their dance, face expressions & gestures on stage"
Txt Beomgyu studied Taehyung's stage presence during debut days & showed some of it. When asked why he likes V so much?? Beomgyu replied that his performing appearance is really cool.
Yeonjun also replied they used to watch #BTSV during their school years
Dylan of D-crunch was asked who he likes the most in BTS

"I like V sunbaenim. He is really good at making facial expressions, he is the most handsome guy that I saw. V sunbaenim! You might not see this but I rly respect you, I want to be like u, I LOVE YOU" @BTS_twt
SBS inkigayo mini fanmeeting- Teenteen Lee Taeseung

Q:Who's your role model Taeseung?
A: I have two role models. One is Taeyong sunbaenim of NCT.

Q:And the other?
A:V sunbaenim of BTS
Q:Ah~ love him
#BTSV @BTS_twt #V #Taehyung
62. Produce X 101 contestant Hidaka Mahiro said V is his role model and he wants to be like "V sunbaenim who is usually cute but have a sexy image on stage" Taehyung's duality has everyone whipped!!
#BTSV @BTS_twt #V #Taehyung
63.The idols learn a lot from watching taehyung perform onstage. Golden Child's Jang Jun showed his admiration by imitating #V 's stage gesture

"I learned a skill from V sunbaenim.
Before u start, you have to chew air like u are chewing a non existent gum
64. Joong Archen Aydin, a famous Thai actor and model, starring in "2 Moons" series mentioned on his Instagram about how much he just loves Taehyung <33

"My main.. my favorite idol is #V . Idk why but I LOVE HIM!! He's so cool, handsome and talented "
New Kidd’s lead dancer, rapper Yunmin chose Taehyung as his role model, complimenting tae's fashion sense & his skills on stage

“I respect all of BTS but I want to resemble V. He performs really well & his fashion style is the one I want to imitate. I rly want to grow up like V”
65. Taehyung even has pro gamers whipped for him. League of Legends esports player Hyo-seong named himself after Taehyung's stage name V

"I’m a fan of V. So I took that alphabet V and named myself ‘Vsta’ because i want to become a star like V. V has that personality, it’s good"
66. Another pro gamer SKT T1 player, Effort has mentioned that he is a fan of BTS and looks up to V a lot!! He even wanted to dye his hair blue after getting inspired by Taehyung >>

BTS have also expressed that they their favourite team is SKT T1 💜 @BTS_twt
67. DKB vocalist Lune talked about how much he admires Taehyung

"I have a role model actually..all the members know who it is. Among BTS, I rly like V-sunbaenim alot. I admire him rly. I ADMIRE HIM VERY MUCH & yesterday when I heard BTS were at Music Bank I was like kinda.. ahh"
68. Kim Yohan, Korean singer & actor revealed that he is a huge fan of Taehyung 💜

Q: Do u have a role model?
A: I like BTS & their stage is so cool especially V sunbaenim's expressions are so cool! I can feel his aura when I watch it on TV and always think ‘Can I be like that?’
69. A popular Thai actor and Singer, Saint Suppapong played BTS On in his tiktok live and said that taehyung is his favourite kpop idol!!!

"I like BTS V, he is really cool."
70. Park Serim, leader and rapper of boy group Cravity mentioned Taehyung as his role model in an interview.

He said that gestures and facial expressions are very imp on stage & #V is brilliant at it. He has watched & learned a lot from him & really wants to meet Tae 💜🥺
71. Lead vocalist Jungmo, another member Cravity mentioned Taehyung as his role model on MBC Idol Radio Show... the way the idols look up to Taehyung and admire him so much is so endearing,,,
#BTSV @BTS_twt #V #Taehyung
72. South Korean actress Park sohyun mentioned Taehyung on her love game radio and said that she is a fan

" #V is the best singer!! good at dancing and the best actor but his personality is the best one about him!! As a fan of him I have watched him a lot" @BTS_twt
Younghoon's reaction when taehyung greeted him at a music show. Taehyung fanboys are so whipped for him 😂
73. Kim Woo-Seok, vocalist of UP10TION and Produce X 101 runner up mentioned Taehyung on MBC radio FM4U and said that he really likes him and gets WOWED by his visuals

"Personally BTS V senior is very handsome. He looks like a PAINTING. I love V sunbaenim"
Moon Dongkyu lead vocalist of Spectrum drew Taehyung as a Simpson character when tae asked armys to draw him on weverse. Dongkyu said that it was a way to thank Taehyung for the happiness his song gave him & really hoped that #BTSV senior would see it he is the cutestt fanboy pls
Produce x 101 winner Kim Yohan is so smitten with taehyung as a performer

"In aspects of on stage or performance wise, I want to resemble #BTSV & LEARN FROM HIM. He's so cool right like U CAN TELL HE'S AN IDOL RIGHT WHEN U SEE HIM!!! he shows a splendid performance as an ARTIST"
ATEEZ members reaction when Taehyung did that turn in Boy with luv sdffdgjkk the effect taehyung has on others>>> Truly the idol of idols
#BTSV @BTS_twt #V #Taehyung
74. The whole group of Cravity confessed that they consider Tae as their role model

Q. the celebrity that's known in cravity?

"V-sunbaenim of bts is OUR ROLE MODEL & personally these things like his expressions & acting on stage is so cool I want to learn those points from him"
TXT Beomgyu said that he became a taehyung fan after watching his "21st century girls" fancam and he was shook!!!!

"I have watched a lot of #BTSV content when I was studying and practicing performance" he admires him so much 🥺
75. Jung Seung Hyun, the vocalist of Bz-Boys mentioned Taehyung as his role model in an interview

Q. Do you have a role model or a favorite star?
A. It's #BTSV. His facial expressions are great and he has A LOT OF TALENTS. I want to be like him!!
76. Popular Filipino actor Ruru Madrid posted pictures on his Instagram and Twitter, resembling taehyung's dressing style and then he confessed that he idolizes Taehyung.
tae is really admired by people all over the world 💜
77. Jang Kyung-joon from Korean indie rock band Jannabi mentioned that he likes Taehyung on his Instagram live

"V-nim! Ah~ V-nim is Taehyung. I've fallen for V. He is so cool & totally my style. He said 'Borahae' & the entire hall just went crazy, really"
78. Scarlet Heart ryeo lead actor Lee Joon-gi was asked about his favorite member from BTS

JG: My favorite is V. #BTSV & RM

he is such a big name in Korea. taehyung really has a lot of admirers in the Korean industry,, JG loves bts & his playlist is filled with @BTS_twt songs
79. I-LAND's Sungchul mentioned in an interview that Taehyung is his role model

Q: Who is your role model? Sungchul: V from BTS
80. Lea Salonga, singer & actress who provided the voice for two Disney Princesses explaining why taehyung is her fave

“There is not a wasted moment with #BTSV. Even if he does 2 lines in a song, IT MATTERS everything he does has purpose, has intention"
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